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  1. WaechterXX

    Random Matchmaking

    Again, can only play solo!
  2. WaechterXX


    The best innovation in the game, because I love Miramar and I'm not a friend of Erangel! So no constant return to the lobby any more.
  3. WaechterXX

    Sanhok needs its grass cut...

    The only problem with grass in PUBG is that it can not be seen from a distance for others. Because that's just unrealistic and unfair nonsense. The fact that you can not see anyone in the grass is just logical and therefore you should not carelessly walk in tall grass.
  4. WaechterXX

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mission: 5x in the top 15 in single, duo or squad ... continue to score 0/5 although we were twice 8th and once 4th in the duo.
  5. If you are in the loading screen, do not start the lobby. It can sometimes take up to three minutes to get the reward. Just be patient.
  6. WaechterXX

    Splitting up items + drop

  7. WaechterXX

    Random Matchmaking

    Every time I try to start a random match, the same estimated time is always displayed. It never starts though. FPP Duo or Squad: 1:32 TPP Duo: 1:38 TPP Squad: 2:23
  8. WaechterXX

    Pan kill but challenge wasnt completed

    So you finished him with the pan, too? If you knock somebody, but kill him with another weapon, the challenge will not completed. I do not know if that's what it's meant to be, but if that's not a good solution.
  9. WaechterXX

    Splitting up items + drop

  10. WaechterXX

    Survival Points Bug

  11. WaechterXX

    Survival Points Bug

    The calculation of the BP after the survival time is "incorrect".
  12. If I want to split a stack, the number is no longer automatically marked. Please undo so that you do not always have to mark the number yourself, but instead can directly enter the desired number that you want to split. Thx.
  13. WaechterXX

    Too Much Miramar

    Bringing achievements into play that you need to do on a specific map, but taking out the map selection is simply not smart.
  14. Same here. The only kill was the last guy but the challenge is still unlocked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhKCjcuv0TU