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  1. Imerzan

    Alltalk warmup (plane)

    Yeah I don't know why they disabled it. If people didn't like it there was always Ctrl+T
  2. Imerzan

    Cheating Discussion

    jesus there are SO MANY cheaters in TPP over FPP.......
  3. SAME ISSUE cant report cheaters because of this. huge flaw in the game right now that needs fixing ASAP
  4. You could always just mute in the lobby, but now we're all muted automatically Honestly it kind of sucks the community out of the game. Blackout you can text chat at least and it feels like you're actually playing against other humans.
  5. I think players can be good at both FPP and TPP, and it doesn't make you bad/good for playing one over the other. That being said I think "bad" players tend to prefer TPP since it's a lot easier to keep track of what is going on around you, and they may have overall better success in this mode.
  6. I mostly play FPP, but honestly I'll play either mode
  7. Imerzan

    why 3 hour maintenance each week?

    I mean do NA and EU players play together in PUBG? They shouldn't. Maybe there are legit reasons they couldn't model their system like Blizzard's, but that's just another negative ding on PUBG regardless of the excuse. Having maintenance for 3-5 hours in the evening when I'm home from work is a real buzzkill when I want to hot-drop Pochinki
  8. Imerzan

    I have negative BP

    They have a lot of balls putting people into the negative when they're providing this broke-ass game currently
  9. Imerzan

    Cheating Discussion

    NA SOLO TPP is a shit-show right now. Playing it for fun at the moment instead of my usual FPP and just died to two aimbotters two games in a row..... It's funny because the after the 2nd game ended I got a notification that the first guy was banned lmao.
  10. Imerzan

    What's up with the laser sight?

    I've only found it useful in TPP mostly for CQ guns.
  11. Yeah you can run around the blue zones in Sanhok well into the mid/late game, made even easier by boosting I think the blue zone damage needs to be brought more in line with Erangel / Miramar tbh (Which isn't killer damage on the early circles either)
  12. The m16 thing sounds like an aim-hack more than a recoil script
  13. People would just complain about dying behind cover more lol. Lets first focus on fixing de-sync + other game issues, so we aren't dying behind cover WITHOUT bullet penetration -- before we think about adding bullet penetration
  14. Honestly I don't really care for bullet penetration, would be so much complaining "How did I die behind cover?" etc. etc. Plus i could just mow people down in buildings if I got the M249. Surely it would go through drywall right? Fix the game before doing crap like this.
  15. Imerzan


    So the other night I noticed that even though the red zone was decently far away, the explosions sounded like they were right on top of me. Also plane sounds still cut out often, and they are hard to pinpoint. If you hear the plane off to your left, it's probably off to your right. Very inconsistent (it didn't used to a couple updates ago) Also had sound cut out when a guy I was fighting popped multiple smoke grenades Can this be fixed? Sound is an important part of the game.