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    Proximity Game Chat

    I play on PC and almost nobody uses proximity chat. The people who do are usually cancer. If you heard some of the things I encounter in the pregame lobby with everyone together, you just might reconsider. Now add the fact that all kinds of stupid people and kids have xboxs. At least the average PC player base on pubg is usually a bit older or mature considering you can't play on a $250 system your parents bought you for Christmas. Even with that in mind, its still crappy on PC.
  2. boxytapestry

    Two spectating bugs

    On Miramar while spectating a duo teammate,I encountered two bugs. One which happened in the middle east part of the map north of Los Leones displayed the losing "Better Luck Next Time" screen while my teammate was still in game with the screen dimmed with no ability to check the map. The other bug I ran into was in Los Leones while spectating. From the far west,multi-story building and on,I heard his footsteps as though they were on a metal stairwell the whole time. At first I thought it was another person in his building (because there are a lot of metal stairwells) and after he left said building,it continued till he died.