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  1. Hi bud, Not got round to trying it yet but plan on doing so later. Sounds like good news to me then, if you don't mind posting your settings I'll try them out Cheers mate
  2. I know, I was wrong in saying he was right first ??
  3. Yeah there's a bit of tinkering to be done for sure. Man I remember the days when console gaming was simply plug and play!
  4. Your right is isn't, however LCD is lit by LED
  5. DC was set to medium as per your settings!? To be fair to the other pic, the in game brightness/HDR settings where not adjusted so it is possible that the detail could be dialled in that way. I don't have time to check this week but I definitely will. The colours do look a bit blown out, again in game adjustments might help tone it down, but I do quite like it looking that way.
  6. Ahh, to be fair that's something I didn't check, I'll have to go back and take a look. I just want a happy medium!! I love the colours on Standard it's how I want a game to be, it is a game after all and shouldn't have to conform to an industry standard for tv/film
  7. @usurpers26 @Xmas Tea Towel I tried Standard HDR and Game HDR comparing your settings on Forza 7, I didnt trust doing it on PUBG as the game doesnt use HDR properly. As much as I like the colour pop on Standard, something has to be said for the loss of detail when using it. Keeping the detail but having the pop in Game mode would be ideal!!
  8. Ok I'll try changing the input label to console, will the input lag stay the same donyou know?
  9. INPUTMode: Game ConsoleGENERALHDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color: ONPICTUREPicture Mode: GameEnergy Saving: OFFOLED Light: 48 (or 60 if you want more "pop" )Contrast: 85Brightness: 49Sharpness: 10 Color: 46Tint: 0Color Temperature: W50EXPERT CONTROLSDynamic Contrast: OFFDynamic Color: OFFSuper Resolution: OFFColor Gamut: WIDEGamma: MEDIUMPICTURE OPTIONSNoise Reduction: OFFMPEG Noise Reduction: OFFBlack Level: LOWReal Cinema: OFFMotion Eye Care: OFFTruMotion: OFFOLED PANEL SETTINGSScreen Shift: ON__________________________________________________ ______________________ INPUTMode: Game ConsoleGENERALHDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color: ONPICTUREHDR Picture Mode: HDR GameEnergy Saving: OFFOLED Light: 100Contrast: 100Brightness: 50Sharpness: 10Color: 55Tint: 0Color Temperature: W50EXPERT CONTROLSDynamic Contrast: MEDIUMDynamic Color: OFFSuper Resolution: OFFColor Gamut: AUTOGamma: MEDIUMPICTURE OPTIONSNoise Reduction: OFFMPEG Noise Reduction: OFFBlack Level: LOWReal Cinema: OFFMotion Eye Care: OFFTruMotion: OFFOLED PANEL SETTINGSScreen Shift: ON Haha, everyone has whats best for them at the end of the day! I've tried game mode HDR with dynamic contrast at medium and high and to me it's still a bit dim High is better but to me it doesn't look right with the colours. Since using the settings under Standard HDR I think it looks really good. I thought I did notice some weird lines (banding?) In the sky but not all the time only looking up and panning, would that be the mapping not working properly? Would that be eliminated by changing the input lable from pc to game console?
  10. Possibly, I use isf bright room on my tv for SDR and find that Ok, HDR I just need to get use too Trouble is it's like they have mastered it at 100nits it's that bad! My room is bright too as I've got french doors in it so it's only late at night when it goes really dark this time of year
  11. I'd have to agree, when I'm gaming I prefer bright/rich/punchy colours. The settings you've given me for that work wonders whilst also maintaining a nice palette throughout. I know there can be a long debate over settings for tv etc jus from spending time on avforums. I haven't managed to try yours yet but they do seem to stray far from what most ppl use so that is interesting! Managed to watch the England game on iPlayer uhd hdr, I used Technicolor and it seemed quite flat.
  12. Woh started something there! Appreciate all the comments/settings etc Why OLED light 70 though? Does that not defeat the object of HDR?
  13. Thanks for that, all I need now is time to actually try these out! I've only been able to go off avforums recommended settings, wonder why they chose what they have done though? Going off topic now but I'd be interested to know what you use for SDR/HDR TV, but no problem if too much hassle! I use isf bright room for pretty much all SDR as I can't be bothered switching pic modes all the time. HDR I use Cinema Home but I've not really watched that much HDR content as of yet.
  14. Just seen your colour is 95 on HDR, thought you had posted it as 85, I'll turn it up tomo.
  15. Well all I can say is thank god I stumbled across these forums and yourself kind Sir! This is how I have it now; OLED 90 Contrast 100 Brightness 55 Sharpness 40 Colour 85 Temp W10 Black level Low I can't stress enough how much a difference this makes. On the pubg main menu I've cycled through each of the HDR picture modes and can not believe how dull/grey/washed out they are!! I have brightness in game to 80, if I want a slightly better/darker image for better shadows just lower this Right? Can't wait to try some other HDR games now, I thought Forza 7 didn't look too bad in game HDR must look spectacular on standard!! Can you put the settings in a similar format to mine for the SDR/Technicolor settings please? If I could buy you a beer or two for the help I gladly would ?