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    When is next update?

    SA server opened during the last PTS so maybe the 7th is accurate. Hopefully itll go to PTS 1st so we can still have an option to play if the patch is bugged

    Blackout and PUBG

    I'm wondering if that's just the FPS difference or PUBG's movement system. I've seen the same thing going from PUBG to the few games I've played of Blackout. I'm not a fan of Blackout aside from the FPS which is really nice. PUBG with those FPS would be amazing

    When will the aiming system get improved

    No aim assist like every other game my dude
  4. Same. I want to be good with the snipers but I'm shit. No matter how many times I pick one up and try it, i miss shots

    PUBG doesnt have to worry

    Same. I dont have a lot of the issues other users post here. Which is why I keep playing. I'm bad at the game and it's still fun to me. Blackout on the other hand is garbage to me. I won my 3rd solo match and it didnt even really feel like an accomplishment. Basically search and destroy with more players and no bombs to plant or defuse

    PUBG doesnt have to worry

    I've got really good internet so a lot of the problems posted here I dont have. Sure there is occasionally some desync and i lagged out about a week and half ago but nothing to the extent of what's posted in this forum. You are right though, only the devs can make or break this game
  7. So I played several matches of Blackout on a buddies XBOX last night and it's awful. PUBG doesnt have to worry about losing players, at least not me. Looting is shit, you sound like iron man running around on a tin roof, and theres random ass zombies running around that make you waste bullets, WTF. My buddy tried to talk me into to buying it and I laughed. I'll take the desync, exploding cars, and lag of PUBG over BLOPS everytime.

    39 people matches?

    Community is divided up quite a bit between live servers, pts, and the event mode. Those 40 player games are fun though. Boring till the final couple circles but then all hell breaks loose because everyone is kitted to the gills

    Enjoying the PTS buuuut.....

    Well no being that they upped the sensitivity levels
  10. Can we find a way to retain the sensitivities we have already set prior to each update? It would be much easier to adjust accordingly if there is some sort of sensitivity patch. It also wouldn't take a game or 2 to get the sensitivity back where you like it.

    Game issues

    400 mbps wired internet here and it runs like shit lately. Rarely had any problems until recently (last couple weeks). Actually lagged out last weekend for the 1st time in several months and my duo partner has gotten the lost connection to host error several times lately and he has the same internet. Done the reinstall after every patch. Probably not on our end
  12. I've sort of learned to deal with desync and latency you could say but the fact that I got dashboarded last night while just driving down the road tells me something has gotten worse
  13. I feel the same. I've always blindly defended the game because I've not experienced a lot of the problems others have, but it just isn't running well right now.
  14. Same, I didnt even finish watching my duo buddy when I got booted, just turned off the game and went to bed