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  1. Is this season supposed to restart at some point?
  2. NDR2008

    Whats the purpose of it

    It's both....and desync is a thing.
  3. I was waiting for a competitor to show up, but none has to this point.
  4. Just crashed a motorcycle into an imaginary rock and it exploded. So there's that.
  5. NDR2008

    FPS drops and stutters again

    I'll let you know when the game actually lets me into a match.
  6. Welp......I can't connect to a game at all right now. 5 min wait time and I'm just sitting here 10min later.
  7. NDR2008


    Gonna have to play Sanhok. Prayers.
  8. Rankings are ruined and apparently all seasons previous have been wiped from the record?
  9. NDR2008

    Better Kill Feed Please

    Better game please.
  10. NDR2008

    Im done with this.

    The only reason I've kept playing is because I was able to grind the leaderboards for top 100......now it's all fooked up and feels like just a matter of time.
  11. NDR2008

    Im done with this.

    I didn't think they could make the game worse.....I was wrong. Desync and sound issues galore.
  12. NDR2008

    Done.... uninstalled....

    This game is the worst I can remember.
  13. It's getting pretty bad. Sound is fooked up after not having issues previous to last server maintenance.
  14. NDR2008

    Update 22 looks AMAZING!

    Are they fixing sound...cause the sound is trash right now.