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  1. Edgar

    Week 3 Drive Challenge

    I see all of them except the damn UAZ. Yesterday i drove abit in UAZ , after game crashed it didnt unlocked the quest, and now i can't find it anymore....
  2. Edgar


    Finished now that mission( heal 200 health in a single game) but achievements is different story some showed up, the other one no. There is achievement to get to top 10 without killing anyone, so I did and the achievement didn't showed up....
  3. Edgar

    Analog Controls Coming Next Week

    I guess it will be next week on Thursday
  4. Edgar


    I was first trying to open door and than reload and only after recorded
  5. Edgar


    So I m playing and got 2bugs so far. First one is that after a round i cant reload( it does the animation but nothing happens and second is, cant open a damn door in the house. Did any1 had same problem?! MOV_0030.mp4
  6. Edgar

    Snipe S Event

    Got them ( 2 milita crates) thanks
  7. Edgar

    Snipe S Event

    So got this crate this morning, but what about the 2 milita crates?! ???
  8. Edgar

    Snipe S Event

    HaoleBoi808 or you prob didn't participate in headhunter event
  9. Edgar

    Snipe S Event

    Well it's 19 th allready ?
  10. Edgar

    Challenge rewards

    Ofc no? have to wait till next week again.
  11. Please someone tell me when is 18 july in Pubg WORLD?!?!?! ???? A bit confused when will get promised items?!
  12. Edgar


    Hoooldd onnnn?! Do you time travel?! ????