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  1. I'm not sure you understand the player base at all. There is no one playstyle and not all streamers play one style. Shroud is a run and gun player, ChocoTaco is a more tactical player and JoshOG does a little tactical with a little bit of camping. I'm pretty sure you are referring to Shroud as the player/streamer people idolize but lets be realistic, not only do they deal with the same dsync, lag, bugs we all deal with (just watch their streams and you'll see it), they also die as easily as any one of us, maybe just not as often. But this belief that people wanna be like them and thus get mad and blame the game for not being able to imitate them is insulting because people have the right to have a game that works properly after they paid for it and dismissing the problems as nothing but people crying because they suck doesn't help improve games. BH knows the game has issues, they have addressed them before and the updates were intended to fix these problems otherwise they wouldn't have done so many updates that include more than a new map, a new weapon or vehicle, a new skin or additions to maps. Also an easy debunk of you statement that BH didn't make a "just shoot it out" game, their own patch notes on update #15 that introduced Sanhok stated the following: Spawn Balance The item spawn rules have been customized on Sanhok to get you equipped for battle faster. ARs, SMGs, and DMRs are spawned more often. The total item spawn rate has been increased 5% compared to that found in the fourth round of Sanhok testing. 8x scopes and 15x scopes don’t spawn on Sanhok. However, they may still be obtained from care packages. "For faster battle", it says it right in their own patch notes meaning the point of the game, mainly this particular map, is to shoot it out. The fact that they wanted people to have a more level playing field once players faced each other by raising the spawn rate of more powerful weapons like ARs and SMGs while ignoring handguns and melees so that players didn't always have to die meaningless deaths for lack of decent weapons. So sorry to say this but your assessment of what kind of game PUBg is is incorrect. The only difference between a BR like PUBg and a TDM game like COD is the number of players per game and the fact that one can respawn while the other doesn't yet guess what, each game has a mode that matches the other. PUBg now has war mode which is basically TDM and COD has S&D which is basically BR with a second objective but either one can win you a game.
  2. BraveStarrTG

    Make Miramar's high mesas inaccessible

    I can somewhat agree with your opinion. But, you also have to take into account that height in PUBg is not always an advantage. The biggest problem people in high locations have is that their most vulnerable part is exposed, their heads. A headshot will take you down a lot faster than body shots and more often then not they have little cover to shoot from where as a person below can move a lot and shoot from multiple locations while they have to usually shoot from one spot. At least thats from my experience.
  3. Indeed, that is also a great benefit for teams, pro players to practice with each other and have fun with each other. Great question. I wondered myself. I did notice during a livestream a while back that someone who had started a custom game had crashed their game and tried to rejoin but couldn't for some reason, likely the same reason you can't join a game in progress. However the game kept on going without him till it ended.
  4. Based on rumors of new weapons and vehicles coming to PUBg soon plus the recent videos on PUBg’s Youtube channel confirming some of these rumors, many had made some predictions that a big update would be landing on the test servers and then to the live servers just before the PGI 2018 Tournament and low and behold here it is. While not a huge update in terms of file size, the new content is definitely big, and partly unexpected. But… There could be some good and bad things, for the moment, about this update that I wanna discuss here. Bare in mind at the time of writing this I haven’t had a chance to try this update in part because of some of the reasons I will be mentioning below but suffice it to say I have not been successful at joining a single match since I started the game an hour before writing this. The good One of the first things I like about this update is the addition of a new weapon, the QBU. I do like that the QBU seems to be a much better DMR than the Mini14 it’s replacing on Sanhok. At least from some of the YT video reviews I have seen so far. The fact that it seems easier to handle when fast shooting and is even more accurate when proning seems to make this gun a bit OP so there is a chance we may see a nerf in the future but hopefully not. I also like the new vehicle added to Sanhok, the Rony. Not only because it looks cool and is not currently replacing any of the other vehicles found on Sanhok but it also seems to handle really good on this map. New vehicles are always a good thing. But my favorite addition to this update is the fix for the bug that prevented you from removing weapon attachments, mainly the extended mag, because your backpack was full and the ammo in the magazine could not be placed in the backpack as normal thus preventing the removal even to the ground. I am not sure how it works yet but I assume the ammo will now be placed on the ground with the magazine thus allowing you to remove it without issues. I am not 100% sure but I believed the magazine was not the only attachment that had this issue when the backpack was full but it makes sense that it was the main one because of the bullets in the magazine. It’s ironic though because someone with experience and good knowledge of the game would know not to have too many things in their backpack, mainly too much ammo, specially in the level 1 and 2 backpacks because you never know when you may find other more useful stuff such as boosters which can often be more valuable than any amount of ammo beyond 100 to 150 rounds for each weapon considering you can always loot more rounds from players you kill and recover what you used. The bad While it’s awesome to have a new vehicle in the game I wish they would reconsider and allow the Rony on all the maps. It’s been awhile since Erangel got something new. Even the Mirado would be great to drive on Erangel. I’m not a big fan of making cool things map specific. Also like I said before it’s great to have new weapons but I do find it rather stupid to replace one weapon with another and that the new weapons are map specific. I know they are trying to work around a theme here since Sanhok is an Asian inspired map and the two newest weapons are of Chinese origin but it would still be great to see these weapons on other maps. Though there is the possibility that the custom games might allow this from what I understand so there might be a little bit of compromise here. My only other gripe is not seeing any of the vehicles that were rumored to be in the game thanks to images that were mined from the game files and from pictures of vehicles spotted in the real world that seemed like a vehicle that would be in the game based on those rumors and mined images. Not to mention the riot shield that was introduced in that PUBg video during E3 that we are still waiting for. The Ugly Ironically enough the one features that was both a surprise and greatly desired may also be a problem for the game. Bluehole surprised everyone by including custom games for everyone to update 18. This has been something people have been longing for and felt it was unfair that only certain people had access to it, mainly streamers, simply because they were made partners with PUBg as a way to promote the game through livestreams. But it also gave them an advantage to be able to test the games mechanics, weapons and vehicles and explore the new maps and any updates done to them, all without interference from random players and worries of having to restart a round before playing trying them in a normal game with other players. This was considered the equivalent of having a shooting range mode for people to try out the game and learn how each weapon functions before playing against other players. At this point you may be wondering why I am putting custom games in the Ugly section of my post being a most anticipated feature, well I have my reasons. You see, the biggest problem with this is the reason I was unable to test patch 18 in the test servers before writing this. The very issue that BH believes exist and thus why map selection was changed to the current setup after Sanhok was released will be an even bigger issue with custom games, longer matchmaking wait times. Now, custom games itself is probably gonna be the best feature added to this game so far and even better is that they improved the match settings to allow specific weapons to be removed from a custom game so if you wanted to play a Kar98 only match now you can. The UI was also improved, it looks a lot better. However the introduction of custom games will have the same results as map selection can where there will be less people joining random rounds and instead being spread between Erangel/Miramar, Sanhok or Custom games. To go one step further not only will the player base be divided between 2 map options and custom games but within custom games you have 4 modes that will further divide the player base. Call Of Duty had a similar issue when they would release a new game with multiple modes but the player base would eventually get bored with some of them and end up focusing on a few modes mostly. Chances are that may happen in PUBg as well but because these are custom games as opposed to random modes there may always be variety that people will consider trying thus extending the usability of custom games. But, even though the servers are currently limited to 10,000 created custom games that is still a lot of new matches that people will sit in an wait to start a round only to realize it may never start because there are too many to choose from and not everyone is joining the same matches. Maybe Not Entirely Ugly There is one positive side to custom games that could, somewhat, negate the Ugly part a little. While I believe custom games will divide the player base more than map selection would have there are 2 groups of people that could benefit greatly from custom games. Streamers (both new and upcoming) and Youtubers could easily gain new followers and subscribers by using custom games to get people to not only watch their streams and videos but also to give people the kinds of custom games they are looking for thus partially removing the wait barrier that will be created by too many new custom games and not enough people joining one to be able to start a match. It’s a win-win for both the Streamer/Youtuber and the player base. This could also be a great way to create one’s own mini tournament now that a eSports Mode is part of the custom games. That could also make for a very interesting live stream, specially for streamers who would like to give away prizes to their viewers by allowing them to compete for a prize in a custom game as opposed to just following them on social media and being randomly selected and maybe even give away a prize to a viewer randomly while doing the mini tournament just for watching. And the biggest benefactor of this could be Twitch which could have a huge upsurge in new streamers with Youtube also having a ton of new content uploaded by new Youtubers as well. This is my take on the new update #18. I look forward to eventually trying it out after I share this and hope it’s better than it seems. I also hope BH doesn’t break the game in the process when updating the liver servers with this update.
  5. I have to admit this would be one of the best features ever on any game like PUBg. When I played COD it was great to be able to mute that one annoying guy who spent too much time saying stupid things, playing annoying music or being an ass to everyone in the game. It was a feature I wished we had in L4D2 because people joined lobbies just to troll with audio on purpose in that game.
  6. BraveStarrTG

    I Want To Help Bluehole Make PUBg Better

    DeadlyEggXoP Said on my other post that I deleted: That is true. I didn't want to include Sanhok on the first one as I explained but I did say Miramar or Erangel which meant either or not only one of them.
  7. Most who have seen me on these forums will likely know I have been a harsh critic of Bluehole because of the crapfest that is PUBg (And you can't deny it no matter how much you claim you never deal with any of the issues the game has had since day one). But I have also made it known that PUBg is one of my favorite games which is why I give them such a hard time. For years I played one Call Of Duty game after another because my obsession with COD was extreme, almost to the point of owning nearly every version and hardly playing anything else. But even I got to the point that COD was just the same old game with new skins, better graphics and a few new but sometimes not so great features. Like many here with PUBg I also disliked how lootcrates and pay to win had become a big thing in COD even though I never allowed myself to fall for that lame scheme when all I had to do was grind on a game I already liked and simply wait for my chance to get some of that stuff people paid a ton to get or at least try since in COD BO3 you still had to gamble even after paying for CP to buy more lootcrates. Then one day I noticed a lot of people playing this game I had seen listed on Twitch called PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds and I figured why not check it out and I was instantly intrigued. I scrounged up $30 and took a leap of faith in a game that was still in early access and hoped this game would be the game that would set me free from the clutches of COD. I am glad to say it did but the road has been hard as BH has made it their personal mission to screw up this game with every update and fail to improve greatly the biggest issues the game has had since the beginning. Still, PUBg is a great game, I can't get enough of it. And no matter how many times I scream and yell at it, how many times the game screws me because of the bugs that are still in there, how many times it crashes or how many times I want to delete this game and never play it again I always come back for more because there is something in PUBg, something that I just can't get enough of, something that makes me yearn to get back on the PC, start the game and not give a fuck how much it pisses me off. To me it's that jump/scare feeling I get whenever I am in a situation where I can feel I have 10 scopes watching me but I can't see a damn movement anywhere or hear a sound and waiting to see which one shoots me first and kills me. It's that desire to be the last man standing regardless if I won a head on one on one gunfight, I snaked my way to a win or I simply caught the other player off guard and shot him first and then watching that "winner winner chicken dinner" msg pop up on my screen. When I won my first solo game I went insane screaming to the point of scaring my wife. That's why I keep coming back for more, because my chances of winning are slim, specially with my outdated PC, my distance from every NA server because I'm in the Caribbean and my slightly above average skills and winning feels that much better knowing I was able to overcome all of this. That's why I want BH to succeed with PUBg. That's why regardless of their desire to make skins a priority in the game I want to help them make the game better not just for me but fort everyone who plays it. So I am here to make a few suggestions for the next Event Pass which I know is gonna happen again because I am pretty sure this one was a decent success in the money making sense. The Sanhok Event Pass wasn't as bad as many portrayed it but there were a few things about it that definitely need to be fine tuned for next time. For starters I think a $4.99 or $5 price tag would be more reasonable. $10 seemed a bit more for a game one had already spent $30 on and then to boot we are not even allowed to trade the items we get. If trading was allowed perhaps it would not have been so bad. However I have to admit that while Fortnite passes are free you still need vbucks to buy stuff. The only problem here is unlike PUBg where you earn BP that you can then use to get crates to earn customization skins, on Fortnite you need the single player Save The World game, which cost $40 (more than PUBg) in order to earn free vbucks which you can then use to buy the Fortnite battlepass as opposed to spending $10 to get 1000 vbucks. So yea, there is little difference between PUBg and Fortnite when it comes to spending money for skins and stuff. At least this way PUBg can be ahead of Fortnite by being cheaper with the pass. Second, BH needs to make sure the event pass works properly. There were several missions that no matter how hard you tried to complete them the game would deny you the completion often just randomly marking it as complete out of nowhere. It was nice to eventually get it but it sucked to have to have tried so many times and eventually give up only to have it show up randomly not knowing if you did something different and it worked or it was simply delayed. And last but not least, you need to work on you choice of missions and the amount of XP given as well. There were missions on here that seemed more work than the amount of XP one would get for accomplishing it was worth and many missions required people to play certain strategies that while fair in the game they seemed to encourage strategies that many people hated others doing without it being a mission and hated having to do themselves. Strategies such as extreme camping for the sake of surviving a specific amount of time, sometimes without taking any damage or being forced to drive vehicles for an hour just for a miserable 40 to 100 XP. You'd be amazed how long it takes to drive a vehicle for 1 hour in a game where most rounds last between 5 and 30 mins depending on how fast you die, where you loot more than you drive, where driving can get you killed because of the noise you're making and where eventually a vehicle becomes more of a weakness than a benefit. I was forced to spend at least 3 games just driving the entirety of a round, avoiding having to face other players and constantly switching vehicles before running out of gas and avoiding the zone movements just to get this mission done as fast as possible because it seemed like it would take 50 to 100 games to do at a normal pace. and don't get me started on the impossible missions that most may as well not even bother trying to accomplish because of what is required. BH needs to make better missions that are more fun to accomplish and that the XP amount matches the difficulty. It's pretty obvious this wasn't working well since BH has already given away at least two 400XP gifts and are currently giving away 200XP daily until the end of this pass to help players get more levels or someone like me to get to level 30 simply because I have yet to finish a few of the big ones that have been a tab bit hard for me to get. Here are a few suggestions of missions that can be added to the next event pass that would be more fun to accomplish even if they might seem difficult. But for that the XP reward should make up for the difficulty. I also hope those who read this post will add more ideas for missions in the hopes BH will consider them. Equip every weapon slot with a suppressor in a single game on Miramar or Erangel (solo or teams) (too easy on Sanhok) Get 2 kills with a single grenade in a single game (duos or squads) Get a kill with grenades 5 times (solo or teams) Kill a players blinded with stun nade 5 times (solo or teams) Get 5 headshots with an AKM (solo or teams) Get 5 headshots with an M16 (solo or teams) Get 5 headshots with an M416 (solo or teams) Get 5 headshots with a UMP (solo or teams) Get 5 headshots with a Vector (solo or teams) Get 5 headshots with a Micro Uzi (solo or teams) Get 5 headshots with a tommygun (solo or teams) Get 5 headshots with a Scar-L or QBZ (solo or teams) Get 5 headshots with a Groza (solo or teams) Get 5 headshots with a AUG (solo or teams) Get 3 headshots with a Mini14 or QBX (solo or teams) Get 3 headshots with a M24 (solo or teams) Get 3 headshots with a Kar98 (solo or teams) Get 3 headshots with an SKS (solo or teams) Get 3 headshots with a AWM (solo or teams) Get 3 headshots with an MK14 (solo or teams) Get 3 headshots with a VSS (solo or teams) Get 5 kills with an S686 shotgun (solo or teams) Get 5 kills with a S1897shotgun (solo or teams) Get 5 kills with an S12K shotgun (solo or teams) Get 5 kills with a sawed-off shotgun (solo or teams) Get 5 kills with a Crossbow (solo or teams) Get 5 kills with a Win94 (solo or teams) Get 5 kills with an R45 (solo or teams) Get 5 kills with a P18C (solo or teams) Get 5 kills with a P1911 (solo or teams) Get 5 kills with a P92 (solo or teams) Get 5 kills with an R1895 (solo or teams) Get 3 kills with an M249 in a single game 2 times (solo or teams) Get 3 kills with a DP-28 in a single game 2 times (solo or teams) Get 3 kills with a vehicle (solo or teams) Get a headshot at 100 meters (solo or teams) Get a headshot at 200 meters (solo or teams) Get a headshot at 300 meters (solo or teams) Get a headshot at 400 meters (solo or teams) Get a headshot at 500 meters (solo or teams) Drive 4 different vehicles in a single game 2 times (solo or teams) Get a kill in the first 30 secs or min of a game (solo or teams) Get 2 kills in the first 30 secs or min of a game (solo or teams) Take 5 clothing items from 5 different players in a single game (solo or teams) Reach top 5 with at least 1 grenade kill (solo or teams) Reach top 5 with at least one molotov kill (solo or teams) Kill an entire team by yourself (squads or 1-man squads) Get 5 kills in a single game (solo) Get 8 kills in a single game (solo or teams) Use all heals in a single game (solo or teams) Kill 5 knocked players (duos or squads) More to come.
  8. BraveStarrTG

    $9.99 For a Weapon Skin

    Ignoring the PUBg sheep of this forum (I'll probably get banned for that comment) the price is ridiculous for a game that still has many of the same issues it did 17.1 updates ago but its not like anyone has to buy them. Foolish are those who feel the need to spend money on them for anything other than showing off on a livestream that will get you those $10 back easy with a few subscriptions, some bits and maybe a donation or two.
  9. BraveStarrTG


    Funny to see people making fun of those requesting a training area. Pro players use them all the time. Most games have one, this one has custom games which is the same as a training grounds except only for PUBg partners so guess who gets to try everything out before playing it in the game? Shroud, Dr Disrespect, WackyJackie, WTFMoses, all of them. If you don't need a training area than good for ya. I'm glad you were blessed with quality gaming skills. But why do you feel no one else deserves one? Why do you feel only those with the natural born skills should be playing then? That would be a very boring game because you wouldn't have potatoes to feel good about your skills, instead you would be facing real players all the time and then end up being the potato yourself. Anyways whether its customs or not a training area is a training area which means CS:GO has one, so does Fortnite, its called Playground. At the moment its only temporary but they are working on a more permanent one. COD has a training area and so do many others. Nothing wrong with wanting one. One thing I do like about this forum is all the people who pretend to be good players by making fun of others but they show no proof of how good they really are and will likely never share their potato skills.
  10. BraveStarrTG

    Mission: Die in the redzone.

    This is not even the worst one. Lets see: 1) Kill someone with a punch and then die from a punch in the same game. Yea, because the other players are not gonna go looking for guns first which I find someone willing to punch it out and win, they gonna wanna punch you after you just beat someone else at punching. 2) Play 3 games on Miramar meeting the following conditions: Survive for at least 20 mins, deal at least 200 damage to enemies, take no damage from bluezone, loot at least 2 crates (though some say 2 items is what it means), revive teammate twice (so this has to be in duo or squads), kill at least 3 players, reach top 10, take less than 100 damage and don't use first aids (all other heals are ok apparently). Yea, because this is so easy to do. First you have to find a team willing to play Miramar, go after crates and allow me to revive any knocked teammates. Then I have to make sure not to go to the edge just to avoid the bluezone but in the smaller circles its difficult to avoid it so am not even sure if it still counts once I accomplish all the other conditions, and to top it off I have to do this 3 teams which means my team has to be willing to do all of this 3 times for me. Yea right, ok. 3) Get picked up after knocked and then revive at least 3 teammates in a single game. Again, not only requiring my teammates to be knocked on purpose or otherwise but I have to be as well and nope I don't get finished off, something quite common on PUBg. I mean, seriously, most of the missions either encouraged camping, staying in the bluezone for long periods of time or even allowing teammates to be knocked just to get free stuff that you paid $10 to hope to get. Which is also an irony that this is where we have come as a society where we pay for skins we have to win to get. How is this not gambling again?
  11. BraveStarrTG

    So not only is the game full of hackers

    I rarely see hackers, I have more issues with dsync than anything.
  12. BraveStarrTG

    I Get Warnings But I Don't Know Why

    This is confusing. I got a warning today, or just noticed it today, but it doesn't tell me why I am being warned. I am simply being warned of some kind of bad behavior but have no idea what that bad behavior is. Is that normal? I feel like I am being harassed for no reason and being punished by people who can seem to do whatever they want without a reason. I know I can be a bit of an ass sometimes but I don't believe I go out of my way to be so offensive that I deserve a warning. At least if I knew what I did wrong I could avoid it or at least question why that's a problem but the warning doesn't point to the reason I got the warning, its just a warning with some point system that has an expiration date that I don't understand. Can someone please explain whats the deal with these warning that have no basis on why it happens? I'd hate to be banned without knowing why. BTW, it seems kinda wrong that in order for me to make a comment on this I have to acknowledge the warning. Seems like I am being forced to admit guilt without knowing why just to be able to question why. I can't even msg the person directly about the warning. I don't get it.
  13. BraveStarrTG

    daily mission bug, survive no damage

    I just posted on this.
  14. Frustration with this game seems to be a feature at this point. Its as if BH purposely breaks things just so they can get attention. It was bad enough that I tried several times to get the "heal 200hp" mission unsuccessfully no matter what trick I tried only for it to appear completed randomly several days later but now even simply daily missions are glitched. I just played several games in my attempt to complete today's daily mission of playing at least 20 minutes without taking any damage only to have the game deny me the completion. And my image below is the proof as I captured both images at the same time. This is just lame, I took no damage of any kind in the game till just the end where I died and still I didn't get the completed mission after trying several times to complete this. Come on BH, get you act together.
  15. BraveStarrTG

    I would like a refund please

    What do you mean "one of those"? People who play more than one game? Nothing wrong with that. Its good to have options not just for entertainment purposes but also for competition because competition means we get more out of it. I am also looking forward to many of the new games coming out because I may be a fan of particular games but that doesn't mean I only play while while making fun of the others. I don't play Fortnite because its not my cup of tea but its a good game and no one can deny that.