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  1. BraveStarrTG

    Why I DON'T want region lock

    This entire post sounds less like a problem for PUBg and more like a personal problem. Picking times when less players are on is a personal problem. Language barrier in a country where there are multiple languages (EU and SA) is a personal problem. It's not the US fault out main language is English and thus NA servers tend to be mostly English speaking. OC servers are already hurting, we can't sacrifice the rest of the servers for the sake of one that has problems. I'm ok with splitting the base if it means less Chinese players who could potentially be hacking and who have extremely high pings which is a game problem and no the Chinese player base hasn't suddenly disappeared from NA servers as you claim.
  2. BraveStarrTG

    Taking Realism In Games Too far

    So a few new games just dropped these past couple of days and as cool as it may be to have new games to enjoy I am noticing that game developers might be taking the concept of realism in games a bit too far to the point the game seems extremely complicated, far too time consuming to be fun and includes features that are completely unnecessary and at times downright disgusting. One such game is Scum, a new open world survival game similar to Day Z. At first I thought this game was just another battle royale game to compete with PUBg but it turned out to be similar but different. Here surviving by looting, crafting, maintaining your characters vitals constantly (even when not fighting and getting injured) and either staying away from other players, making friends with them and teaming up to improve your chances of survival or killing them is the name of the game. There are no moving storms or gas to worry about. It's all about surviving for as long as possible, not necessarily the last man standing. The concept and style of the game seems quite intriguing but after watching Shroud stream the game I realized this game might be more of a headache than entertainment. In essence Scum is like a combination of features from games like Day Z, PUBg and The Sims. You have to wonder a vast open world searching for all kinds of items necessary for your survival. Some of these items can be combined to craft new items that will help your survival chances even more. And you also have to survive other players who may not be interested in teaming up to improve your survival chances as a team. Oh, and apparently there are robots in the game as well, similar to the robots in the Robocop 2 movie. Now, this is where things get complicated. It seems that the game requires you to maintain more than a simple health bar to stay alive. Here you have to find food to feed your character. But its not as simply as a can of sardines or spam, you can capture animals, find spices and grains, use bowls and utensils, you can basically create meals in the game such as spaghetti. But the crazy thing is that you can't just eat to maintain your health, you have to make sure to eat properly and not over eat. Otherwise you can get sick, throw up, make yourself weaker thus affecting your characters abilities and you can even gain weight thus slowing you down, making you lose stamina thus lowering your chances of survival. Its just insane the number of things you have to manage in order to keep your character alive a long as possible, from carbs to fat, stamina and muscle, the number of items you carry around, trying to avoid getting sick thus making you weaker, slower decreasing your chances of survival. But here's the real kicker. Just like in the real world not only do you have to consume food to stay healthy, you also have to dispose of the waste it creates. Yes, you have to pee and crap in this game as part of your survival. Otherwise you run the risk of hurting your health. And yes not only did they include an animation of the male character peeing with actual pee flowing out the front but you also get to bend down and poop and you can actually see the crap coming out of your ass. The only thing they failed to include to make this 100% realistic was the animation of pulling your pants down though I have a suspicion that may be coming in future developments of the game. But seriously, why did they need to animate crap coming out of your ass through your pants? Even worse is the animation of passing your hand over your butthole to clean it and simply shake the crap off without at least an animate to show you whipping the crap off your hands. Lord watching this actually happen on Shroud's live stream was shocking and disturbing to say the least. I give props to the animator who had to animate that particular action. The dedication to realism is amazing to say the least. There's so much more to say about the game but I'll leave it here because they are still working on the game and God knows what else they plan on adding to gthe game to make it more realistic. Maybe we will get to pick our noses and watch snot come out of our nose when you get sick in the game. https://scumgame.com/en
  3. BraveStarrTG

    Killed an ESP hacker today.

    I don't believe in zero tolerance as a punishment in general but I can't deny when it comes to cheaters of the hacking nature (not those who exploit glitches in a game, that's just silly to me) in games I may be more inclined to agree. My own experience taught me a valuable lesson never to do it again. My only gripe is that it shows on your profile and labels you one no matter what game you play forever and that is why I don't agree with it 100% because even in the real world a person's criminal record should not destroy their entire future if they already served their time. Otherwise why give a time frame for the punishment if the record will serve as a lifetime punishment either way, even for something small such as petty theft. BTW, I know we often disagree on these forums and I enjoy our debates. They can be fun. However I have to be honest and say that you lack a sense of compassion for other people. Your statements tend to come off arrogant and insulting often. Not sure if its intentional or simply the way you express yourself, nonetheless its hard to have a decent argument with you when you come off condescending far too often. Even when you're wrong you still feel the need to put people down and put yourself above everyone else. Maybe I care too much but that's simply my nature and I just felt the need to let you know how I felt. Hopefully it doesn't get to the point that I avoid replaying to any of your comments be it direct to me or not because like I said, I do enjoy debating you on these forums.
  4. Sounds like a contradiction to me. You can't claim to not go out of your way to accuse people of cheating and then claim you know a cheat when you see one. I've been gaming for a long time as well. I was a member of several gaming clans and moderated several servers maintaining them hacker free as best as I could for multiple games. I have plenty of experience detecting hacks and have used some myself in the past. I found hacks to be boring, takes the fun out of the game. But I was curious to see what it was like. As DeadlyEgg said if you go in with the mentality that the only explanation for your death was a hacker then you will find what you are looking for even when its likely not there. Specially on PUBg since, and I have repeated this hundreds of times on these forums, the replay system in this game is broken. Everyone should know this by now, its unreliable against hackers unless the hack is extremely obvious. ESP is not completely obvious from what I have seen in most cases. And it doesn't happen every game. Its impossible that everyone comes across a hacker using ESP in every game. If this were true streamers would stop playing this game yet they don't, they continue to play and they win often. I rarely ever see a streamer complain about hackers and they sometimes go back to replays because they believed a particular death was suspicious and find that there was nothing wrong. Just because you think you are never wrong doesn't mean everyone else is. No one here said the cheats don't exist, everyone knows PUBg has hackers just like any other game does. Most of us just don't think there's a hacker in every lobby 24/7 like most here seem to believe there are.
  5. OK, its time to call your BS. First off deathcams don't show enough time to be 100% sure they are hacking. Second the replay system is broken, everyone knows this (except you I guess), it never really shows what actually happened because the replay is not a recording of the live even its a collection of data points on the map that tell the game what happened where and the game has to then recreate the replay based on that data and it does a terrible job doing so. I have seen enough videos where a player shoots several meter away from a player, that doesn't mean its a hack its the replay system not properly recreating the gameplay. Second, you can't watch a deathcam and then spectate a player. You can only do one or the other, you can't do both. So there goes your story about proof of people hacking. You need not explain anything. I have been playing this game for over a year now. I have rarely dealt with hackers. I don't spend my every waking moment obsessed, assuming every death is the work of a hacker. I have gone back and watched enough replays to know when I was killed by a hacker or not. I do Youtube videos so using the replay feature is a constant for me. I don't rely on it to determine if people are hacking if I was killed in a suspicious manner because the replays are not accurate. Like I said this is a well known fact. I watch streamers on a daily basis kill people from long distances with nothing more than a red dot. Should I consider them hackers too? Choco Toco has god-like aim, Aculite and Fugglet are terrifying when playing together, Shroud almost seems like he's hacking while streaming. Swagger, Halifax, VSNZ, TheBareJewLive, Dr Disrespect, Chad, Deadmau5, Holo, JoshOG, Just9n, Lil_Lexi, Lumi, AndyPyroP4wnyhof, WackyJacky, SolidFPS, Viss, WTFMoses, I watch all these streamers and more on a daily basis and they perform shots in this game consistently that can only be described as amazing if not a hack. They hit impossible sniper shots, AR sprays that seem to defy the game mechanics, hell I have even seem them hipfire sniper guns and get headshots on players barely visible on my screen. You seem to be under the impression that these kinds of things can't be done without cheats yet I see them on a daily basis on live stream and have performed them myself on occasion. I won't deny PUBg has hackers, they are just not as abundant as most people claim. I don't consistently die at the hands of a hacker like most people say they do. PUBg is just as much a game of luck as it is a skill based game. Even the best players die to stupid, lucky shots from average players. And then there's the desync/lag issue that has caused me more pain than I can bare. As far as I'm concerned most people's complaints about hackers are just people who don't like being killed by a more skilled player or someone who got lucky. Just a while ago another person stated they killed a hacker but claimed to not be able to share the video on these forums. I asked for a link which he gave me and in his case the player was a legit hacker. But most times I have seen videos of people claiming to have been killed by hackers and it turned out to be BS, the replay simply made it seem as if they were hacking but they weren't, it was the way the replay recreated the video from the data.
  6. I don't think you understood what he meant. I have never looted an entire compound, whether it had 3 or 10 buildings, and not found at least 1 handgun, but that's not what he said. His point was some buildings have no guns at all and if you happen to land with a few other players, even in a location not considered a hot drop location, it would suck to die just because you happen to pick the one building without even a handgun. You can claim one can use smokes, nades and even melee weapons but we all know they can never compare to a weapon, even a handgun and escape is not always an option. People simply want a chance to fight back a bit more fairly. Its not the same to enter the same building as another player and only find a melee while they get a gun and get lucky enough to take advantage of the closed quarters to melee them while you hope they are a bad shot at extremely close range vs landing in different buildings, finding nothing but a melee and having to walk out the building while dodging bullets because running towards a player with a gun is almost guaranteed to get you killed before you even get close enough to swing and that is not the kind of fun anyone is looking for in this game.
  7. BraveStarrTG

    Killed an ESP hacker today.

    Don't sell yourself short. He knew where you were and yet still failed to anticipate your moves or even realize you had moved around him. Most would never admit this but I have used cheats in the past, and yes I'm ashamed of having done so. That was back when COD 4 MW was out. Its not that I sucked at any game I was simply curious to see what it was like to have an advantage over everyone else. I learned 2 things. Cheats are boring because it takes the fun out of playing the game as it was intended and the price one pays if caught can sometimes be too big and not worth it. I learned the second one the hard way. I learned about hacks when I was a member of a gaming clan. As I moved up the ranks the owners showed me hacks they had stored as backup that they used to train members how to recognize hacks properly so that when we moderated the clan's servers (at that time they were Cod 4 MW) we were not banning people unfairly simply because it seemed like they were hacking when they weren't. They actually cared about fairness because their server popularity was high at the time. I won't deny I tried those hacks on other servers and never got caught only because I didn't make it so obvious, not to mention replays were not a thing back then either. But I found it boring, there was no fun in knowing where people were all the time. I like a challenge which is why I'm a huge PUBg fan. Sadly I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and I used a hack on COD MW2 because I got tired of a particular hacker that continuously ruined the game daily and never got banned. I wanted to pay him back so I used a hack to give him a taste of his own medicine but ended up getting myself banned permanently on MW2. It happened 2 years after the game came out so I did get to enjoy it for a long time but the game was still going strong (still is today) and I regret letting my emotions get the best of me. Now I can't play the game anymore unless I buy a new copy on a different account and start from the beginning. That was a hard lesson to learn, 2 wrongs definitely didn't make a right. My biggest disappointment was that I got banned but he never did cause people I played with told me he was still hacking for a long time. We all do dumb things in life. Not only did I lose the ability to play the game but the ban became a permanent stain on my account. I was a pretty good player, often accused of hacking because of my skills but because of the ban I was consistently accused of being a cheater even though I wasn't because people were quick to check your profile and would automatically say once a hacker always a hacker. I have a new account now and I do family share to use any games on the old account to avoid being called a hacker thanks to the ban. I'm sure I'll get some flack here from anyone who reads this but I don't care. Like I said we all do stupid things in life. Mine happened almost a decade ago, never hacked since. Not worth it. Not even for fun or vengeance.
  8. BraveStarrTG

    Killed an ESP hacker today.

    BTW, that was some really nice video footage. Crisp and clear. Most people can't get their videos to look that nice.
  9. BraveStarrTG

    Killed an ESP hacker today.

    Definitely a hacker. He made it too obvious. The irony of a TPP hacker to look at a player directly when hacking when they can just pretend to look in that general direction while still knowing where the player is since TPP is an over the shoulder view. But hackers are often stupid like that. As you can see he couldn't even win because in the end his skills still failed him. He should have used aimbot while he was at it.
  10. Only gun you die to? Why does everyone always exaggerate their comments. "Every game has a hacker", "I only die to snakes and campers", "the only gun I die to is the vector". Always exaggerating. I'm an average player and am not afraid to admit it. I die to any gun if I can't get them first.
  11. BraveStarrTG

    Killed an ESP hacker today.

    Is it on your YT channel? Can you send it to me via msg? Would like to see it.
  12. BraveStarrTG

    What's Happening to BP for 1.o

    Really? I've never seen that but then to be honest PUBg was my first early access game. I tend to avoid buying games early or on release day because of the bugs that tend to come with it, including some game breaking ones. But PUBg looked really good and I hungry for something new that would get me away from my COD obsession. PUBg did the trick and although the game has had its issues I'm actually glad I bought it early.
  13. LOL, comparing PUBg to CSGO is like comparing a Porsche to a Lamborghini, they are both speed demons but hardly in the same league. CSGO is a joke, COD and BF look better and that's saying a lot. LOL.
  14. First off PUBg was released in Dec 2017. It's barely been on the xBox for 9 months, not a year ore more. Second its been on PC for slightly over a year. Get your facts straight. Third only a fool complains about a game in early access. I have seen several games in early access that have as many problems if not more than PUBg. Fortnite itself is riddled with problems and its been in early access since July 2017, more than a year. And we are talking about the xBox, a gaming console. What did you expect? A $5000 PC under the hood? LOL. I'm pretty sure those other games you mentioned that run better probably don't have to render as much as PUBg or even Fortnite does. Battle royale games are not the same as FPS games like CSGO and COD. Maps are much smaller, have fewer players at once and don't have intricate building layouts, realism and huge levels of rendering like BR games do. Its not the same, comparing games like this is like comparing a Switch game to a DS game. Not the same. BTW, no one told you to spend $30 on an early access game you knew was not a full game, that was gonna have bugs from day one.
  15. I'm barely over 1000 hours but I have to share the PC with 3 other people and I am currently not a streamer though I am working to get started on that. I have seen a lot of people complain about OC servers. To be honest I can't say for sure whats the deal with OC beyond there not being enough people to make it work properly from what I have seen. OC definitely has issues with number of players and I personally have no idea on how to fix this. Sorry but I'm gonna have to destroy this argument. Its already been proved that Shroud's nade was not as close as it looked. The camera angle we all saw looked closer but a second video from the other teams stream showed the nade going further away before exploding thus allowing the players to survive. This argument has already been debunked. Sadly like any other story where the truth is revealed later on most people never see the follow up that shows what really happened and thus continue to believe Shroud was robbed of that nade kill when in reality it was a fair failure to kill them. The game does have cheaters, like any other game does, but not at the levels that many claim. I myself have come across maybe 4 or 5 legit cheaters in 1000+ hours. You can't rely on the replay deathcam feature to prove a person was cheating because everyone knows the replay system is broken and does not depict how an even in the game actually happened. I watch tons of streamers daily from Shroud to Choco, Swagger and more and most rarely ever claim their death was a hacker even in the most suspicious of moments in the game. If they rarely complain and have tons of wins under their belts I can't understand why there are some players who claim they deal with hackers in every game every day. Makes no sense. Desync/lag is definitely an issue. No argument there. But it doesn't help to be playing on servers far away so you can't place the blame entirely on desync and lag. The latest updates have done wonders to help fix that. I am not sure why you feel the latest updates have made it worse when they seem to be doing a hell of a lot better to me. I too play on far away servers. I'm in the Caribbean and have to play on NA servers. While not that far its still far enough that lag is a big issue for me. But I deal with it. Also you can't complain about cosmetic changes to the game since there are multiple dev teams working on different parts of the game and they all have the right to do their work. If UI changes to make the game look better and easier to use were not implemented people would complain the game looked boring and stale. everyone complains about everything but we should all remember not all devs work on the netcode that improves the game's issues. One things for sure, they should definitely avoid adding things that are meant to get more money out of people such as loot boxes when people are complaining about the game not working properly. That just shows they are more concerned with profits than their fans.