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  1. Lolz

    Game Volume

    I was going to say the same bro the sound is back to Normal they took that crap they were trying off because even in the test server last night the volume was normal and I won every game I played.If you ever want to play add me Kariel PR
  2. Lolz

    Game Volume

    I got warned too about bumping even though they didn’t mention anything in the notes about this issue.Have you played the new patch yet?
  3. Last time they ended the pts and the next day they pushed it to live servers with all its glory of bugs like the famous “no grenade arc”
  4. Lolz

    Test servers extended

    Last time they pushed the pts to the live server the day after it was over with all the bugs we hated and reported. I think I saw something the the pts notes about the sound....does this mean they aren’t replacing it with the god awful new one and leaving it alone?
  5. Honestly no it isn’t
  6. Lolz

    Max number of sound tracks?

    They need to leave the sound on the live server how it is.The new sucks the vehicles are super loud,the gunshots sound lower and I can’t hear someone until they already came up 2 feet next to me and killed me!Please devs don’t bring the new sound from PTS to the live server!
  7. Lolz

    Oceania and Asia server merge

    I must have imagined shooting a full clip into someone then him not being there anymore but actually being 50M away shooting at me 😂
  8. Lolz

    No body box after kill

    It’s happening to me on both maps but I then end up finding the box about 30 feet away from where they died!Maybe could be that in their screen they were that far and in mine they were in another spot
  9. Lolz

    Ranking system

    Shouldn’t really worry about stats until it’s fully released.What rank do you think you would be if you didn’t die in all of those games against out of region laggers?or how many times have you died from someone who you were shooting at but he wasn’t there he was behind you even though you saw his body there?Stats are just like cqc fights(coin tosses) at the moment
  10. Lolz

    Footstep Sounds

    I have a thread in the test server part called Game Volume help us keep it at the top by putting your input so they don’t bring this to the live servers
  11. Lolz

    Game Volume

    I’ll keep bumping since apparently it wasn’t an issue they found important and didn’t mention in the weekly update!i won’t play this game anymore if they bring the volume change to the live servers I haven’t even played the test server anymore cause of it
  12. Lolz

    Can we get a volume adjustment for sound ?

    They massively lowered the volume and if we don’t say anything about they’ll bring the horrible new volume change to the live servers!i have a thread called Game Volume please bump it and let’s keep it at the top so they can see we don’t like the volume change
  13. Lolz

    Oceania and Asia server merge

    Lol “no lag advantage” lol lol lol lol lol lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂