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  1. Apparently epic sees the advantage and sees how many people are using XIm and feel there are too many to ignore so they’re giving them their own lobbies and separating them from controller users lol
  2. True but also to use KBM will cost about 140 or so for the adapter plus whatever else for a keyboard and a mouse as opposed to a cheap 40 dollar controller
  3. That’s your response?you might as well not have commented trying to sound like a clown ??
  4. I do have to play with people with high pings (You SA players) all day so I know what you’re taking about and it’s not always a disadvantage for you.Just look at all the clips people post where they shoot someone a million times and out of nowhere they die to the same player.I really do wish they’d give you guys a server and get you the heck out of ours but they stated you guys supposedly don’t have enough players and will not give you a server at the time being
  5. Lol they’ve said it multiple times just ask one of the moderators they’ll tell you like they’ve told others here.OR use the search function which if you used you would have seen it already
  6. I did lol doesn’t mean I can’t come into the forums.Can you look up where it says if I quit the game I can’t be on the forum?thanks ?
  7. They already heard and answered very clearly “we have no plans on bringing SA servers” Lol you must not get on enough brother it’s one about every 5 minutes and usually the same people
  8. Oh lord how many of these posts do we neeeeeed?
  9. They’re going to give you a blank check and tell you to write any number you think is fair to fix their game
  10. Why the fuck are any of the other threads still going?
  11. Yeah brother the game ran fine for me with update 16 then update 17 came around and made it so bad that it’s almost unplayable then with this hotfix it’s just made me finally quit pubg
  12. I used to be the guy defending this game all over and saying it’s a game preview.I’d say just wait it’s going to get better just give it time but after update 17 and this hotfix I finally quit pubg for the first time and played a different game for the first time since December 12.I finally broke and can’t play this game anymore In it’s state.X1X with wired connection 150/50 on NA I get massive frame drops in gunfights,I can’t aim down scopes anymore because my game practically freezes and frames drops like crazy,at the last few circles my frames drop so bad it looks like I’m taking pictures, also lag and desync are at an all time high,etc it’s so much to say I can be here forever I’m done with pubg I’ll wait 3 or 4 more updates
  13. Hey @Ancalagon I remembered this post and just had to ask your opinion on this hotfix?lol every game I have to wait for everyone in my team to load in and by the time they do the plane kicked us out.Lag and desync have never been this bad and the frame dropshave never been this horrible either especially at the last few circles where it counts.awhen I aim down scopes my game pretty much stops to a freeze lol I think I finally after 8 months lost hope and give up on pubg
  14. It didn’t happen that bad until this last update.happens all the time now I can’t shoot someone who’s far because that’s all I see.Do i post it over there? Xbox One X on NA with SSD
  15. Oh yeah?i just picked up by duo partner at the semi last circle in the blue and it didn’t happen and I’ll check the other video Edit:other video works fine for me