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  1. Lolz

    Dead spots in movement

    Hi epic this is currently being fixed in the upcoming PTS which will be pushed to live after
  2. Lolz

    Why does your rendering suck?

    Yeah an SSD helped a lot but if you’re on an X @Forty9Giants then I’d advise just wait until the next patch I had to switch to my S to play again because it’s very bad on the X with the recent patch
  3. It’s crazy that it’s still not fixed after so long.I have not seen one in a very long time (like months)
  4. It probably worked fine before a recent update and now he’s complaining because like lots of us he wants to play pubg again
  5. Sorry the video is long look at after 40 seconds when I’m panning the camera around
  6. This was supposed to be in a different post about frame drops but thanks for taking the time to comment and try to be special
  7. Frame Drops All Game This is my game after patch 17 it’s like this all the game and it gets worse to a “I can’t see what’s going on” state at the third to last circle and onward https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/kariel-pr/video/58358000 Xbox One X wired 150/50 connection I have the game on an SSD i tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times. Happens on both maps all game from beginning to end and it gets worse the farther I’m in i play on NA (my home region) FPP is even worse my sound cuts out all the time. Happens on any mode I play i quit pubg since I can’t really be of any help in squads and I can’t play it with my friends since I’m useless
  8. This is my game every game after update 17 Which is why I quit pubg and played one game today after update 17 and uninstalled it again https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/kariel-pr/video/58358000
  9. Seen those in I don’t know how many notes and I can still turn on my Xbox and put pubg on and start charging for entrance to my house with the strobe light frames
  10. Let them keep being posted some of us would like to play pubg again.Just finally played a game after 2 weeks and I should have taken some dance lessons and turned the brightness up on my tv I had my own strobe light
  11. Apparently epic sees the advantage and sees how many people are using XIm and feel there are too many to ignore so they’re giving them their own lobbies and separating them from controller users lol
  12. Lolz

    Hotfix only worsened things

    Everything the same here
  13. Lolz


    Lol this isn’t H1z1 where you drive a few minutes and have the best gear in the game without plane drops
  14. True but also to use KBM will cost about 140 or so for the adapter plus whatever else for a keyboard and a mouse as opposed to a cheap 40 dollar controller