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  1. st3ady

    More Loot

    But they are and have in sanhok so they must know people want to spend less time looting and more time skidibapapaping
  2. st3ady

    Bad Hit registration with new update

    That's network issues not hit reg pal.
  3. Steady there James Bond! A few times where your fighting either side of the water and they just dive in it for invincibility. But it all honesty it wasn't game breaking. I was just answering his question as to why they did it.
  4. There's no reason why vehicle locations can't be on the map. If anything it might even draw people together for more firefights.
  5. So you can't just scuba Steve yourself away from danger.
  6. st3ady

    Added recoil to ARs

    Unless there trying to get rid of those who just spray frantically in cqc. Maybe they should just remove over the shoulder aim all together and have ADS or hipfire
  7. They really need to put s hotfix out or something in the meantime.
  8. PTS is NA not a chance I'm gonna fire that up being from the Eu.
  9. Miramar 11 times in a row... Map selection is great but until then do something about it. Map is garbage!
  10. st3ady


    Yes it does need to be separated. It's nothing to do with pressing the wrong button. If you lean left in ADS. When your aim in tpp your aiming over the wrong shoulder. It should automatically reset.
  11. st3ady


    Anyway you can separate ADS leaning and TPP leaning? Been caught out many a times going for a cqc kill and end up leaning the wrong way after previously aiming down the sights?
  12. st3ady

    RNG Loot

    I get that it's completely random. But why do some rooms have nothing and others have 2/3 assault rifles on top of each. Same goes for Armor... Surely you have some sort of distribution system in place? Can you not split it up a little bit?
  13. First time I've had these on the Xbox one x since the launch of this game. What have you guys done. It was literally working fine a few days ago ffs...
  14. st3ady

    Gun camo

    Are people playing the same pubg as me... Because gun camos should be waaaaaaay down the list in priorities.
  15. st3ady

    Molotov damage?

    Molotovs aren't used for dmg. There used to make anyone looking at them get about 3 fps.