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  1. st3ady

    Hurry up PC!

    Yeah it's easy one of the best PvP games I've ever played. Love those end zone feels.
  2. st3ady

    Hurry up PC!

    So long as it can hold above 60fps and not drop to about 20 fps every time someone throws a Molotov or blows up a car I'll be happy. That and FPP doesn't work on console for EU users either. Absolutely love the game. Just playing it on console isn't for me.
  3. Good God I can't take much more of PUBG on console. It runs and plays like a bag of spuds. Can't wait to get my PC so I can start playing it without the consistent frame drops etc! Anyone got any cool clips I can check out whilst I wait?!
  4. st3ady


    Tap to reload please. Holding it sucks!
  5. st3ady

    Building a Rig for PUBG

    So I'm after building a high end gaming pc to run pubg at ultra settings and a frame rate that sits consistently above 60. My Budget is £2000 But this price also needs to include the following peripherals. Monitor, keyboard and mouse. The best deal I've seen so far is; I7 8086k 4.0ghz - 5.0ghz turbo 16GB DDR4 3000mhz GTX 1080 8GB 250GB SSD 144hz 1ms 1080p monitor Basic Keyboard and Mouse. £2014 Obviously I know that this system will run PUBG. But does anyone know at what standard or have any advice on other parts that I could use? Thanks for your time.
  6. st3ady

    MM Estimated Time

    Pretty sure it's estimated time until you find a server. Not load in. Like every other game. Its impossible to put an actual time on how long it will take for you to be in the game. Because there's so many factors.
  7. st3ady

    well this didn't seem right...

    I was genuinely trying to help this guy out. But yeah. Its turned I to the above for no reason what so ever...
  8. st3ady

    well this didn't seem right...

    Since we are being so petty. I'll report you for swearing at me and see how we get on then.
  9. st3ady

    well this didn't seem right...

    Yes because you swearing is going to get me band. What I'm saying is constructive. You just don't want to take it on board because you don't like the fact that I'm going against what you think happened. As for contradicting myself. I do mean over the shoulder in both occasions you are correct. Don't get so agitated... ADS is the more accurate of fire modes. So use it and you won't see the above happening as much.
  10. st3ady

    well this didn't seem right...

    Don't get defensive. Shoot less over the shoulder and more through ADS. You'll be able to hit specific parts of the body more frequently. Unlike spraying from the hip. Not killing someone and complaining about it. If you can't take criticism your gonna struggle with life.
  11. Maybe try your network provider. I've not had any issues since the patch on witless or wired.
  12. st3ady

    Make 556 rifles great again

    Just butthurt because you can no longer spray and pray. You actually have to think about what your doing with them now. As for being out played by a sub in cqc. So they should. Its what subs are good at.
  13. st3ady


    Nothing wrong with directional sound? In fact it probably has some of the best directional gunfire mechanics I've ever heard. You just need to learn them. Listen for the second shot. The first one is the whip/snap past your head. The second is the shooters location.