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  1. fluffl0rs

    Opportunist move: 1x kill, 2x loot

    Yeah it annoyed me mostly because the guy was trash and it was only my own fault - I could have easily killed him but I just got too close to the end of the wall. Entirely my own fault. Had I been 2 feet backwards I would have destroyed him, even though I was one shot. He ran towards me but wasn't even pushing me, was just running from zone and he made the mistake of vaulting a wall which left him open for about 2 seconds. I just tried to lean/shoot him and shot the sky because I was too close, then he span 90 degrees hip firing and got lucky - think he even had a UMP (just lol...). In your clip the guy is an idiot for lying down in a field when he had a perfectly good tree for cover. Never go prone in FPP unless you are getting shot and going prone will take you out of the LOS of the bad guy allowing you to med quickly or not die briefly. That's almost never. If that guy had been in cover near the tree, even if he was on the front side of the tree he would have been in zone and you probably wouldn't have been able to put a headshot on him, let alone 2 shots before he got behind the tree. He had level 3 gear, was far enough away from you that nades would have been hard to kill him with while he was medding from any shots you might have hit on him or just medding in general. He would have had your position - you would have had to stand up to move. He had an MK14 - probably a decent 2/3 shots would have killed you. No idea why he lay down - he definitely had at least 25HP since you bodied him then headshot him. It's very rare I get killed by a proner - and usually they are lying in the grass somewhere on the edge of circle and die to zone two seconds after they kill me. Most of the time it's just a free kill.
  2. fluffl0rs

    Opportunist move: 1x kill, 2x loot

    Top 1000.... The reason they aren't in the top 10 is because of their poor k/d. My k/d isn't amazing (4.5) but I'm top 30 at the mo. My win rating is decent but both together puts me in top 30. Fact is both matter when it comes to being in the leaderboards, you can argue but it's just plain fact.
  3. fluffl0rs

    MS announce MnK Support ??‍♂️

    Aiming system is fine you can only blame yourself for that, frames I can agree with though... But it's pretty rare at the mo.
  4. fluffl0rs

    Opportunist move: 1x kill, 2x loot

    Yeah but you gotta admit - the clip was a bit of an anticlimax...
  5. fluffl0rs

    Opportunist move: 1x kill, 2x loot

    Well, I play to how the game designers envisioned the rating system in the game, not to my own interpretation of the rules. Fact is, you can camp and get 1 kill and "win" a game. Can't be much fun though unless you are into standing still in houses for 20 minutes.
  6. fluffl0rs

    Opportunist move: 1x kill, 2x loot

    Ok - keep telling yourself that. I lost a game to a guy that had 1 kill the other day. He won the game with 2 kills. I had 9 kills, he would have been my tenth (god damn stupid wall made me shoot my AK up into the sky). I got 29 rating points: He got 15. Kills absolutely matter for your rating since you have a kill and a win rating. Both of these add up to give your overall rating. Dinners only mean something if you worked to get them.
  7. fluffl0rs


    Got a duo win on FN last night. Last couple of teams were noobs - got 7 kills. Not played it for months. Then we went up against this godlike duo who had built a goddamn fortress in the middle of Salty Springs. Died of course.
  8. fluffl0rs


    I believe this only happens in one situation: If you get hit after the person that fired the bullets is already dead (or the other way round, you hit but they have already killed you). Have you got clips of getting hit with no damage where the attacker is still alive? It would confirm there is a hit reg problem (which I've been saying there isn't because there's never been any compelling evidence).
  9. fluffl0rs


    It did. Their last season update was full of issues... My mate stopped playing for a bit because of the bugs and crashing. To be fair they did fix it within a few weeks, but... Epic vs PUBG corp... Crashing is pretty rare. I've probably crashed twice in a week. It's annoying sure, but other games have these problems too (Siege for example).
  10. fluffl0rs

    Opportunist move: 1x kill, 2x loot

    Thought this was going to be a good clip but realised it was just you shooting a stationary target with a 3x M16. In TPP mode.
  11. fluffl0rs

    This season ...

    Beast stats, what mode is this, solo? TPP/FPP? Are you kb+m or just decent with controller?
  12. fluffl0rs

    Glorious night of dinners

    I think our record was 11 in one night but they weren't all back to back. Mostly just Jack slaying everyone. We got a 36 kill dinner with 3 of us on erangel last night though.
  13. fluffl0rs

    The Anti-Strike

    Haha wtf did I just read...
  14. fluffl0rs

    Shotgun range

    I've played both the above games - and 1/2 hits with the shotgun are enough to take 75-90% health from unarmoured players (level 1 maybe not) as evidenced in my video (I actually hit 3 shots but it's close enough). All shots that you see in videos/people take when hunting are mostly against stationary targets. Hitting a moving target with a shotgun and landing all 9 pellets on the head isn't something that's easy to do - especially at more than 25m. i.e. you wouldn't use buckshot or slugs on clay pigeons, they use birdshot (I think the limit on shot size is something like 2.5mm) and only one pellet is required to hit to shatter the clay discs. I'll say it again - PUBG averages damage. It would really piss you off if you got headshot by 1 pellet of buck in the game and it killed you. People would just be getting lucky hits with shotguns from miles and everyone would complain.
  15. fluffl0rs

    Shotgun range

    I'd say the S12K is a little under-represented - the spread does seem a little high. Then again, I do hit with at least a few pellets since the guy is one shot with the 1911. The dude was a good 30m away when I started firing. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/charlehpock/video/59704395 My aim was ok - just got unlucky with the spread. In another game this might have killed in the first 1/2 shots.