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  1. fluffl0rs

    Added recoil to ARs

    That would be cool, but the vector does come with a 13 round standard mag usually.
  2. Yeah fair enough this was a bit bs, combat close to obstacles is clunky. Always move away from windows etc when firing (keep a 4/5 foot gap)
  3. fluffl0rs

    Why can't I ambush anyone?

    Wow that guy was horrendous. Then again TPP and he's not using TPP camera to his advantage
  4. I'm finding games no problem in NA and all my friends list are EU, at least 6/7 of us play FPP in various modes every night. The numbers are there, just not the awareness. I do really hate TPP though, just a silly game mode.
  5. Why I gotta be Mr pink?
  6. fluffl0rs

    remove leaning from left stick click

    My son does this, he's 7, need to snap out of it, relax, play some terrorist hunt on siege until you can kill most/all of the terrorists within a few minutes on realistic mode. Then you'll be good to go
  7. fluffl0rs

    remove leaning from left stick click

    If you aren't leaning in fights you are doing it wrong. Leaning is the number one quick peek technique to take out multiple people when in cover. You can peek left/right and get one taps on people. Just try relax a bit with the hand pressure. I do agree that there should be another button for hold breath though.
  8. fluffl0rs

    Are you for real

    Well the 1911 does do about 48 damage at close range with a headshot to a level 2. If he double hs you and you limb shot him that's just how it goes sometimes. I just died to a one tap from an SKS, the guy was trash and I lit him from range with a red dot and M4 multiple times and closed the distance, he just got a lucky first bullet one tap when I came over the hill. (FPP so he didn't third person pre aim me). No idea why I didn't have a helmet btw, pretty sure I had a level 2 but maybe a headshot took it off in the previous fight I won and I didn't notice. Watched him for a minute and his aim was all over the place, happens sometimes, you just get done over by random chance.
  9. fluffl0rs

    PTS - 1,000,000 BP

    I have a lot of BP on the live servers. I don't spend it because I don't care about clothing. Hoping they add a feature where you can buy a minigun to drop with if you get enough.
  10. fluffl0rs

    SLR and Uzi

    Amen brother. The AK is godlike.
  11. fluffl0rs

    Change damage system

    We don't like your suggestion, that's constructive input whether you like it or not.
  12. fluffl0rs

    Grass render distance is garbage.

    I made it myself, it will go viral, I know it!
  13. fluffl0rs

    no kill ???

    Not even desync, first shot hit him but only one or two pellets in the shoulder, second shot probably hit 3/4 pellets. They do a fair bit of damage but not enough to kill. Gotta hit dead centre to maximise the chances
  14. fluffl0rs

    Got to laugh at this de-sync

    I applaud you sir - this is actually desync hence the position correction of the car at the last moment. Well done for correctly identifying desync and not posting a video of getting shot behind cover and calling it desync. 👌
  15. fluffl0rs

    no kill ???

    But you have an SKS not a rocket launcher.... http://battlegrounds.party/weapons/?weapon=SKS&armor=0&helmet=2&distance=71&htk=dmg&pel=false You get one shot in the head because people are one-shotting you with bigger weapons.