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  1. Skitelz117

    [Xbox] PUBG Roadmap Primavera

    Que demora pra traduzir as atualizações em! Puta merda...
  2. Skitelz117

    Still no fpp in pts?

    Hurr durr It was a joke genius
  3. Skitelz117

    3x has too much going on

    Lol, it is pretty fancy isn't it. You can try turning down the reticle brightness.
  4. Well, why do you think that is? One person vs. four people. Hmm.....
  5. Skitelz117

    New Mirimar look

    Reminds me of trumps hair
  6. Skitelz117

    New Mirimar look

    Yeah, I just played a couple matches and the sun is bugged. The first couple seconds into the airplane ride the lighting is fine but then the sun dissappears and it all goes to hell lol
  7. Skitelz117

    next patch..

    Yeah, it's pretty upsetting. We have to go against players with low ping so we're always at a disadvantage. When we do win a chicken dinner it's kinda like winning twice cause I'll tell you, it's not easy with such high ping.
  8. Skitelz117

    New Mirimar look

    People complaining probably need to calibrate their TV. Contrast isn't supposed to be on max guys!
  9. Skitelz117

    M16A4 fire rate & 7.1 Dolby Atmos

    Until the game outputs surround sound there's no point in using Windows Sonic/Dolby Atmos. And as far as I know it's still in stereo.
  10. Skitelz117


    I'm pretty sure that's bullshit.
  11. Skitelz117

    next patch..

    Also waiting on that one mate =]. A beautiful engine that runs well with SA servers and in first person. My dreams come true. R.I.P. Pubg.
  12. Skitelz117

    next patch..

    It's about 200 and it has nothing to do with infrastructure. It's simply the distance. I have optic fiber and get a ping of around 21 when playing BF1 on SA servers. Bluehole is full of shit and its inexcusable.
  13. Skitelz117

    next patch..

    Yeah. Oceania has more people than all of South America put together. That's a good one. Next joke please!