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    I'm nearly finished downloading the test server I'll give you a shout if it works
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    Tried everything man, still not working doesn't make any sense.
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    It doesn't make any sense
  4. lxnzy


    I have just bought Pubg on Xbox and I have never been soo annoyed. I search for a match and it doesn't even load into the game it goes right back to the menu and all it says is " this match is still in progress" then it gives me the option to continue or cancel. If I click continue it just loads and says the same message if I click cancel then it takes me to the main menu and This happens over and over every single time I have tried to find a match on Solo, Duo and Squads. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and that did nothing. This game is seriously a joke I saved up to buy it and now I can't even play it.