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  1. SleepwalkerCE

    So what's the niche for the Mk47 Mutant?

    Put a comp or silencer with lightweight and a 2-4x and the mutant becomes a laser with me. I'll carry it over an sks but drop it for the SLR.
  2. SleepwalkerCE

    Just a little graphics poll

    Yeah, we might got 60fps in some areas, especially indoors. But I don't expect over 35 in firefights with the one cpu.
  3. SleepwalkerCE

    I almost cried for this dude...

    It's amazing how the mortars get you. Can run through mortars 20 times expecting to get blown up. *Get good gear. Shit red zone oh well I never get hit. Boom. Well...*
  4. SleepwalkerCE


    If you force the player using the drone to be say, sitting with a case open in front of them not moving I might be ok with that. There has to be a major vunerability to using something op. And rare. Like the c4 supposedly coming hopefully is. Just a thought on the c4 What would be neat in the snow map coming is destructible buildings with the c4 being used to clear people camping buildings. (with it still being a rare loot item)
  5. SleepwalkerCE

    PUBG limited edition elite controller

    Only for the upgraded grips and triggers. Otherwise a new version with better sticks would be nice. I bought my elite used over a year ago. Left stick is a loose(tape mod when I get a chance) and the rubber grips have come off on one side. Other than that, I can't go back to the old light feeling regular controller. I would also miss being able lean without clicking on what I'm aiming with!
  6. You sir are wrong and are not looking at other view points. Been a PC gamer since 1999 and I bought my X because it promised closer to PC performance/4k gaming . I sold my 1070 for 150 more than I paid for it and picked up the X. Changes in life necessitated that I chose something cheaper in the long run. I don't mind the controller and won't mind if they don't allow kb&m. It IS fair in its current form to not allow it. However I would gladly accept the option to play with kb&m if they had separate lobbies or one that had explicit warnings for controller users that they are playing against kb&m. With the extended fov coming for fpp, I could see this being a thing with performance mode.
  7. I've noticed the skin on people makes it look bigger tbh. Let people run around in it. Much easier to spot then the green or black standard helms. I wouldn't want skins for level 2s, expect maybe symbols/tags . I like having a camo helm. Though the level 3 is ginormous that a skin wouldn't hurt lol.
  8. I like this event mode. First match ten kills, though it only lasted about 5-6 mins. Could use another 50 points to win to make the matches closer to ten minutes. It was funny to see guys select the hills to drop and get hardly any kills. I would just drop in the middle of the guys and get 1-3 kills, get ganged up on and redrop.
  9. I don't have 75 this season. But I I've said time and time again the gunplay (lots of recoil) feels like counterstrike. 8 wins solo in na(2 today, ty hotfix) and 2 in Europe(damn event mode bug) However I do reach top ten 27% of the time. 186 matches played.
  10. TBH the porting of the game wont be hard, as ue4 is designed to run on platform. This actually started with ue3, I remember running the demo on my daughter's nabi 2(tegra2 I think?) . Hardest part is fine tuning for the network and for what Sony expects from the software from what I'm guessing. But I'm no dev.
  11. SleepwalkerCE

    They nailed it! Desync is gone!

    Will see after more matches, but my first today was a chicken. Mutant and ump all the way. Shots feel much better on moving targets. One of my last was one where my last shot before he went around a boulder finished him.
  12. SleepwalkerCE

    Xbox one X question

    Be careful of your space. Most games that are X enhanced use upgraded textures (likely the originals before scaled down to og Xbox) that take up much more space. PubG is one of the few that the size is difference is none or too small to tell. I installed fo4 goty yesterday (decided on that until re2 comes in February, with pubg as my competitive game) and it was 25gb more than the standard install.
  13. With the ak, it needs at least the flash hider, compensator preferred. 3-5 round bursts unless you plan on starting at their feet. Hate using the suppressor on it. With the Beryl you can use the silencer with a decent grip and skip a compensator. (Prefer lightweight, verticle, half. In that order) If you have a lesser grip or none at all, you need the compensator.
  14. Being * interested in working with them *and making it clear with them that this is what you would like is two different things. Question is, has the question itself come up on talks?
  15. It's been made pretty clear by Microsoft AND Nintendo together that Sony is the main culprit behind no crossplay.