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  1. Gomer_Pyle

    ERANGEL Map Changes Thoughts

    Agree! Dynamic weather needs to stay. It is awesome!
  2. Gomer_Pyle

    Hold To ADS

    So you want jump shooting? Lmao!
  3. Gomer_Pyle

    New Option Sharpen And Fps

    I found it to be much brighter. I noticed my eyes didnt like it much. Had to turn down brightness. But I can see that it is a clearer picture. Not sure if I like it though.
  4. No. I have had fairly alright FPS until this patch. Now I am experiencing huge frame drops. I am seeing 60-80 fps and usually I have 144ish stable with a rare drop under 120. 6700K 1080 32 gb memory SSD Windows 10 and all drivers updated. This is almost unplayable! Rip PUBG.
  5. I have had this issue since day one and multiple friends of mine here in Norway got the same issue. We all run Windows 10 Pro Norwegian and we got norwegian keyboard layouts. Problem for me is that I cannot change mouse sensitivity and there are 5-6 binds I have to do every time I start the game. My guess is that it has something to do with nordic keyboards as that seem to be fixed if i use english keyboard language. Hope to see a fix for this.
  6. If you do not like the way they have made the game. Then you can stop playing it? No reason to linger around here.
  7. I have not tried the test server. But have they made the marker permanent or will it go away after 10 seconds? I guess it is the marker your teammate puts down to show where enemy is? This should be a small marker and also go away after a short time. Look at how they did it in Ghost Recon Wildlands. That works!
  8. Probably nothing serious compared to yours.
  9. Any who cares exactly? It is simple! We have the game we have. If you do not like it then just leave and stop being grumpy.
  10. Only way to solve this. Make the lobby count as game started so people will ruin their stats by leaving lobby. Simple fix!
  11. It is not trolling from the Devs. It is supposed to be hard. If you think these are hard you should do some world of tanks missions for one of those rare tanks they put out. That is stupid how long that takes. It may take even the best players 50 games where they try to go for the challenge. So maybe for you and me it will be 200 games. It is a way of challenging you to think out of the box and I like that. Also not everyone is good enough players to finish all missions and that is just something we gotta live with.
  12. Gomer_Pyle

    Grass Concealment Eliminated.. Why?

    Silly ideas night again? 🤣
  13. Looking at the amount of RIP vs your LIKES it looks like you are not speaking for us at all does it? My favorite map is miramar by far and it requires you to play another way. So my conclusion is that you need to get better BRO.
  14. Gomer_Pyle

    You have Been banned from steam

    If you got banned then you used something. Enjoy your ban!
  15. Gomer_Pyle

    Remove the Redzone. Now.

    Triple the size of red zone and double the damage and shells.