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  1. Gomer_Pyle


    It is owners of hardware responsibility. Period! So if people cheat at a internet cafe then the owner of that cafe should have done something about it.
  2. Gomer_Pyle

    PUBG low gpu usage

    I have seen this too. I think they have changed something. I have not changed anything since I first got the game in beta. But since patch 21 or so I have noticed GPU usage being lower. Maybe earlier but game ran perfect for me before patch 21. Now I have about 50 % GPU usage on my 1080 and getting framedrops into low 90's and had 144ish before. Increasing graphics settings will raise FPS? lol. last time I checked you would get more FPS by lowering your settings.
  3. Gomer_Pyle


    Report and move on is my suggestion. This is PC gaming in a nutshell! I do not think you can imagine the amount of people willing to cheat in a competative game on PC. Only way to remove them is by implementing a few things and maybe more... 1. Clientside random screenshot/video sent to anti cheat software - This is a simple system my clan/gaming community used to use in MOHAA back in the day. Where we had a hidden watermark on the screenshots we forced on them. Gave them 10 minutes to send screenshot or they got perma banned. But this will only work well against wallhackers and similar cheats. This worked in 2002 and should be possible to add as an automatic thing in 2018. 2. Hardware ban - only way to block them from coming back with new accounts.
  4. Gomer_Pyle

    Nade Wheel Key G unrebindable

    I am using Windows 10 with norwegian language. And the replication you describe there sounds fair. It is almost like the keys (when I am using norwegian input language and keyboard with norwegian keyboard layout) some of the keys that is bound is messing up the config file (they dont exist anymore). We have letters you do not have in english and this makes the keyboard look different too. To me it seems like the config file does not communicate well with my OS at all when language is set to norwegian and not english. The reason for me saying so is because the config file writes a new set of lines and get bigger every time I rebind my keys (every time i start the game) and hit apply. Well I hope you figure this out some day. My buddy got some of the same issues but he does not rebind the same keys. But issue is the same.
  5. Gomer_Pyle

    exploding gasoline barrels!!!

    Competative matchmaking? Are you being funny? I am almost laughing here. Almost.... Exoloding barrels and gas canisters would be so cool. But probably kill the performance in the game even more.
  6. Gomer_Pyle

    Game's performing poorly

    I came back after a month time off. I ran almost constant 130-144fps and now I am actually below 100 most of the time. LOL. This must be server issues.
  7. Gomer_Pyle

    Nade Wheel Key G unrebindable

    OS language: Norsk bokmål (norwegian) Keyboard language: Norsk bokmål (norwegian) Ingame language: english If I make my keyboard language english then keybinds seems to save
  8. It is going to be fixed by the end of roadmap 2019 it seems. Source: Dev_newsletter
  9. Gomer_Pyle

    New Dev letter

    Your ping is a result of having a 150mbps connection? I think there is a few people out there that need to google the difference between bandwidth and latency and how they are linked together. Then maybe people will understand why some people sitting in same neighbourhoo, same bandwidth but with different ISP's will have different ping to pubg servers too.
  10. Gomer_Pyle

    bring back all chat :(

    Voice disabled = best fix yet!
  11. Gomer_Pyle

    Nobody hears me in the lobby

    Ok I understand now and that is a totally another thing. For me lobby is when the server is waiting before the plane. Have you checked if you have set voicechannel to all and got push to talk and the correct key pressed, record volume in game? Sometimes it seems keybinds are changed for some weird reason. Have a look there first and if not I would suggest using the bug report system. Have your friends go over the volume they have set. Alot of people disable this because of all the kids screaming and playing rubbish music.
  12. Gomer_Pyle

    Nobody hears me in the lobby

    Why do you need people to hear you? I do not want to hear you and I guess everyone else do not want to hear you either. So what is the problem? Disable it all together and only have team voicechat.
  13. Gomer_Pyle

    please combine miramar and enragel.

    It actually is only "A" button click and you people moan about this? Really get a life and stop wasting our time. Go play COD.
  14. Best feeling in the world isnt it. Only reason I play this game too. Ruin someone's day! :
  15. The sound stuttering happens to everyone in the server at the same time doesnt it? Because in a squad all my friends and me had it same time yesterday. Not very often but it is very loud and static.