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  1. Yes. I went to watch it and it was gone...
  2. What's the input lag on your tv? Maybe check rtings.com and see if they have a review for it. The tv input lag and with the games high input lag could be a problem.
  3. slugg

    Why is it considered 1.0?

    Because battlefield battle royale and cod blackout are coming soon and they're trying to get what they can before they lose players to that.
  4. I did! Certainly explains a lot doesn't it!?!?
  5. Oh and for the record I don't have bad internet. Spectrum 300/25
  6. I realize that. Still feel cheated though. This should be addressed in next patch i know but what else will be broken?!? Rinse and repeat.
  7. Had a coin flip yesterday i guess. We head shot each other with kar98 at exact same time from about 30 yards but i died, he lived. Even had a juicy red spot on the front of his level 2 helmet afterwards.
  8. slugg

    Pretty tired

    That's not a solution. This is mid gunfight this shit happens!
  9. slugg

    Pretty tired

    Yes it's way to often for me. probably half my deaths/downs are from desync. I mean they know what they changed before releasing a patch so shouldn't be hard to sort this out in a timely manner. I don't know about being on the other side though. I seem to always be facing players I knock/kill.
  10. of getting shot by assholes facing the opposite direction. Please get your shit together!