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  1. PUBG_Lumos

    When can we expect Training Mode?

    It's being developed for Xbox as we speak, but we currently do not have an ETA to provide.
  2. Hello everyone, Welcome to this week’s community post! Today, we will be going over a few known issues that some of our players have been experiencing. We wanted to take the time to provide an update on these known issues in one post, so that our communications are more streamlined and easier to find. Let’s go ahead and get into it! Lost Connection to Host We hear you, and we’re focused on knocking out this bug as soon as possible. This week, we deployed a hotfix that fixed one of the reasons why this error would pop up, which was when a player previously canceled matchmaking before getting connected to a match. While we have been investigating other possible causes and trying to reproduce this bug, we would like to request those who have been receiving this error to let us know below what actions you had taken prior to this bug happening. When submitting a report, please use the following format: Solo, duo, or squad? What actions were taken just prior to receiving this error? Please provide as many details as possible. For example: Queued duo, canceled matchmaking, queued squad, received error. This will help us out greatly with our investigation and we appreciate your reports! Event Mode: Desert Knights Our first Event Mode, Desert Knights, went live on Sept 20 7pm PDT / Sep 21 4am CEST. If you missed the news, feel free to check out the full details here. Currently, the event can only support solo queue, which we know is quite disappointing for our players. The reason for this is that there were stability issues with group queueing, and we are actively working to resolve this. Whilst we are working on making the party invite feature for the Event Mode, some players have found a temporary workaround which allows them to join Event Mode with friends. In order to play the Event Mode with your friends you will have to: Enter Event Mode screen Press the Guide button on the Xbox controller Navigate to "People" Select "Friends" Select the player you wish to play with Select "Invite" -> Invite them to a game If they enter the party, you will be able to see the number of party members in the top right of the screen All Party members need to press "A" button when on the Event match screen There is also small chance of crashing when joining/leaving matches in Event Mode. We have found that this is due to the session changes that happen to fit the larger dynamic team sizes. We are investigating these issues to have it solved ASAP. Weapon Skins We have found an issue with purchasing the new weapon skins from the Store. Unfortunately, the new skins will be unavailable until this is fixed. We are currently focused on the group queuing fix for War Mode first, and will provide a revised release date for the weapon skins once the issue is resolved. Achievements After our investigation into achievements not unlocking or tracking correctly, we have found that the new weapons, QBZ and QBU, have an issue where their item type is not properly defined in the logs. This means that currently, QBZ and QBU kills may not be counting towards achievements. Now that we have identified one of the root causes of this issue, we expect to be able to put out a fix for this soon! Thank you for your patience. Level Streaming We are continuing to work to optimize level streaming to improve the following: Ensure that there are no “play-doh” like buildings upon landing Fix issues where players are getting stuck on furnitures or in rooms with no exit We are currently testing out some optimizations, and will have more to share soon. Desync We are working on optimizing character movement to reduce desync issues. We are testing out more fixes, and expect to be rolling out an update to address this issue in late October. We are also planning to improve matchmaking, with the result being an increased chance of low ping players playing with other low ping players. More on this later. Framerate Issues While the hotfix this week helped many of our X players with dropped framerate issues, all of our players having stable framerate is still a big focus for us. We are working to increase overall framerate everyone, as well as identify and reduce frame drop instances and hitches. Unable to pick up items from the floor This bug will be fixed in early October. EU Server - FPP There will be an update to the matchmaking system where your region will be selected automatically depending on your location. This will bring the EU FPP players playing on NA back to EU servers, which we hope will help with matchmaking issues. More info on this coming soon! Sound Issues There are ongoing investigations into sound related issues. Upcoming QoL Fixes These are some of the most requested quality of life changes that our players are asking for that will be coming to the game soon. Compass Visibility - We will be putting shadows on the compass for better visibility Teaming - We will be adding a new option to report players for teaming Increased maximum sensitivity Thank you for taking the time to read through our post this week! While it was on the lengthier side, we know that it is important to communicate up to date information on ongoing issues in the game. As always, please continue to leave us your feedback, reports, and suggestions on the forums! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
  3. PUBG_Lumos

    Achievements not unlocked

    Yeah unfortunately there is still an ongoing issue with achievements. It looks like we have identified some possible causes, and will share more details tomorrow in the community post. We're working to get a fix for this rolled out soon.
  4. PUBG_Lumos

    Update for war mode?

    No update will be necessary!
  5. PUBG_Lumos

    Event mode Times?

    EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: Sep 20, 07:00PM PDT / Sep 21, 04:00AM CEST ENDS: Sep 23, 07:00 PM PDT / Sep 24, 04:00AM CEST All details here!
  6. PUBG_Lumos

    Places to get Pubg G Set?

    Hello there! So unfortunately, we were not given a list of participating retailers, due to the fact that there are hundreds. Would definitely try hitting up a local retailer near you that sells XBL Gold cards, or try looking up one online I believe Xbox Live Support might also be able to point you in the right direction!
  7. PUBG_Lumos

    Patch tomorrow?

    No, there is no patch tomorrow. Event Mode does begin today at 7pm PDT, but no patch is required for this.
  8. Hello everyone, The time has come to unveil our first ever event in the newly implemented Event Mode! This weekend, you will experience War Mode, a deathmatch-style game mode where players hunt each other down in a static zone. If you are killed, you will respawn in planes that fly by intermittently. This weekend’s event is Desert Knights, where you drop into Miramar with a 10-person squad, kitted with all level three gear, a care package weapon, and other items. Teams will get points for knockdowns and kills, and the team that reaches 150 points, or has the highest points after 12 minutes, wins the battle! EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: Sep 20, 07:00PM PDT / Sep 21, 04:00AM CEST ENDS: Sep 23, 07:00 PM PDT / Sep 24, 04:00AM CEST AVAILABLE QUEUES 10-man squads on Miramar NA/EU/OC: TPP Can only queue by yourself, no group queue available due to stability issues. We will add FPP and group queues as soon as they are in a stable state. RULES War Mode Two 10-man squads fight on Miramar (max 20) All players spawn with level three gear, a care package weapon, first aid kit, random sidearm and 2 grenades Killed players respawn in planes that fly by every 30 seconds Eliminating an enemy earns your team 3 points If no squad reaches 150 points after 12 minutes, the squad with the most point wins Vehicles will not spawn OTHER EVENT RULES 10-person squads only. Auto-matching is forced Weather is Sunrise Red zones are disabled Care packages are disabled Friendly fire is disabled SAFE ZONE POINTS We hope everyone enjoys our first event in Event Mode! As always, your feedback is essential to improve upon future events, so please be sure to leave us your thoughts on our channels! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
  9. PUBG_Lumos

    Xbox 1.0 DLC

    Hello everyone, Previously in our 1.0 announcement post, we unveiled two new skin sets that would be available as DLC with the 1.0 launch. These sets were the Xbox #1.0 Set and the Xbox #1.0/99 Set, which are both still available for eligible players. Xbox #1.0 Set To celebrate the release of 1.0 on Xbox One,Game Preview players and players who purchase the game digitally until October 4, 2018 23:59 UTC will receive this set. This set can be received from the game lobby and may only be redeemed once per player. Xbox #1.0/99 Set Players who purchase the 1.0/Full Product Release disc version of the game from participating retailers will receive the #1.0/99 Set, included as a downloadable token included with the game. This is an evergreen offer for the lifetime of the disc product. It does not expire. Today, we wanted to show you a brand new DLC skin set that you can get by purchasing 3 months of Xbox Live Gold at participating retailers. Introducing the Xbox G Set! Xbox G Set The Xbox G Set is available when you purchase 3 months of Xbox Live Gold at participating retailers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, France and Germany. This offer period starts now through October 2, 2018 at participating retailers, so grab 3 months of Xbox Live Gold, redeem your skin set, and drop into the battlegrounds in style! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
  10. Hello everyone, Today, we would like to go over Event Mode, which is a new system that will be coming to the game on September 21. Available on select weekends, Event Mode allows you to play PUBG in a different and exciting way. It could be faster circles, increased loot and sniper rifles only with Battle Royale rules, or an entirely new experience in War Mode. Event Mode allows us give you a unique experience, whether it be in Battle Royale, War Mode or a completely new game mode by changing gameplay variables including available weapons, quantity of loot, team sizes and more. Sometimes, Event Mode can feature new content for a limited time, and can be a way for us to try out a piece of cool content in a different Battle Royale setting. Do keep in mind that while Event Mode does not get counted towards leaderboard and career, you will receive BP at the end of each match. In addition, XP and non-map specific missions on the Event Pass can be earned and completed in Event Mode. Now let’s throw in War Mode. As we’ve previously mentioned, War Mode is a deathmatch-style game mode where players hunt each other in a static zone. If you are killed, you will respawn in planes that intermittently fly by. Teams get points for knockdowns, kills, and for reviving teammates, and the team that reaches the points goal, or has the highest points when the match timer ends, wins the battle. War Mode will only be available on select weekends in the Event Mode queue, and we’re excited to announce that it will be available THIS weekend, starting on September 21! We’ll be sharing details on the event you’ll be able to play this weekend very soon, so stay tuned! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
  11. PUBG_Lumos

    Thank you!

    Great to hear.
  12. Thanks for the feedback - definitely noted. Would you be able to provide a video of this if possible?
  13. PUBG_Lumos

    FIXPUBG updated on xbox side

    This only applies to bug fixes and QoL updates. Content updates are a bit trickier to provide ETAs for, as it really depends on development time and such.
  14. PUBG_Lumos

    FIXPUBG updated on xbox side

    We talked about how FIX PUBG affects Xbox a few weeks ago in our community post. Even though we've launched 1.0 already, we are still greatly focused on optimization. We are deploying a hotfix on Aug 18 to help out with Xbox One X performance issues as well. But as a general rule of thumb, the bug fixes and quality of life updates on the PC version we are focused on during the FIX PUBG campaign will be implemented on Xbox with a 2-4 week gap in between. Most bug fixes will carry over in 2 weeks, with bigger optimization related updates carrying over in less than a month. Hope that this helps!
  15. PUBG_Lumos

    My achievements have just started tracking!

    Glad to hear that some have started popping- we have seen that achievements do unlock but with a bit of a delay. This is being actively investigated with Microsoft to find out what's happening.