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  1. this patch brokes the game a bit more. no desync? ur joking.
  2. 1. Regionlock? if i play solo fpp from EU it gives me a 15-50ms server or a 100-120ms server. Good job, its now 50/50. Before it was 15-50 all the time 2. not it takes much longer to find a game. Sometimes its running over 2 mins and i have to restart the search and BOOM it finds a game after 10 secs. 3. Airplane sounds randomly disappear(new) 4. Now, more bullets seem to disappear than before, or the desync of hell is back, i dont know. I shot a guy from 10 meters with a AK47, 20 bullets gone, blood spreads like hell, then he just reacts like a god and kills me. Deathcam shows that i hit him with 1 bullet out of 20, while i'm ON THE POINT... rly...everytime the game makes a step forward with patch XY, its makes one(or more) back when the next patch rolls out.
  3. kidou1988

    give us patchnotes pls.

    just gives us patchnotes pls if you patch the testserver 1x and more with 2-3GB patches. Or do u want us to guess what changed?
  4. kidou1988

    microfreezes every 3 seconds since update#20

    edit: for me, i was able to solve it with a driver-downgrade from the newest nvidia driver to one version before, now its 398.36 and its running fine
  5. Hello, exactly how the title says. Tryed with Vsync on/off, unlimited fps on/off Display-based etc pp. Someone else with the same problem? maybe already solved? greetz