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  1. Dont like, dont post please. Dont be silly.
  2. What the hell is wrong with you?
  3. Marc_T9

    Server from Uruguay or Argentina

    There is too many threads about this regard. At the moment there is not any south american server on XBOX but they said that they will study the growth of south american players and may implement one. Saludos.
  4. Marc_T9


    One guy killed me and he took my M24 with 6x scope and silencer. After he couldnt even tag a still guy on a tree... i felt embarassed.
  5. I dont think people leave because of reset stuff.
  6. Apenas um português passando por aqui desejando a vocês a melhor sorte para ter um servidor sul-americano.
  7. Marc_T9

    8 Man Squad

    They are teaming.
  8. Marc_T9

    PUBG Xbox one x

    Hey Mr.Pepsi. Welcome!
  9. Well, Minas Generales is very good but after a place is famous, its hard to take it away. Look how School is on Erangel as well, small place, massive war (you probably get killed fast in hallways) but still a lot go there.
  10. Hello, since the yesterday update 60 % of games i do play, my black screen is taking too much time to disappear. Sometimes its normal and i can see the map on beggining but most of time i get it gone in the middle or in the last end of plane route (after i already jumped automatically). I think this isnt only my problem since i get a lot of players jumping during last seconds as well. Any suggestions? Did you already experience it?
  11. Marc_T9


    I think problems are also from XBOX Live. Annoying as hell.
  12. Please no aim assist.
  13. Marc_T9

    FPS after latest patch?

    Not just FPS but also XBOX live network has been annoying since last week.
  14. Marc_T9

    That Darn RedZone

    Never got killed on redzone. I learn to avoid it as i avoid bluezone. Redzone is so easy to avoid, if you are on open, well pray to PUBG god.