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  1. Marc_T9

    Trash skins

    I already give up on that idea.
  2. Marc_T9

    Anyone else tired of...

    Most of times it happens while i am on cover and get shot to dead. The guy is in front of me but still manages to kill me somehow, but i love PUBG.
  3. Probably is a sound bug.
  4. Marc_T9

    Am I missing something?

    Yeah, ChocoTaco is an amazing streamer and even better player.
  5. It´s beautiful.
  6. Marc_T9

    Custom Games: What We Want and Need

    The option to customize the velocity of each circle.
  7. I do imagine people doing fixed custom games but majority of time are only random/custom games. I support the idea.
  8. Marc_T9

    Have you ever been HypeZoned?

    I don´t stream but i imagine all the pressure it is.
  9. Like all the weapons and meds stuff, grenades are distributed all over the map. If you don´t want to spend time looking for them, loot a dead man crate. I dont mind grenades, already kill and been killed by them. It also makes the game faster as you have to move from cover to cover.
  10. Marc_T9

    THANK YOU !!!!

    Till when will you keep repeating same stuff all over again? They already got the message, we guess.
  11. Marc_T9

    what do squad colors signify?

    I guess its random. Not a particular system defines what colour fits your ranking.
  12. Marc_T9

    Death by Blue Zone 80% of the time!!!

    Sometimes you should be aware that getting on a fight right away while blue zone closes isnt always the best option.
  13. Marc_T9

    Am I missing something?

    Watching others play will also help you.
  14. Congratulations big dude.