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  1. Marc_T9

    Why the silent/

    They communicate with us every weekend.
  2. Marc_T9

    Oceania/Asia Servers

    What time and mode are you playing?
  3. Marc_T9

    Airplane Close

    I cant understand anything. Write on your mother tongue and i will find a way to understand better than i did now.
  4. Marc_T9

    How to report team killing?

    Because we suppose that works.
  5. Marc_T9

    I doubt BO4 will kill PUBG

    PUBG will lose some players but will never get totally dead.
  6. I get this problem also. Just go report to the forum what you did before that happened.
  7. Probably OC player will go play with europeans on EU server.
  8. Marc_T9

    What gun is this?

    You are absolutely right haha. Halo 5 weapon.
  9. Marc_T9

    Crossplay? Why not?

    Mouse and keyboard vs controllers in this game will never cooperate.
  10. Marc_T9

    Has the game gotten easier?

    I kind feel the same.
  11. Marc_T9


    Finally, enjoy the server.
  12. Marc_T9

    October 12th

    Sorry, what will be the PTS for?
  13. I still dont understand why not even a 3x scope can be attached to a winchester...
  14. Marc_T9

    Recording in Game Voice.

    You mean that option would be useful for reporting issues?
  15. Marc_T9


    You cant move the masses.