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  1. As the title states, I am interested in getting a date when the servers' performance will be improved. It might have to do with the tickrate (I've heard PUBG uses 12 tick servers), which should be at least 64 for good gunplay, but I keep getting killed well after taking cover, even after watching the death cam and replay (which should display where I am according to the server at the point in which the shot registered). The game has been out of early access for quite a while now, and this still hasn't been fixed. These aren't problems you should be facing with a finished title. I am getting extremely disappointed and frustrated. It makes a very fun game nearly unplayable.
  2. YesHah

    Level-Item Bug

    Same with level 24 item Edit: IGN: YesHah
  3. I just got to level 24 in the event pass, which should give you the ability to claim the rose-tinted glasses. When I went to claim them, the game said an error occurred and that I should try again later. I refreshed the lobby after about 5 minutes, and the game said I had redeemed the rose-tinted glasses, but they are not in my inventory in the game or on my steam inventory. I tried refreshing the lobby and restarting the game, and the glasses still aren't in either my steam or in-game inventory.