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  1. I agree. I have a couple of friends who bought X's because of the way mine ran back then. Now we all have the same annoying issue as you.
  2. CSAR Warner

    stealth 300

    I have a set of Stealth 700. I prefer the sound in these over my Turtle Beach set. But the left and right are sometimes reversed. I can just flip them around when playing solo. The mic won't do much good in the back of my head, so I use TB when in squads.
  3. CSAR Warner

    Xbox question

    Sorry, One X here. Mine automatically updates properly.
  4. CSAR Warner

    Buildings and furniture

    Most people here seem to forget that. Even though it states it every time you load the game.
  5. CSAR Warner

    Best headset

    It will be your own personal preference. I have Turtle Beach Stealth 700. I love the swivel to turn the mic on and off. But the sound is a little muddled. I also have After Glow AG9+. The sound is much crisper, but the detachable mic is not that great. Also, the AG9+ dongle isn't USB 3.0, so it has to be plugged into the front of my One X. The Turtle Beach link right up via bluetooth. Like I said, it will end up being your own preference.
  6. I too have this issue. I remember playing with friends who had OG xbox ones. My visuals were pretty good even while parachuting. All of the textures seemed to load within a few seconds. Now everything has a claymation look to it for what seems like minutes.