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  1. I cant find the clip, but i seem to recall seeing TimtheTatman land on top of a tall structure at Mylta Power when playing duo's with DrDisrespect. Tim jumped and landed/was caught on Doc's head and was only knocked out and able to be revived. The mechanic could have been changed since then though...
  2. Gotta get one of your teammates to catch you (land on their head), i'm pretty sure this will prevent the insta-death
  3. Yikes, 3 minutes...gotta just practice more man, you'll never get any better dying every 3 minutes. Try landing 1-2km from the plane flight and you should be able to last 10-15 minutes pretty easily. My average in solos in 24 minutes...makes it so that i actually want/need those ~2.5 minutes in between each game to chill out.
  4. Yeah the 12th is the release date for Xbox, nothing to do with PC
  5. I know what you mean @soaps67 then entrance to the buildings is not flush with the ground and the step to get into the building is too tall to walk over so you have to jump up to get into the buildings. Definitely annoying and pointless.
  6. There currently is no bullet penetration in this game what-so-ever
  7. Vehicle Driving Feedback

    No kidding....gun shots are also loud AF in real life, but i can play this game and shoot my gun all i want at a desirable volume level without making my ears bleed.....hop into a buggy though and its louder than any of my gun shots and i have to turn down my volume to keep from rupturing my eardrums as i drive across the map
  8. Vehicle Driving Feedback

  9. Flight Drop speed

    234 is max vertical descent speed, nobody should be able to go any faster than that
  10. Seems like a weird change-up to me... They aren't changing the speed of the zones, so people will still be able to ride the edges the same... They aren't changing the 1st circle which is the main circle people hang around in the blue during since it has the smallest damage... This only will affect people late game who have to run far across circles...and depending on how they tweaked the DOT...it will probable screw you that much harder when RNG isn't on your side and you have to run 1+km to the next zone, only to barely make it in before it starts moving again... I'm not sure what they are trying to solve by making this change.... I ride the edge of the circle plenty, but i ride it from just inside the safe zone so that i'm not taking damage. This change doesn't change this tactic at all...it just seems to me like it will just screw you harder though when you get unlucky and are stuck far outside the zone, it wont change the meta IMO the real areas that needs addressed and would have significant impact are the final 3 circles; their speed as well as the overall mechanics of the zone wall (distortion/blur etc) I hate how rushed the ends of the games always feel, you get all the time in the world at the beginning of the game to be tactical etc, but at the end it turns into a cluster f*&k with 10 people squeezed into a 100-200m circle and then the strategy becomes wait for everyone else to kill each other because they are forced to move because of the deadly zone wall. I bet nearly 50% of the time the person who wins a game didn't have to move hardly at all for the final 1 or 2 zones, they just let those who had to move kill each other, got information on their location and won the game...
  11. If all you play is 3rd person ill believe you run into many many cheaters. I haven't played 3rd person in over a month and I put in ~25 hours in 1st person over the weekend and I might have run into 2 hackers (51 matches and maybe 2 hackers...maybe...for sure 1, and the second guy could have just gotten insanely lucky) If you honestly ran into a hacker in 1/2 of your games id wonder wtf you're doing still playing the game. I'm not being a nay-sayer, im not defending battle eye or anything like that...i'm just sharing my experiences There isn't a single "qun" in the top 100 FPP solo, duo or squad NA leaderboards and i just checked 5 seconds ago Keep crying cheater all you want tho
  12. Yes it matters, here is one reason why. The IEM tournament qualifiers are this weekend. The top 160 squad teams make it automatically into the qualifiers based on their average MMR, so if this is the case, then it will affect your MMR and your chance at making the qualifiers. I'm top 250 in solos and top 800 in duos and am not a hacker along with probably more than 95% of the other people in the top 1000. To think the top 1000 are mostly cheaters is super dumb and untrue Don't act like the poor actions of a fraction of the population are a reason for this to not matter.
  13. I usually play them anyways, but if i got too many too frequently i would back out on occasion, but wont any longer if this is the case.
  14. Well anyone grinding for high on the leaderboard would care "leaderboard are taken" is that a cheater jab???
  15. Interesting, this is essentially the opposite of what I have heard from a couple other people though. Ill have to do some investigating this evening. Go into a server i never play in and leave a few lobbies, then see if it shows me having played rounds on that server