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  1. Crouch Jump Gone?

    They post all patch notes in the news section of the forums.......amazing
  2. Lighting your mouse on fire sounds like a bad idea
  3. Crouch Jump Gone?

    they stated this change in the patch notes
  4. WTF

    That download speed is rough...feelsbadman
  5. Just going to leave this here and you can hopefully put 2 and 2 together
  6. Boo freaking hoo You were never going to get your way To think you even had an opportunity or the influence to get your way on this is completely silly Leaderboards aren't going anywhere and never ever ever ever were they not going to exist Cheaters waaa waaa waaa poor me my god
  7. For gaming purposes though, if you were trying to perform at a high level, wouldn't you lose significant performance using a VPN?
  8. I honestly think its pretty dumb he got banned to begin with, not nearly as bad as the Dr.Disrespect thing. But to answer your question, I think it should be allowed, but agree they should have some way to monitor ip addresses for people really abusing the system and if they see repeat, unacceptable behavior then perma ip ban
  9. Hot Key Marker Current Location

    wait did I go full retard and not know this already existed and is insert???
  10. Can we please get a hot key for marking your current location on the map? We already have a hot key to delete marker and to re-center the mini-map, but we still don't have the one I feel like is the most important or that would save me the most time. I'm constantly trying to mark my current location for my teammates, but I have to open the main map, zoom all the way in on my character and place a marker. My teammates struggle to do this sometimes so I end up marking their locations half the time as well because they are inept at it. It would be wonderful to just have a hot key to mark you current location, would save a lot of time, you wouldn't have to open you main map to perform the action, and seems to me like something which should be part of the game at least by the time it leaves EA. Maybe just shift+delete?
  11. super constructive and noteworthy post
  12. Tommy Gun Iron Sights are messed up

    Well i was able to use the sights accurately and take him out with maybe a dozen bullets on full auto. Its my only experience with the gun after the patch tho.
  13. Tommy Gun Iron Sights are messed up

    I shot a guy out of a dacia coming down a road to me ADS with the tommy gun yesterday, seemed fine to me.
  14. Getting 1 shotted by P1911

    See the image I attached. It only required 2 headshots for the player with the pistol to get that kill against that level 2 helmet. Even with no helmet or vest, it still requires either 5 limb shots or 3 body shots for the m-16 player to get the kill on the pistol player. Obviously no head-shot connected, and the m16 player only got 5 shots off all together. The first shot pretty obviously hits him in the shoulder which i believe would register as a limb hit, so of the 4 remaining shots, they would have to all connect with the limbs, or 3 of the 4 would have to connect with the body to down that player...It looks like all the shots that landed hit either the nearest shoulder or the arms...I don't think any body shots connected which means that all 5 shots would have had to connect on the limbs...apparently that didn't happen and m16 guy died.... Lesson being...headshot!