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  1. New server locations

    Haha , uhm thats from 2015 ??? Lol ... Do your research again buddy!
  2. New server locations

    5 - 10 Minutes ?? For instance how many people will be finding a match right now? 40 ? How long is that gonna take to fill ? Deffos not 5 - 10 minutes... Paying for a "trail" server , just to see a player load at 6PM to 10 PM ? And then , in the week the server is dead ? Thats not how you satisfy the community or make a game successful... How do you guys not understand that , the MATCHMAKING WILL SUCK WITH THE AMOUNT OF PLAYERS WE HAVE... Playing against the same guys for 5 games!! If you die first , and need to match again ? Then you sit and wait because the only players online is in the previous game?? how fun ... Just think about it!!
  3. New server locations

    Ya bud , I get it. The requirements are 10 000 co-current players , and AWS servers! So basically , we have not got that many players yet , and second we don't have AWS in ZA yet (that I am aware of). Go check out their website and I will show exactly were there is severs and where they are planning to get servers. SO there is the needed INFO ? Get the numbers , then we can moan about the servers... Easy as that! PLEASE ZA PLAYERS JUST READ THE PAST RESPONSES ABOUT THE ZA SERVER REQUIREMENTS BEFORE ATTACKING/BLAMING THE DEV'S , MODS AND EVEN THE GAME Dont need to worry buddy...
  4. New server locations

    The mod did give us a number of 10 000 ! Remember even if we get those numbers , we still need AWS servers , don't complain on the forum , its not the dev's or mods fault we don't have the necessary requirements yet! And i'm not bashing and would love ZA servers , but damn , every ZA player just complain rather than being grateful for a nice game that is still playable even with 200+ ping , sheesh
  5. New server locations

    Hey buddy , you said it in your sentence , "advantage" , I can promise you its just as hard for someone to kill you like it is for you to kill them. We don't have the community yet and not at all a big enough player base. Easy way I check if the server is really that laggier than usaul , equip a grenade and see how long it takes to make the "equip sound" .. Then I know what type of game style I need to play. Obviously a more stealthy CQC , sort of pre firing if you see an enemy etc.
  6. New server locations

    @iHave, Give it time , once the EA is over , then maybe they will give companies the opportunity to host servers locally (like Mweb) and them. Believe me that I think they have seen and heard our south african playerbase complaining. This game is deffos NOT unplayable or un-enjoyable even with the ping. I have over 200+ hours and have won a fair amount of games on Solo/Duo and squads with my ping. Make the game fun for yourself...

    Small bug (doubt that it is intentional) Date Seen : After 25th May Update Patch Issue : When flying the the plane , you can see the edge/border of the map. Will load screenshot up ASAP.
  8. New server locations

    Hey man , try this site , http://pubg.disquse.ru/ , might help a bit!
  9. New server locations

    Buddy , the small amount of people who hasn't bought the game in ZA will not make a difference to a game that has sold over 2 million copies. WE will get servers , just relax ... The matchmaking is not unplayable as it is now , not even with the new patch that 'player locks' people with high ping. I think @Hawkinz is tired of repeating himself , read the previous responses he has given to all the ZA players and if you really want to leave your comment maybe a simple " +1 For South African server" as that will suffice.
  10. Bug while reviving

    Just wanted to make a thread , same happened to me. Almost wanted to make a thread. The revive timer runs into a negative when he is reviving.
  11. New server locations

    @Hawkinz would there be any way that those stats can be released ? Or an estimate playerbase in Africa , just to calm the players in ZA ? And possibly what target Bluehole is looking at for the region ? I think that would help the ZA playerbase a lot and to shut some mouths
  12. New server locations

    @Hawkinz PLAY BATTLEGROUNDS‏ @PUBATTLEGROUNDS 16h16 hours ago "On a similar note, we also plan to implement ping limitations soon to help reduce instances of lag experienced by players." We the South African Community be affected by this ? Or will it be like H1 , where we can only play on EU servers ? Thanks
  13. UPDATE PATCH 20/04/2017

    I hear you , I just thought this update will actually improve the FPS for people with low end rigs like myself... Hopefully they can sort this out in the near future... Cheers!
  14. UPDATE PATCH 20/04/2017

    I don't know if the patch was too make things better or worse ? My rig : I7 - 3770K , GTX 680 Gigabyte OC 2GB , 8GB RAM , no SSD~ Settings : All very low , textures low. Game windowed. Frames were around 25 in lobby , 35 in plane and open grounds 45 -50 , cities +- 20 and so on ... Now , lobby is still 25 , plane 20 , open grounds 25 and cities still +- 20. Now I have a low end PC and I thought this update was released to help lower rigs ? Can they please address this issue. Thanks
  15. New server locations

    Yes we will need ZA servers eventually , honestly , I have like 60 hours so far and I can not complain , even with the lag! Yes its sometimes frustrating but sometimes we have an advantage... Like really the game is not unplayable with the lag and NOT a reason to get refunded IMO! Just get good , aim in front of the player and see them before they see you haha , forgive our South African fan base , we are very little patience in this country of ours and like to complain , gotta love us tho!