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  1. pulsiV

    New server locations

    Haha , uhm thats from 2015 ??? Lol ... Do your research again buddy!
  2. pulsiV

    New server locations

    5 - 10 Minutes ?? For instance how many people will be finding a match right now? 40 ? How long is that gonna take to fill ? Deffos not 5 - 10 minutes... Paying for a "trail" server , just to see a player load at 6PM to 10 PM ? And then , in the week the server is dead ? Thats not how you satisfy the community or make a game successful... How do you guys not understand that , the MATCHMAKING WILL SUCK WITH THE AMOUNT OF PLAYERS WE HAVE... Playing against the same guys for 5 games!! If you die first , and need to match again ? Then you sit and wait because the only players online is in the previous game?? how fun ... Just think about it!!
  3. pulsiV

    New server locations

    Ya bud , I get it. The requirements are 10 000 co-current players , and AWS servers! So basically , we have not got that many players yet , and second we don't have AWS in ZA yet (that I am aware of). Go check out their website and I will show exactly were there is severs and where they are planning to get servers. SO there is the needed INFO ? Get the numbers , then we can moan about the servers... Easy as that! PLEASE ZA PLAYERS JUST READ THE PAST RESPONSES ABOUT THE ZA SERVER REQUIREMENTS BEFORE ATTACKING/BLAMING THE DEV'S , MODS AND EVEN THE GAME Dont need to worry buddy...
  4. pulsiV

    New server locations

    The mod did give us a number of 10 000 ! Remember even if we get those numbers , we still need AWS servers , don't complain on the forum , its not the dev's or mods fault we don't have the necessary requirements yet! And i'm not bashing and would love ZA servers , but damn , every ZA player just complain rather than being grateful for a nice game that is still playable even with 200+ ping , sheesh
  5. pulsiV

    New server locations

    Hey buddy , you said it in your sentence , "advantage" , I can promise you its just as hard for someone to kill you like it is for you to kill them. We don't have the community yet and not at all a big enough player base. Easy way I check if the server is really that laggier than usaul , equip a grenade and see how long it takes to make the "equip sound" .. Then I know what type of game style I need to play. Obviously a more stealthy CQC , sort of pre firing if you see an enemy etc.
  6. pulsiV

    New server locations

    @iHave, Give it time , once the EA is over , then maybe they will give companies the opportunity to host servers locally (like Mweb) and them. Believe me that I think they have seen and heard our south african playerbase complaining. This game is deffos NOT unplayable or un-enjoyable even with the ping. I have over 200+ hours and have won a fair amount of games on Solo/Duo and squads with my ping. Make the game fun for yourself...
  7. pulsiV


    Small bug (doubt that it is intentional) Date Seen : After 25th May Update Patch Issue : When flying the the plane , you can see the edge/border of the map. Will load screenshot up ASAP.
  8. pulsiV

    New server locations

    Hey man , try this site , http://pubg.disquse.ru/ , might help a bit!
  9. pulsiV

    New server locations

    Buddy , the small amount of people who hasn't bought the game in ZA will not make a difference to a game that has sold over 2 million copies. WE will get servers , just relax ... The matchmaking is not unplayable as it is now , not even with the new patch that 'player locks' people with high ping. I think @Hawkinz is tired of repeating himself , read the previous responses he has given to all the ZA players and if you really want to leave your comment maybe a simple " +1 For South African server" as that will suffice.
  10. pulsiV

    Bug while reviving

    Just wanted to make a thread , same happened to me. Almost wanted to make a thread. The revive timer runs into a negative when he is reviving.
  11. pulsiV

    New server locations

    @Hawkinz would there be any way that those stats can be released ? Or an estimate playerbase in Africa , just to calm the players in ZA ? And possibly what target Bluehole is looking at for the region ? I think that would help the ZA playerbase a lot and to shut some mouths
  12. pulsiV

    New server locations

    @Hawkinz PLAY BATTLEGROUNDS‏ @PUBATTLEGROUNDS 16h16 hours ago "On a similar note, we also plan to implement ping limitations soon to help reduce instances of lag experienced by players." We the South African Community be affected by this ? Or will it be like H1 , where we can only play on EU servers ? Thanks
  13. pulsiV

    New server locations

    Yes we will need ZA servers eventually , honestly , I have like 60 hours so far and I can not complain , even with the lag! Yes its sometimes frustrating but sometimes we have an advantage... Like really the game is not unplayable with the lag and NOT a reason to get refunded IMO! Just get good , aim in front of the player and see them before they see you haha , forgive our South African fan base , we are very little patience in this country of ours and like to complain , gotta love us tho!
  14. pulsiV

    Sight Aiming

    Hi , Just two things I saw when playing , that might be a buggy or maybe my lag. When aiming with a weapon in 1st person , by pressing right click once it doesn't aim down the red dot / holo or any scope ,I have to double click to let it aim down sight. Don't know if you are aware of this. Second thing is , while I was driving the dune buggy car and climbing out at a bit of a speed , it seems that when I climbed out the buggy the back wheel hit me , obviously damaging me. It might have been the lag , bug just wanted to point it out. Not that major but can maybe help. Thanks. +South African server
  15. pulsiV

    New server locations

    Mr. HAWKINZ , I really hope you read this Playing H1Z1 with +-200 ping are not fun , cause WE DO NOT GET SERVERS. We South Africans would WRECK those EU players if we had decent ping haha. I beg of you , get a few servers here , MWEB is usually the ISP that host most gaming servers , get in contact with them. As we speak I am buying this game. South African servers PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Also thanks for keeping the community up to date with everything you do , helps a lot to know what's going on where. LOVE!