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  1. Spend a Monthly content update fixing bugs

    You're only partially right: Last months patch was a big bug fix fest client wise, next month will squash a lot over server issues... They also add new stuff, but as a lot of people already mentioned all over the forums: there are different teams working side by side, so it isn't strange they release fixes as well as content at the same time.
  2. I couldn't find any post regarding this. Whenever you use a vehicle, it revs and shifts up, but when you drive up a slope the vehicles just slow down in their top gear, causing them to have a hard time or even stopping. Usually the only way to get over the slope is to use the turbo. I think it would be better to make them shift down like you would normally, so they can get over the hills and sorts easier.
  3. You need to listen more

    In my childhood true... But I'm 34 now, and we're not kids anymore But, in response to your question; 1. One can never expect a patch to be bug free, although I do understand your point about some people not realising this. But in defense; it will (probably) prevent a patch from being delayed. I know, I know, EA and all, but you must agree that the team did set out a patch release path, and so kinda forced it upon themselves. I think it was very ambitious, and I think most will agree. Maybe it needs reviewing? 2. Agreed, it would require a change of release path, or some changes in the team. 3. That's part of the EA, but I can't imagine the team wants to add stuff that is broken, even if it gets taken out later. 4. Alright, even though I mostly disagree with you here, let me make a suggestion; add one more day in between test and stable release. This gives the team a day more to fix game-crashes or game breaking bugs. This way there's less chance for a patch being held from release on the announced date. I know, everything can happen, but I can only assume the dev team feels bad when they have to postpone a patch. I believe this way gives more room for the team, and less disappointment for the players. Finally I do understand the stable servers are essentially test servers in EA, but people do want to play properly aswell. Perhaps the expectations are a bit too high, but the development is going so fast, and the game is so far along that that is to be expected
  4. You need to listen more

    Oh, I did read everything! But it's fine, I've been given a warning. I never mean to offend anyone, I just want healthy discussions without being given quotes. What's the point if we can't discuss things? There are people like you and pixel that are on board with the things the devs have said, and there are players that disagree and want to discuss these things. We just can't seem to disagree, because we get quotes that are supposed to answer all, and so end the discussion. Like a parent saying 'because I said so'. I don't think that's the way to move forward, and I feel that's what's happening.
  5. You need to listen more

    It's the muzzling moderator! @Suspicious Pixel The answer is clear enough, and I've also read it. I was asking @Spen though. But it's okay, it's okay. I've suggested to @Hawkinz before that mods should keep their cool, your style of moderating I see across the forum shows signs of annoyance towards the users. I for one won't be on the forums anymore for a while. Too many of this 'silencing'. Also users that seem to only see and judge one single point of view, and blindly follow what the dev team does and defend it to their last breath. Also known as 'fanboys'. I still enjoy the game, the last patch brought a lot of good, but being on the forums is starting to make me... Salty? And since that's not the way I want to be, I'll dodge the rediculousness on here. Ta!
  6. You need to listen more

    I agree with you there. Do you also agree that if there is a week in between the test release and the stable release, it would give the dev team more time to collect feedback and fix bugs? And so give themselves more breathing space?
  7. Another patch delayed because of issues.

    This. Also @Suspicious Pixel, awesome that the patch will be released! Just try and see it from both sides I understand EA very well, but when there is an announcement, expectations are raised
  8. Another patch delayed because of issues.

    Alright. I see that I might aswell talk to a door. Thank you to the people that understood my point of criticism, and my suggestion. I'm out.
  9. Another patch delayed because of issues.

    Thank you, but I am 'most people'. Could you also respond to the suggestion I opted? It's easy to hide behind the 'Early Access' Wall. It's harder to acknowledge something that went wrong, and improve the next time. Again; I love the game, and the job you all are doing, but there's always room for improvement, isn't there?
  10. Another patch delayed because of issues.

    Well, yes! Especially since it happened before. But if you read till the end, then you can see I'm also offering a solution for this. I'm all for PUBG and the dev team, but this is so easy to solve.
  11. Really? I cant believe this happened again; announce a patch release date, do the test server first a day before, run into issues which you can't fix in a day and postpone the announced patch. Didn't learn from the last time? Result: disappointment and salt by your own doing. And this time I'm a lot less likely to say; 'aw, it's okay, take your time', cause this is something you could have seen coming from miles away. Why don't you make the patches available a week before, so you have plenty of time to fix whatever you encounter, and have a proper patch on the actual announced date? Starting next patch it will take one week longer, but then you're on track. Saves people a lot of annoyance and makes you look more professional.
  12. Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

  13. Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    Cool, let me know how you got on!
  14. Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    @peλk What are your cpu temperatures? Also, check if the cpu is throttling. I had exactly the same problem, and mine went away after I found out that the cpu was throttling due to the cpu running hot. I had to undervolt it, but perhaps there are other solutions in your case. It was fixed in a patch a few weeks earlier, but after another one it came back. So I guess it will get fixed again, but for now I play with th undervolt.
  15. First and foremost; I hate that people are teaming in solo. But there is nothing you can do to prevent it in my opinion. If you have a mate, join discord or whatever and you're set. Meet up and go. The only way to get rid of it is to make it permabannable, but only by reports. Perhaps there is some metadata that the dev team (or whoever checks it) that tells if two people went across the map together that shouldn't have been happening in solo.