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  1. In all honesty to someone like shroud that is literally nothing, either paid for in steam trades or a donation
  2. Just seen the Shroud situation, 2 day ban for teaming. On stream he creates a new account and carries on playing,and IIRC Dr Disrespect did the same thing. Surely if players are banned and advertise the fact they have bought a new account, that new account should also be banned and that ban extended, otherwise what is the point?
  3. Play the game how you want to play. I personally hate being in the blue at any point and avoid it like the plague. I vary my play style depending on what I fancy that session. Sometimes I like to land at the school,. kill everything moving and walk off slowly into the sunset(or rather get killed because someone got a gun before I did) Other times I like to play the camping game, find a gun, get in the middle of the circle, hide and wait. Ask yourself, if you dislike or hate a tactic is that because you genuinely it is unfair/OP or is it because you got killed by someone doing that tactic and are pissed? All that matters is how YOU play the game. Apart from people not wearing shoes, those twats can go play in traffic, in Kabul, dressed as Uncle Sam.
  4. Skill 3pers vs FPP ?

    both require different skill sets. I suck at 3rd person but do all right on first person servers!
  5. Favorite Weapon combo

    ak/kar (though now I'm enjoying the mini over the kar)
  6. FPP hight

    I feel like a rap guys girlfriend every time I get into a UAV there so damned big
  7. Imagine A Natural Disaster Event

    Godzilla can swim.
  8. Imagine A Natural Disaster Event

    I would only play if this natural disaster were a possibility
  9. No idea, unless he had a Kevlar beanie (More than likely desync, but thats to be expected unfortunately)
  10. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    I agree that a lot of the shooting mechanics in this game seem to favour h1z1 and cs:go players (I have never played either) but you see the high level streamers and players seem to have a strong background in those games. However, if you play tactically you can win in most situations. This game is all about tactics, people who complain about RNG/Luck fail to realise that with the exceptions of the very first circle dicking you with no vehicle spawns (Say you land NE by Stalber and the first circle is on Military Base, and no cars spawn near you, it can be very frustrating) or landing next to another person you enter a building and find a tactical stock and a smoke nade, they find an ak... The rest of the game is on you. You decide when to move for the circle, you decide where and how to move, I tend to put markers down not on circle location but rough estimations of where I saw nearest person land, or when I hear gunshots close. Then either avoid or engage. Hear a Kar go off near you and someone gets one tapped, if you have cover to get there I tend to move over and catch them looting or scoping. If you don't have cover or have to cross a field to get them, don't. Need to get a vehicle to get to the circle because its far away and you were engaged, don't drive straight up to a building bail from the car and run into the closest one. This game is about decision making, hunting and tactics. I have won games with zero kills, lost games I should have easily won because I was too aggressive or not paying attention (For example just came second in a game, opponent was behind a tree in a field outside next circle, I was in middle of next circle, tried out shooting him, I got 3-4 hits on torso he one tapped me with a kar) that's not luck, that's bad tactics on my part and good shooting on their part. If you find that your style isn't winning you games try changing it, dont blindly follow guides but find a way that works for you. I used to do a lot of the typical school/base/prison starts and 1 out of every 5 games I'd probobally live long enough to carry on, now I land in the arse end of no where, and start stalking other players. Chasing after gun battles and getting behind them, if I see two players shooting at each other, I wait till one wins and then kill the other while they are looting (ad strafing does nothing you no shoe wearing bell ends) then I have two corpses to loot. I dont charge in for crates, I wait till either people go for it and kill them, or until the smoke goes. Find what works for you rather than what works for other people. If you are struggling getting kills, a good way to practice is to play solo on the squads server, you will get your arse handed to you for a while but then start to figure out how to hunt other players and move tactically. That's I how improved my playstyle, but as I say do what you feel is best for you.
  11. For me I can honestyly never tell if its on burst or rapid fire single shot, what I found interesting in this clip is the fact that the gun remains perfectly level throughout his shots, is this good mouse control or something else? (And as for my first shot being uber potato, I genuinely have no idea why I jerked away when i fired, feel free to mock)
  12. Nowadays though a game coming off early access for "full release" would be the equivalent of a beta test. More and more dev's continue the work after the game is released (Battlefield 4 is the best example I can think of for this, well it is morning and I have not had coffee yet) Because of the amount of players, and financial viability of adding paid content, I would expect that dev work and additions and DLC will be continued to be added to PUBG for years to come. We will never get a final release, and I honestly have no issue with that, I would rather play a game continually being added to rather than a stale one (although in all honesty they NEED to bring something new into game, to keep players who have been playing since day 1 interested, and I'm not talking about a new gun or new weather) The new town and villiage in patch was a pleasant surprise though. This game is at this point in time a victim of its own success and has the eyes of the world on it, I have faith they will not fuck this up like other EA games. (Early access, no one can fuck up as badly as Electronic Arts....) Purely because of the numbers of players there will never be 100% happiness across the board and people will find something to complain about. If this game releases the full version before the end of 2017 I will shave my beard off (I would shave my head but I do that anyway....)
  13. PUBG > Dota 2

    It's amazing from where this game started, though the cynic I am bets those numbers will drop massively now the afk botting has been fixed.
  14. Remove clothes from spawning

    Am I the only person that switches helms for beanies and doesn't realise?
  15. Ummm, how the hell do grenade throws work now?

    They also changed cooking nades, and my ability to count