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  1. Beastmode816

    Can’t wait till Blackout comes out

    Hahah best Blackout thread yet!!
  2. Beastmode816

    Gun issue

    Happened to me multiple times. Sometimes have to go as far as open inventory, verify the gun is there, and then it seems to switch over
  3. Beastmode816

    XBox One X: Let's clear this up

    If they can now...its due to patch and not these settings lol
  4. I would love a thorough list of attachments and the guns they work best on
  5. Check slickdeals. Ebay does 10-15% off coupons quite frequently. Had a 1X in my cart @ $300 Buy it now... the moment the coupon went live, I checked out. Also, used ebates, and got 3% cash back. And on top of that I used a credit card that gave me $200 rewards for spending $500 in 3 months lol.
  6. No Sanhock pass... play around an hour a night, and up to 4-5hrs per weekend night. Just dropped level 9, wanting that silver tommy skin @ 10, then I'll be content
  7. Beastmode816

    Anyone else NOT got a Solo win?

    Thx :D... didnt plan on it, was in a shack about to run in, when someone ran by that i had to kill
  8. Beastmode816

    Anyone else NOT got a Solo win?

    Almost had one on sanhook, finally...but my dumbass was coming in on final circle (3 left), saw both guys with backs to me, but as i was in blue, I accidently used last item (pills) instead of first aid, the time wasted cancelling and switching killed me
  9. snagged my 1X with a ebay coupon for 270 shipped. Got many games in my switch from 360 to one at the same time, downloaded Pubg from cdkeys for $12...plugged in Pubg and aint touched the game case once.
  10. Beastmode816

    September 18th Hotfix

    I aint spending $60 for aim assist
  11. Beastmode816

    Are you happy with the game?

    I paid 12 bucks for this game, and at same time bought around 50x other games for a new X1X, finally upgrading from 360. Im nearing 200+games that will play on the X, including backwards compatible games I never played the 1st time. Loaded up PUBG to play with a friend, now I have no want to play another game. Sit thinking about my next drop while offline. Bugs, tweaks gone wrong, etc...I'm here to stay and never had another gaming experience like this.
  12. This is a temporary fix. Im happy with this, and they seem to want a dual setting soon that will allow us to pick pretty or smooth. Whats there to cry about?
  13. Beastmode816

    Xbox One X Performance Update News

    Nix'd the Tuesday hotdroppin stream too...c'mon Nico
  14. Beastmode816

    AFK Hunters

    Are we 100% sure they are AFK...and NOT just waiting for guns to render? LOL
  15. Beastmode816

    AFK Hunters

    Does a couple afk hunting sprees even out the deaths we take due to desync, lag etc? Keep our K/D bluehole error free