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  1. D1R3WHELP

    PUBG is dying

    I stupidly bought COD and Ive played 2 sessions for couple of hours each, and haven't logged back in, no desire to ever play again. Trash game. PUBG x 10 better, if only they could sort performance.
  2. D1R3WHELP

    Erangel Has Become Unplayable

    Duos on Mirarmar, we dropped Mil Base, got to do the whole thing as we had edge of circle. 1 foregrip between us in the entire place. Next town 3 foregrip s in one small house. Seems I'm always complaining about lack of attachments in hacienda/Mil Base and other supposedly hot locations.
  3. D1R3WHELP

    Trying to get ranked

    Are those guys on leaderboards who have unreal win% cheating or what? I just don't believe that 40% Winrates are possible in solo, or ridiculous kd ratios 7,8,9 + Are they using radar hacks or are they really just amazing players who are somehow able to avoid bad luck like being stuck between 2 players etc, being picked off after winning a fight. Or perhaps amazing players who use the radar hack for an edge.
  4. D1R3WHELP

    Anyone had one of those days.....

    Yes pretty much worst night of 3 man squads ever. Literally didn't progress past the drop zone with everyone alive for 2 hours, then had a duo after one guy rage quit and had an OK game with 3 kills and finished 5th-6th
  5. D1R3WHELP

    Blackout Beta

    Watched Shroud play it today. It looks way off the enjoyment of PUBG.