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  1. D1R3WHELP

    Trying to get ranked

    Are those guys on leaderboards who have unreal win% cheating or what? I just don't believe that 40% Winrates are possible in solo, or ridiculous kd ratios 7,8,9 + Are they using radar hacks or are they really just amazing players who are somehow able to avoid bad luck like being stuck between 2 players etc, being picked off after winning a fight. Or perhaps amazing players who use the radar hack for an edge.
  2. D1R3WHELP

    Anyone had one of those days.....

    Yes pretty much worst night of 3 man squads ever. Literally didn't progress past the drop zone with everyone alive for 2 hours, then had a duo after one guy rage quit and had an OK game with 3 kills and finished 5th-6th
  3. D1R3WHELP

    Need to vent.. my squad regulars.

    Try and see it from their perspective, they enjoy PUBG but they have to carry one guy all the time, it isn't fun for them, in fact can be really frustrating. Try and get better at the game or find more easy going friends.
  4. D1R3WHELP

    Need to vent.. my squad regulars.

    Are you one of the weaker players? That could be why. They are tired of carrying you.
  5. D1R3WHELP

    Blackout Beta

    Watched Shroud play it today. It looks way off the enjoyment of PUBG.
  6. I had a solo with you the other week, recognized your name from the leaderboards in the kill feed, so was pumped to go up against a top player. Needless to say I managed to kill you in 3rd place and only managed the 2nd with 7 kills unfortunately. You were somewhat caught between 2 players and I was left with a sliver of health after the kill. Made the game more exciting for sure.