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  1. Red Dot Sight Graphical Bug

    No big deal, Aiming Down the Sights still works properly, its just .. this... *look at the RDS*
  2. Client Side Smoke Grenades

    This definitely is a ongoing issue that really limits the effectiveness of smoke grenades.. hopefully its being worked on
  3. Client Side Smoke Grenades

    So far that has been my experience. Especially since i usually only pop one smoke at a time. You could get shot -- seemingly -- through the thickest portion of the smoke with dead accuracy. Its happened on multiple occasions. I hope they can at least look into this.
  4. Client Side Smoke Grenades

    Hey guys, so it has come to my attention that smoke grenades are client-side. I have experienced this in three different occasions that further solidify this claim. Idk if this is intentional, but it is definitely a huge issue. Someone had thrown a smoke to conceal their advance to another piece of cover (Rock to a tree). He threw the smoke grenade half way between, and smoke started to fill the void... on my screen, the smoke was blowing to the right, on my buddy's screen (whom I was spectating) The smoke blew to the left. The result is on my screen I see the enemy in question running wide open with no concealment, and my buddy who was actually in-game, could not see. However, on the enemy's screen, he was in the wide open as well, so he was able to see thru the 'smoke' at my buddy, when my buddy couldnt see though the smoke. I'm sure you can draw conclusions as to how this is not conducive to the multiplayer aspect of the game. To have one player potentially be able to see "through" smoke that the other player is denied is frankly unacceptable in its current state. Of course, I know this game is under development and this could very well be an issue coming down the pipe to be fixed, but I just wanted to highlight it further just in case. Any word if this is going to be fixed? (and hopefully not 'working as intended') -Agen7orange