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  1. pikeman56

    Where the F is the UAZ in Sanhok?

    I found one by Tambang the other day. I finally got all of my driving finished :-)
  2. pikeman56

    Favourite drops

    THIS. Lakawi is our favorite drop. Always good loot and we tend to do well when others land with us.
  3. pikeman56

    Anyone else NOT got a Solo win?

    I have just 2 solo dinners. I normally don't play solo though. Keep plugging away and you'll get there.
  4. You were thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close.
  5. pikeman56

    What do u consider cheating

  6. pikeman56

    Just A Few Clips, Show Me Your M24 Kills!

    And ran right into that speeding bullet....ouch.
  7. pikeman56

    Remove 4x and 6x from all SMG's

    I like 4x's on the UMP. It's a pretty deadly combo. Never tried a 6 times. I would imagine the bullet drop would be pretty bad. I had an ump with a lightweight grip, suppressor, extended quickdraw mag, and a 4x the other day and was having a field day. Until I hit an invisible rock and died after flipping my motorcycle....
  8. pikeman56

    Would you rather

    I still love playing this game no matter how bad I play. The most kills I've had in any game is 7. I've done that on a few occasions. Mostly I get between 0-5. I just like to go out and have fun. I don't really care about K/D. I typically run with my wife and another one of our good friends. We love it.
  9. pikeman56

    Would you rather

    I'm horrible at this game...
  10. pikeman56

    Whoa...how did I miss this news?

    Not sure. There are around 12 topics on this already. That said, I can't wait.
  11. pikeman56

    Crate Weapon of choice

    I would pick M249. Love that monster.
  12. pikeman56

    Dynamic Weather is 30%

    Yeah, I've played about 20 or so matches on the PTS and have yet to see any dynamic weather. Hopefully the up the percentage a bit when it goes live.
  13. pikeman56

    M249 final circle domination

    Very nice. I got a chicken dinner the other night with M249. That sucker is a beast for sure.
  14. pikeman56

    PUBG ambient life poll, part 1.

    I've actually said it to my squad mates the first time we played Miramar on the PTS. Rattle snakes, we need Rattle snakes...
  15. pikeman56

    PUBG ambient life poll, part 1.

    Rattle snakes on Miramar....