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  1. Nice. Hopefully I took few down with me. 😉
  2. 17 & my best season. Love chasing that dinner.
  3. Jack_Burton

    New vehicles are rubbish

    I’m a big fan of the Tuk. It’s hilarious. It actually handles the Sanhok landscape very well & it’s fairly quiet. In the training grounds an invincible TukTuk that is impossible to get stuck upside down is loads of fun.
  4. Still hooked & happy about it.
  5. Jack_Burton

    Xbox PubG Camo Set problems

    Since the issue is ongoing, how about making up for the inconvenience by letting those affected keep both jackets...
  6. Jack_Burton

    Xbox PubG Camo Set problems

    The fix wasn't in this patch. In fact, my jacket was displaying correctly until this patch, now it's bugged as well.
  7. Since the update the PUBG controller dlc Xbox Digital Camo Jacket is not displaying correctly on the male character. Seems the same issue that was previously only on the female character migrated now to male as well.
  8. Considering it would probably be based on Ben Affleck's Batman, I'll pass. Ick.
  9. Jack_Burton

    What's your filthiest win?

    A couple nights ago I won a 2 on 1 with a couple well placed Molotov throws. I recognized the zone was going to force them out from behind a building so I placed a nice warm welcome for them on the corners. Between the blue & the burn I got that dinner.
  10. Jack_Burton

    long scope for the winchester

    I’d like to see a scope on the chester. Maybe only allow a specific one, like the 3x.
  11. This. Hopefully they drop with a very unique event mode.
  12. Jack_Burton

    Overpower [Nov 1-4] Feedback topic

    I play TPP normally, really like the the event is FPP. The fast bleed out is cool as well. I’ve really been enjoying the event modes. It breaks up the normal chicken grind.