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  1. Dude, this was totally crazy. 3rd or 4th circle suddenly shifted to the water/islands in the east. Totally nuts. Everyone on the coast killing each other. Only 4 guys made it to the island alive. Made the game quicker I assume. While I don't like it I definitely enjoyed the change of pace and a lesson was definitely learned - GET TO THE ISLAND ASAP. So many died to bluezone in the water. Just can't swim that fast. You may die to enemy fire if you swim first, but you'll DEFINITELY die if you can't out-swim the bluezone.
  2. Yeah I agree this is annoying. I specifically look for vehicles as I'm chuting down, then a minute later I'll look out and suddenly a bike will appear that wasn't there 1 minute ago. Which is nice, but now I can loot extensively rather than take off running.
  3. I know. This dude has some serious anger issues. Probably can't figure out how to play FPP so just rails against us. I can't play TPP to save my life and think it's arcade-y and silly, but I don't care that they are out there. Some people are just SO narrow-minded.
  4. LOL. ok man. All FPP people are losers anyway, right? Probably don't deserve to live, those maggots.
  5. What does the 82% TPP population bring to the table then, other then microtransactions?
  6. Kermit_the_Hog

    Why does it matter if I'm Grandmaster?

    The "Grandmaster" thing is pretty ridiculous. I'm at 2,050 rating and maybe top 0.80%, but I'm still ranked #7,500. You can get "Grandmaster" and still be outside the top 10,000 players. I feel like "Grandmaster" should be reserved for something a little more important. Like top 500 or something. Anything. Make it harder to get there. Elite at top 5,000. Master top 1,000. Grandmaster top 100 or something. Otherwise you are just a player like me. Good but not a "Grandmaster" by any means.
  7. Says the guy who says "FPP players bring nothing to the table" You're obviously more important than us
  8. So by telling friends/family/coworkers about the game... singing the praises of the game.... telling people they should try it and increasing both FPP and TPP player base... This is all "nothing". Must be hard being that narrow-minded.
  9. While it won't happen because too many kids now grew up playing TPP these days, I couldn't agree more. The whole point of first person shooters was so you feel like you're actually IN the game. Not so you could have an out of body experience. lol.
  10. Kermit_the_Hog

    FAVORITE PLACES TO DROP (share a map)

    Dude, funny you say that because one game last week the squad decided to go school and WE WERE THE OLD ONES. Easy jump from the plane. Couldn't believe it. Went there and then to the apartments nearby. Everyone kitted out nicely.
  11. Um. no. You get rid of FPP, I'm out. I don't do TPP. I'm old school Wolfenstein/Doom/Quake/CounterStrike (original MOD of halflife). I'll quote Taken - "Good luck"
  12. Kermit_the_Hog

    FAVORITE PLACES TO DROP (share a map)

    Yeah that's the point of the map marking. I like these areas more than others, but I'll drop all over. Just wanted to highlight areas I like. I've won games before where I forgot I clicked "start" and was at the end of the plane route in the ocean with 3 mins left to get to circle when I got back to my computer.
  13. Kermit_the_Hog

    FAVORITE PLACES TO DROP (share a map)

    Damn boys. There's enough of us out there. We won't run into each other. Not like you haven't been to these areas yourself. Guess I won't share Erangel if no one else will.
  14. Kermit_the_Hog

    Are people that Drop Hot stupid?

    Yeah, you would hope RANDOM people pick RANDOMLY and not like lemmings to hot dropping.
  15. I'll divulge my secrets just to see what others are doing. When solo I like to drop in areas circled yellow below. They typically are not dropped on by others and away from hot spots for the most part. Also can typically find adequate loot there and a vehicle nearby. Below is Miramar, will post Erangel if anyone is interested. Please post yours in the same format!