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  1. Many times when you just want to run through a house & loot, the game somehow tries to pick up ammo like you were holding X - while in fact, you only opened the inventory screen with the menu button. This makes the little counter window pop up (asking how many of the ammo you want), as well as making your character run further in a certain direction. You lose a lot of time while closing these tabs and getting back to the initial position, especially if you are not used to the bug. The character can't even at least be controlled during this, since the ammo counter window is active.
  2. fSucee

    Auto Scroll Inventory Screen

    If this happens, use the stick to scroll up/down an item, that also makes it stop. After that, d-pad can be used again.
  3. fSucee


    What I don't understand at all is why the hell did they make an event with a mode that's not working. It is even stated in the official post that the limitations are because there are "stability issues"... Makes no sense, just don't launch the event then, lol.
  4. Dude, by now it seems you're just finding excuses to post your videos. Anyhow, grenades are a great way to counter 3rd person peeking. That's the worst part of TPP endgame.
  5. fSucee

    Week 3 missions

    There is a general UAZ spawn on Sanhok (at least for now), it's just not very common.
  6. fSucee

    So Pubg is coming to PS4 ..

    Which is a shame indeed. I have some friends on PS who would make great squadmates (they joined me at times from someone else's xbox). PUBG would be excellent for cross-platform - and it could even solve the underwhelming number of EU FPP matches.
  7. It was sure to be back - their wording was so specific that the issue was connected to our queue cancelling - which is not the case, it regularly happens to me right after I log in and search for my first match.
  8. Performance-wise it got better. But the environment's render distance is a joke. I can see everyone. From the warehouse near Severny I could see all the people running from Stalber, because there are no trees. But even on smaller distances, everything is just a barren wasteland, there's no way for anyone to hide, poor dudes think they're chilling in a bush and I can see them clear as day.
  9. fSucee

    maintenance extended

    Also, the "additional 30 mins" is now an additional hour.
  10. fSucee

    Training mode? Mk47 mutant?

    I never said "one month behind", please, at least read my not-even-three lines correctly if you want to insult me. I was quoting your prediction of PUBG's impending death to say how unlikely it is. Also, the way you construct your text is worse than the render speed of Hacienda, I think I'll pass on your further input.
  11. fSucee

    Training mode? Mk47 mutant?

    "The death of PUBG is one month away if you don't." LOL. Yes, because people will just leave and go to a whole another game that costs twice as much and plays quite differently, just because it has better frames. I agree that the framerate and rendering issues are really bad, but the content? We just got a new map, and I'm not even bored with the big ones either. The things you're complaining about are just in test phase on PC aswell - if you really want to do a topic like this, try it with the Beryl and the scooter, because that's all the "missing content" right now.
  12. Things are not even consistent on the same console. I have a oneX aswell, and while Sanhok is bad, it is nowhere near as bad as the other two big maps for me. There are certain directions on certain spots where I just can't look - FPS drops around 15. I just love it when it is exactly in the direction of the final circle, basically no way to win from that. And about the PTS, you are right - I don't even see the reason of testing anything. They push the live patch out with the exact same bugs.
  13. Should be any map, these are simple "Week 1" missions. My duo partner got the Crossbow one on Sanhok, and right after that, I completed both that and the LMG one on Erangel. Were you playing in Solo mode? (So that none of these DBNO circumstances apply to you.)
  14. Do you? My understanding of 'Week 1' was that I needed to complete it on the first week, or else I lose the incomplete ones. Am I incorrect? What's the point of weeklies if you can complete them anytime?
  15. Great, thanks. So going further with this... How does DBNO count towards the challenge? I mean, if you knock someone with the Crossbow, and your teammate finishes him with it, does it count towards both of your milestones? Or if a totally random guy steals it, will you get it anyway?