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  1. Well maybe if the Settings menu bothered to give a button layout I'd know what Type A and B stand for. I don't just start dicking around with control schemes when I don't know what I'm changing. Also, when a game offers more than one setting, wouldn't it be ideal if all of them are as useful as it is possible? I love these "just don't use it" and "just use the other one" responses when pointing out problems.
  2. This is something that at times annoys me even more than desync and delayed building render times. Many times I get killed by guys whom I beat by many seconds during the freefall & parachute stage - then they fall down right next to me way later, and pick up something that's not even there. I made this clip, where I intentionally wait around on the roof for some seconds. You can see that if it were a situation I have described earlier, I'd have been dicked by that invisible M16. This is how it is for me every time at the beginning of matches, but I've even ran into this problem mid-match when going to another point of the map - everything else was rendered, I opened the door, and suddenly weapons & stuff started to pop up. I play on an XOne X, no external drive (yet). My duo partner has the same problem on XOneS, with external SSD.
  3. Since the same button is required for both the camera change and the zoom function on 6x/8x while ADS, sometimes the game registers a camera change when you had no intention of doing so. A minor annoyance I got used to since the option of zooming was patched in (and I know it stems from user error, since I'm the one pressing the button too quickly), but it doesn't even make sense in the first place that this funciton is active in ADS. It can get a bit disorienting when you get attacked while scoping someone else, and suddenly you're in FPP while you were playing the whole match in TPP.
  4. Wouldn't it have been best to look at it on your end instead of your condescending bullshit? Yes, if it resets, I'll know it's bugged. That still won't tell me if this is the case with everyone else aswell. Edit: Also, don't use emojis with the high-and-mighty asshole style, those two don't match.
  5. So, the patch with these came out only yesterday. Did everyone else get a weekly mission reset, or is it some weird bug on my end? I mean I understand if we get new weeklies on Wed/Thur, but did we really have to have a reset right away? I chased people with sickles and pistols for nothing, lol. Nothing serious ofc, I'm just curious if it is bugged, or simply an unlucky start.
  6. fSucee

    Have played this game since week one

    Basically "I could go into detail but we all know I'm full of shite ". Why do you even feel the need to make a topic that not only is a huge exaggeration, but doesn't actually offer anything - not to the developers, and not to players?
  7. fSucee

    Death by Blue Zone 80% of the time!!!

    Lol, yea, right. No, you did not shoot him in the head three times, no, he did not throw a grenade through walls. Nor were you shot through trees, though that one is quasi-true when there is desync. "This game sucks, and no one is helping me!" Jesus Christ. I think by now it is safe to assume that you are the one who sucks, not the game. Countless people have been trying to help you in this topic, which is a miracle in itself, since all you've been doing is overly dramatic crying. And to that, now you've also added insults to the playerbase - which is us btw, so thanks for that.
  8. fSucee


    Nothing is known about the circumstances. Most likely MS botched something, and made changes in the store before any announcment was made - the game is at its full price once again. If it indeed will convert to F2P model, I'm sure that there will be some symbolic compensation (about which ya'll rant that it's not fair, a lousy skinpack for my money!) - and I'm sure as hell I won't care that finally more people are able to play. I have no idea how many hours I have in PUBG - but I already got my money's worth and then some. All I want is my EU FPP, if this is what it takes, I'm happy. Do you also bitch when the game you bought 1-2 years before, gets into the GwG programme, and is handed to Gold users for free?
  9. fSucee

    Umm... what is this?

    Once I got an error that said "Cancel", and I had an "OK" button. It's just PUBG, you gotta move on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. fSucee

    Latest Peek & Latest Aim Shoulder

    I use it on Right Shoulder, so there are no surprises. I just tested these on Training Mode, and the patch note descriptions on Latest Aim don't really seem to check out.
  11. fSucee

    Sensitivity for Map Cursor

    If nobody points this out, then it's even less likely that they'll ever patch it. "Don't use it" is not much of an alternate solution.
  12. So in the latest patch, we got this update: Latest Peek Shoulder Camera position automatically moves to the direction you last leaned Latest Aim Shoulder Camera remains in the last ADS direction In this setting, the camera position won’t be changed by leaning while not in ADS or scoping Does this work as intended? In the Latest Peek, if I use ADS (directly looking through a scope), lean in a direction, and then I try the TPP aim, the camera will adjust to that, also works with TPP leaning - no problems here. But then, in Latest Aim - from what I understand -, it should only apply when you look through a sight/scope, and lean to a direction, thus affecting your next TPP aim. It is the exact opposite, ONLY the TPP aim leaning affects it. I mean it makes more sense, sure, but then the whole description they provided is wrong. Holding down LT is not "ADS".
  13. fSucee


    Never even heard of such thing (in fact, in any game - the achievement IS basically the reward), where did you even get the idea?
  14. You don't. Why does this come up every now and then? Am I the only one who never met these infamous KM users? How do you even know...
  15. fSucee

    This week's community post?

    I love how this topic stayed relevant even after the release of the CP. This topic title is all that can be said about it, a question mark, lol.