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  1. Along with the graphical options and matchmaking region lock.
  2. Mister Cloner

    how many BP do you have?

    Around 20k. See no reason for investing too much
  3. Mister Cloner

    Could this be done to solve rendering issues?

    Switch to Blackout (here comes the downvotes!)
  4. Mister Cloner

    Next PTS

    Welcome to planet Earth. We are talking about graphical options update and not some new content.
  5. Mister Cloner

    A Solid Idea

    Great ideas, ignorant devs.
  6. Mister Cloner

    The playstyle I HATE the most!!

    You're actually right, but before the video begins I was at the top of the hill and had a clear view point on the crate, but the guy was sitting exactly where barely a man can fit to be invisible!
  7. Mister Cloner

    The playstyle I HATE the most!!

    Often times this kinda thing does not happen on FPP matches. Because like someone else here said, people can't stand watching a wall and using their ears for a long time. The video is short, but I was at the hill for quite some time and the guy was waiting like a damn coward for a long time behind the crate.
  8. Mister Cloner

    The playstyle I HATE the most!!

    Actually yeah you have a point. But lately some crates does not include a level 3 backpack so I figured maybe it is bugged recently. And the crate was there for a long time and I thought even if someone did loot it, they should be long gone by now.
  9. Mister Cloner

    Worst desync Game since MW2

    The server performance is great actually on Europe. Region lock is coming, but be afraid of that day since you won't be able to find matches as easily as you do now.
  10. Just watch these two videos and then tell me DON'T HATE TPP! https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mister-cloner/video/6e15d5c9-ed68-4a30-aef2-769f0f6a7562/d02fa7fb-3007-4343-b426-8abfd5dfb61e0 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mister-cloner/video/64252331 To all of those who prefer TPP over FPP: It's alright and I am paying respect to your opinion and taste, but this is not a competitive experience AT ALL! It's not just about the game being in third person perspective, it is also about the place of camera and FOV in TPP which allows you to see A LOT without showing even a little bit of yourself.
  11. Mister Cloner

    Bring up your Clutch videos!

    Of course they are. Whenever you get clutches most of the time the enemy is idiot.
  12. Mister Cloner

    Most CD’s in one day?

    6. But in squads. It is very hard to achieve that number in solos.
  13. Mister Cloner

    Bring up your Clutch videos!

    It was a good one, but if you were camping in that shed for long, then shame on you 😁
  14. I don't have a better one, nor have seen! https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mister-cloner/video/60643351
  15. Mister Cloner

    I’m in the minority...

    I prefer Miramar, just like you. But thing is, I don’t dislike the other two maps. I have a satisfying experience on all 3 maps, but Miramar more.