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  1. Stuffedcrust21

    You finish my guy, I finish yours

    I'd say it did exist as an unwritten law for sure, but nowadays that seems to have gone out the window 😂 I don't mind but I'm a little mythed at times when you knock someone and leave them only for their teammate to keep the trigger pulled... It's all fun though either way 👍
  2. Stuffedcrust21


    To be fair, if he was nearly crying they must be pretty stressed out. I'd love to be able to play vikendi right now on Xbox but we've got to be patient, sure lack of communication is pretty crap but it's not the end of the world
  3. Stuffedcrust21

    New kill record! What’s yours?

    12 for me, which I've got quite a fair few times now 🤣 walked out of paradise the other day with 10kills and 50-60 players left, died whilst looking at my map and running 😂
  4. Stuffedcrust21

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    Yep I know what you mean but I must say you can't tell any difference, I'm quite fussy at times 😂. When I first bought the soundbar (4 years ago) I had it placed on top of the cabinet until I got time to cut the mount. The sofa is just shy of 6metres away so maybe this is why its not noticeable
  5. Stuffedcrust21

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    Yes 😂 The sound bar came with a bracket to mount it to the TV, so I put a grinder to it and mounted it to the cabinet. Kinda gives it all that floating look.
  6. Stuffedcrust21

    Merry Christmas?

    I think that's a neat idea, everyone gets the item but finish in the top 10 for it to become permanent. I think they should do this with every freebie as it gives you something to work towards
  7. Stuffedcrust21

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    Fairplay on your new house bud 👍👍 The lights, I got them off Amazon for roughly £15-20. It's a USB which connects to your TV/monitor with self adhesive LEDs which you run around the perimeter on the back of your TV... I really like them, you can change the colour etc and they power on and off as you turn your TV on. I also use them on my TV in the lounge, I always have set to white though as it almost seems the make the colours on my TV better, Xbox I have the colours changing. I used to play in the lounge, but because I was quite far away from my TV I would sit on a footstool closer, it made my bad back worse. So for me personally, using a desk now with a 'gaming chair' I'm far more comfortable as I have back support.
  8. Stuffedcrust21


    I'm guessing, but I think it might be its own category... Only because if people pay money for the pass, you kinda want to be playing that map
  9. Stuffedcrust21


    I believe it's actually going to be closer to sahnok size than that of Erangel... But hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer to find out... Been what? 6 months already 😂
  10. Stuffedcrust21


    It really does look fun watching PC players use it, as others have said the option to turn it off is there. As for solo teaming, I'd imagine most people just go into a party anyway so it wouldn't make any difference in my opinion
  11. Stuffedcrust21


    I think its going to be brilliant, I can't wait for this map... I think the 6x6 will be perfect for pubg
  12. Stuffedcrust21

    Replay editor?

    Would be mint... I'd be quite happy with the deathcam to be fair
  13. Stuffedcrust21


    I never really get the TPP or FPP are easy, almost playing against AI nonsense... Both are a different aspect of the same game, if your good at one your likely to be good at the other... That PGI tournament earlier in the year, the top 4 teams were pretty much the same (almost) in both TPP and FPP which was a competitive tournament... Just chill people, each to their own