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  1. Playing Event Mode - Sanhok forty-Fivers, and nothing I'm doing in this event mode is counting towards achievement progress? I'm getting stuff form Care packages and its not registering or anything. Why is this? I really don't understand... Hff
  2. FreakyTechno

    Favourite drops

    Erangle: Pochinki Miramar: Pecado Sanhok: Paradise(for Hot Drop) and Mongnai.
  3. FreakyTechno

    Can we all agree?

    never knew, thanks lol
  4. FreakyTechno

    Can we all agree?

    This is SOOOOOO annoying.. Surely the default seat you should enter is the driver seat... i wish they would do something about this.. like. not switch seats 43 times before i can bloody drive off ?
  5. I've been playing since launch, on Xbox and I have still not managed to get that juicy chicken dinner SOLO yet ? I've come SO close.. Closest I've got is the last 2. Just me and one other player, and he got the better of me. I get in Top 10 solo often, and the heart starts to pump.pump..pump.. I just can't get that solo win. Ive got wins in squads, due to having a good team, and got 3 wins in duo, me and same partner. Anyone else in the same boat?
  6. FreakyTechno

    Event modes

    Then after they add custom matches, we can play then whenever we like
  7. FreakyTechno

    hotfix coming 18th September

    thanks man, didn’t even think to check there
  8. FreakyTechno

    hotfix coming 18th September

    first i’ve heard of this?? Can you link me to the post please
  9. FreakyTechno

    Are you happy with the game?

    I really enjoy it. Just wish buildings wouldn’t take so long to render in you know? among other issues
  10. FreakyTechno

    Official Companion App?

    I would really like this. would be a great idea to do stuff on the go, and one that I would actually use .. I assume it’s been thought of, but Bluehole are probably so far into the deep blue of issues that it’s just something to come in the foreseeable future
  11. AK - ExtQuick Mag - Comp - x4
  12. FreakyTechno

    My achievements have just started tracking!

    Yep, I’m making progress on a lot now, some still aren’t showing progress or unlocking when they should be - but - they’re getting much better. I’m still missing quite a lot It does seem that they only track / pop properly when playing Battle Royale and not Min Royale tho.
  13. FreakyTechno

    My achievements have just started tracking!

    For me, my achievements only track when playing Erangle or Miramar..
  14. FreakyTechno

    My achievements have just started tracking!

    Two.. so inconsistent
  15. FreakyTechno

    Snow map, night mode and C4 oh my!?!

    So excited!!! I too heard about the supoosed C4, this will have to really be balanced and rare of it’s a thing... night mode would be soooo good as wel. As long as the game runs properly and gets sortedniut first, this would be amazing