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  1. A mix of games, but a lot of pubg clips✌
  2. x HiHo

    No snow map til Jan

    Lumos just announced in a post that it was delayed
  3. x HiHo

    Where is the PTS?

    Yeah to be hounest I didnt expect Vikendi to be released for xbox/ps4 today, but i had a little wish they would at least release a patch to idle the ps4 version at release😊
  4. x HiHo

    No snow map til Jan

    Well the originial pts just got delayed another week aswell.
  5. x HiHo

    Where is the PTS?

    Didnt they say in the last community post it would come out this week? Saw lumos respond right now. You guys have delayed this patch for several weeks, how can it not pass cert/qa, cmon..
  6. x HiHo

    Fix the buggy please.

    Since you are already here why dont u try to calm the forum. People are getting pretty upset over the ps4 weapon skins ect😅
  7. Maybe night mode aswell?
  8. x HiHo

    Cant find a fpp game

    I bet if u just had restarted the matchmaking process you would have found a game. Always restart if it takes more than 5 minutes✌
  9. x HiHo

    Where is my skirt

    I cant understand the reason behind the drop chances. Why should most of the items be so hard to obtain.. 0,0025 chances when there is no possibilty to trade/trade up😅, #fixcrates
  10. Never said im not using nades, just not the way i want the final battle to end✌
  11. Haha yeah, i just got my point proven✌ Have a nice evening on the forum dude👌
  12. Haha that was your response, a typo. Great work👏
  13. Haha just asking why people always take the easy way out. Buy you my friend, you use more time on this forum than you actually play the game, so why do u care?😅
  14. I see your point, but sometimes you are for example in a 1vs3/4 situation and instead of flanking you, they just throw all their nades and mollys. And im like, you are in advantage here, grow some balls and give me a chance. But after reading this thread i see that people are still desperate after that chicken😅