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  1. Yet you still patrol the forums....I do that with all games I consider dead. The Madden 98 forum is off the chains.
  2. BRICK521

    Suicide Squad

    The suicide squad has much more than Harley Quinn and The Joker....Where is the rest of the squad??? Rick Flag and Killshot would have been so much cooler.
  3. BRICK521

    4x & 6x zeroing....

    They used to have zeroing and Im so glad they got rid of it, it messed with me more than helped. If you were zeroed wrong then you had to cycle through all the ranges until you hit the right one. Im a big fan of them getting rid of that and having everything zeroed at 100m. Please dont bring it back BH.
  4. BRICK521

    Who else plays Sanhok only?

    Im like 50/50, I love Sanho, its loot and pace but I also like to have sniper battles on the BR maps. If they increased to loot on the BR maps then I would probably just play all on random but for now I play all maps and then here and there switch to MR and get some fast paced action in. It almost feels like 2 different games but both I love equally.
  5. BRICK521

    War mode not war mode !!!!

    No war mode is their version of custom games, has been and will be
  6. Not going to lie, that doesnt make sense
  7. BRICK521

    Is the game free to keep?

    Its a free play weekend from the 8th-11th so after the 11th they will have to buy the game but their stats they accrued will roll over if they do buy.
  8. BRICK521

    Re-Roll mission?

    I think it has to be at the beginning before you do any of the missions and collect the xp.
  9. BRICK521

    Xbox PubG Camo Set problems

    It was one of the first skin packs available (warrior pack i think is the name). Its no longer available unless you want to buy it from some random in Russia for like $300. I haven't been able to find it any cheaper than that.
  10. BRICK521

    Looks like PUBG is coming to ps4..real soon

    Ive been seeing they datamined the date and it looks like Dec 12th or the exact date xbox loses its one year exclusive title.
  11. They had graphics like this on the 360?
  12. BRICK521

    Irrelevant information

    In PUBG it takes like 15 seconds. Just play the intended mode (TPP) and quit trying to make this game something it isnt. The rest of the FPPers made the switch to CoD thats why you can't find others easily.
  13. BRICK521

    please divide TPP and FPP setting!!

    Never, those people went to play CoD
  14. BRICK521

    Hardcore on all maps???

    Not possible even if you're shooting their toes.
  15. Everyone look at the week 4 notes they posted on Friday. We are getting two new systems to get items, one is event based and the other is mission based like the event pass.