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  1. yunique

    1 Shot VSS Headshot Kill from 175 Meters

    like hunting a deer?
  2. yunique


    This. No bullshit no gimmicks. If im outplayed ill accept it. Besides the occasional desync
  3. yunique


    -mini bus
  4. yunique


    Maybe, but in the meantime im enjoying the hell outta pubg n wanna improve my game?
  5. yunique


    I play mostly fpp and im still on the fence of using soft aim or just hip fire spray and pray. Soft aim just feels a little funky in my opionion so i usually rely on the latter, however it seems like I still get wrecked most of the time lol. Just curious which one you fpp players prefer or any advice.
  6. yunique

    Og players i beg you

    Are smokes worse than molotovs? Asking for a friend.
  7. yunique

    Og players i beg you

    Guess i just found a new tactic?
  8. the horn honks while getting the splatters?
  9. yunique


    how about medkits also repair a certain amount of armour?