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  1. Bluesaks

    PUBG doesnt have to worry

    And blackout compared to a typical cod how?
  2. Bluesaks

    PUBG doesnt have to worry

    This is what peak denial looks like
  3. Black ops 3 basic mp is supported to this day. Take the time to research what treyarch has said regarding the evolution planned for blackout and continued support. They have a hit on their hands and it will be shpported. I for one hope to see a new br each year especially one when new consoles launch and the extra horsepower can be tapped into. This includes me wanting a pubg2 as well. I wish treyarch and bluehole would team up to make a dirt nasty fluid Hybrid be...as it stands pubg is unplayable after blackout
  4. Bluesaks

    Pubg= The Godfather Blackout= Sharknado

    60$ isn't bad. Didn't think old skoo multiplayer would be any fun surprisingly it's a lot of fun again. Although blackout has my time 90% of the time . I do not believe the people who say it's too easy. If u were racking up wins then u would more than likely say it's fun. 3.4 k/d 20 wins with 110 games played = fun. A lot of echo chamber in here
  5. Bluesaks

    FPP Matchmaking...

    Truth is player pop has dropped drastically.
  6. Bluesaks

    FPP Matchmaking...

    Ever think just maybe the player count is just too low fill these lobbies?
  7. Bluesaks

    PUBG doesnt have to worry

    U played it and claim zombies are roaming around everywhere? Causing u to waste ammo? Lol doubt.... Lvl 3 armor changes your sound of running for a reason. Whats this no more fpp games to be found on xbox? Reddit has several posts... fpp dead mode?
  8. Bluesaks

    1080p 60 fps (X) 720p 60 fps (OG)

    The justification is strong. Fueling the hatred! Come to the dark side muahahah
  9. Anyone debating Blackout seriously needs to try it... give it 5-10 rounds of play. Then hop on pubg and realize u will free up some hard drive space by deleting pubg lol
  10. 7 solo victories and 10 duo wins in a short time. Amazing how i can play when the game operates as intended....feels good to hit 60 fps while scoped on an enemy. Or when 10+ dudes are throwing nades molotovs cluster nades etc... and never dropping fps... games a blast
  11. Gotta read bro... the forums are fun...
  12. Bluesaks

    I doubt BO4 will kill PUBG

    I doubt x will y but im worried enough to post about it.
  13. Pubg is uninstalled. The forums are less frustrating and more entertaining than pubg. Blackout is legit if u say no its just that die hard fanboy hater in u