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  1. Anyone debating Blackout seriously needs to try it... give it 5-10 rounds of play. Then hop on pubg and realize u will free up some hard drive space by deleting pubg lol
  2. 7 solo victories and 10 duo wins in a short time. Amazing how i can play when the game operates as intended....feels good to hit 60 fps while scoped on an enemy. Or when 10+ dudes are throwing nades molotovs cluster nades etc... and never dropping fps... games a blast
  3. Gotta read bro... the forums are fun...
  4. Bluesaks

    I doubt BO4 will kill PUBG

    I doubt x will y but im worried enough to post about it.
  5. Pubg is uninstalled. The forums are less frustrating and more entertaining than pubg. Blackout is legit if u say no its just that die hard fanboy hater in u
  6. Bluesaks

    Pubg is still alive

    For shits sake its been a year.... cod didnt just add a br mode. If i had to guess here its a new engine for br. Their old classic tdm engine in now way shape or form couod do br mode. Not to mention they changed recoil/bullet drop/lead and loot system. Gooood neeesss
  7. Bluesaks

    Phil Spencer screwed us over... M&K

    At work what is this jazz?
  8. So play both games? U will prob have to when matchmaking gets annoyingly long
  9. Bluesaks

    In a real life combat situation

    A scar is in fact chambered in 556x45. as well as 7.62x51.... good lord but k98 is mauser they would of been better off wih a 7.62x54 such as the mosin
  10. Blackoujt isnt trying to be pubg... it isnt tryinf to be ultra realistic ....it is exciting when top 10....The game is fun... without the headaches...
  11. Bluesaks

    Lack of communication AGAIN

    Wish i were this oblivious at times
  12. Bluesaks

    1080p/60 performance mode

    Agreed. The annoying thing tho. If this is/was/going to be... then where TF has it been this whole time...
  13. Bluesaks

    Communication: Xbox vs PC

    Why wont they just say matchmaking times are a direct result of pissed off players not avaible to fill