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  1. When I play solo squads you bet I'm going for that kill. Now it's not always my first priority (gotta have bait) but if I know i'm getting pinched and it's probably my only chance your coming with me!
  2. SimpleyFaded

    For all the old school gamers...

    First PC games: Oregon trail, sid meier's pirates, wolfenstein First Multiplayer games: LAN parties playing original Warcraft and Marathon, and Doom over a modem First Console: played was Atari, followed by nintendo, owned was a turbo graphics 16.
  3. SimpleyFaded

    Could not connect...

    I'm also having the same issue not sure if it's just not up yet after the update or what. would be nice to know if it's universal or not.
  4. while it's third party it's using PUBG API so yeah I would say so. the guy who has the site is pretty active on reddit forums as well and from that matches i've looked up not seeing anything that would be considered unreliable.... Take a look it even has a reply you can see your path basically everything you asked for.
  5. https://pubglookup.com your welcome
  6. SimpleyFaded

    Does UAZ exist on Sanhok?

    UAZ makes a great bait vehicle - next on bait car!
  7. SimpleyFaded

    Need to find UAZ on Sanhok....

    I felt the same way man, finally stumbled across someone who had it and stole the bitch! than found it as a random spawn a few games later. There is no set location, it's just a rare spawn. best bet is land right away, grab a vehicle and enjoy the drive while looking for the rare beast!
  8. SimpleyFaded

    Daily mission not tracking (20 min no damage)

    Above is another example of surviving over 20 min and not getting the mission
  9. 27 Min survived with no damage taken and have not received credit for the daily mission. Troubleshooting steps taken waited time for it to track restarted pubg and xbox Game Information https://pubglookup.com/players/simpleyfaded/matches/e935c53b-8258-4cb8-a06b-db1fb8f5284b I watched the reply to make sure i took no damage confirmed timeline of when i died checked game stats to confirm the only damage i took was when i died and that was at 29min a few others have reported this as well
  10. SimpleyFaded

    Where the F is the UAZ in Sanhok?

    I'm so tired of sanhok please please give me a UAZ
  11. SimpleyFaded

    Hit registration complainers

    OK so what is this? http://xboxclips.com/SimpleyFaded/a334e82d-0327-492e-b0bd-ce9cb43cc9de Is this lag? Dsync? what? whatever this was I quit for the day after I was so frustrated.
  12. well, I would say turn of aim acceleration and put everything at max. A lot of people end up leaving AA on because even at max sensitivity it's still not fast enough with when compared with other shooters. I don't like AA because it messes with consistency of your sensitivity, I wish so much that this game had a universal soldier aiming setting like BF1 that would make sensitivity same across all sites and weapons.
  13. SimpleyFaded

    Reviving downed teammates mission

    Yeah I mean I can't account for his experience and what variables may have been at play, but I know i didn't have the sanhook punch challenge done, hot dropped in solo squads, downed (using BQZ) and punched out two people and I got credit so I guess mileage may very
  14. SimpleyFaded

    Reviving downed teammates mission

    Thanks for the confirmation. This is not true. Yesterday I played a Solo Squad game downed two enemys with a QBZ, finished them both off by punching. after the match I immediately checked my missions and the punching one was complete.