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  1. If they had an actual way to split up the players then who cares?! Hell I may even give the Mouse N Keyboard a try on Xbox if we had matches that would ensure I'm up against people with the same equipment. I know not everyone feels this way but I personally think mouse n keyboard in xbox lobbies where probably 95-99.9% of the other players are using a regular xbox controller is completely un fair. I like playing pubg on console as I've never really gamed on PC much so I'm a lot more familiarly with the controls and it sorta levels the playing field.... you get guys in there with their Xim USB cards and i think that makes it unfair. Thats just my .02
  2. flatiron113

    LFG Posts amuse me

    Its okay man you'll find a squad. When I look for people I generally look to match my win percentage as well.. even if the person only has 30-40 wins. everyone searches a little differently. I have hundreds of wins and played with people under 20 and won numerous times.
  3. if thats the only announcement...... 😳 lot of hype for nothing.
  4. Looks like OP will be rocking that Biker jacket for Years to come 😎🙌
  5. no idea what the real answer is but..... ALL my items from long ago that were "bonus" type ones all still show on my account. I sorta think they will exist forever on xbox.
  6. flatiron113

    Solo Win Counts as 2 on Hub

    probably an un intended bug. I think they just recently patched one where the practice match lobby would randomly give someone two wins on their hub afterwards. Id take it as a rain check lmao probably a few you shoulda won but didn't cause of PUBG BS. 👍
  7. flatiron113

    Is the game free to keep?

    Fairly sure what will happen is after they are done with the limited time you will still have the game on your hard drive BUT when you will go to load it up after their limited period it will show an error stating "Please Sign in with an Account that owns this game to Continue" pretty sure I've seen this before when another developer had a game with a limited trial. And more or less wont let the game load past the first 10-20 seconds until you Sign in with a gold account that has bought the game.
  8. flatiron113

    November patch. Last chance.

    100% ?!?!? Dude I would take even 5% glitch free, the game right now is absolutely riddled with problems. $10 ,$30, $60 !? What does the price of the game have to do with it functioning as intended?? I understood when I bought it in pre release it was going to have issues blah blah blah... But here we are weeks and weeks after 1.0 and really the only major thing id say was fixed is the fact that I don't get kicked mid match anymore( that use to happen to me 3-10 times a day.) The game is now what Microsoft and apparently Bluehole call a FULL PRODUCT release. God that couldn't be further from the truth. I don't think in my entire life I have played a Worse functioning video game. (this is by far the BEST video game I have played premise wise don't get me wrong, i fucking love the game) But the amount of Desync and just out right problems is just nuts yet they continue to roll out new skins, guns, and game modes. 😕 I would have honestly been just fine with the original xbox weapon set and Erangel. I have a handful of friends that bought pubg (well before 1.0) that are just average players and many took a hiatus until 1.0 because they were so frustrated with all the BS... I stuck along and played all the way through. Many of them came back right after 1.0 and the week or two following. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them said yup game is just as broke as before and don't to want play it.... These are just average players mind you. If the game can't be fun for the average player then that large chunk of player bases will migrate and what are you left with then?! The super good competitive players, a few average folks struggling away and then of course all those new entry players who don't know any better...... I seriously do think had they stuck to the basics and spent the last 100-200 days on Erangel and not porting over sanhok and adding skins we'd be getting somewhere ✌️
  9. flatiron113

    What server is used for event mode games?

    Does any have a list of where the server banks are???
  10. flatiron113

    November patch. Last chance.

    If they don't roll out some real fixes IM OUT! Im a ranked player and love the game premise but I've had some of the worst guns battles, desync, and just choppy play in the last 30 days. Ive seen players out at 2-400m just teleporting their way across sanhok hills(looking down a 4x and just watching players jerk every 5-10m)... like what the heck am i even suppose to aim at?! Im not a computer wizard but obviously some sort of action needs to be taken as to match players better. (I assume when i see players jumping around like that that they have a very high ping and are not in my region but thats just a guess I'm not versed enough in computers or networks to tell what is really happening..... heck i don't think the devs even know sometimes why their game acts the way it does)
  11. flatiron113

    Win Rating?

    but as you climb the ladder at what point does that shift.... i gotta figure everyone under the top 20 is really just going for wins and everything else is going to hurt you. from what i could tell people did make new accounts and tried to get their best 100-200 games in.
  12. flatiron113

    Win Rating?

    I'm sure there are people much better on here but I'm under 500 on duos for TPP on N/A server and ill be honest I'm not even really sure how it calculates those two numbers... Can someone show some actual math on how its come up with either?
  13. flatiron113

    Could we possibly have a bit more volume?

    I now use the optical out for my sound (to my mix amp then to A40s) but i use to run on just a cheap Walmart controller and used apple headphones out of the 3.5mm and i swear when it was cranked up those were louder. The sound is now much cleaner but i don't think it gets as loud going out the optical. not sure why?!
  14. flatiron113

    Found a UAZ on Sanhok (vehicle mission)

    Same..... Mine was pretty hilarious theres like 20 people left on Miramar and I'm running down by the east shoreline for cover. I go over one of the hills and see a care package like 5 feet from the water and figure ill test my luck b/c its in a spot thats pretty hard to see. Run down there bag my AWM and full set of 3 gear that had been sitting for probably 10 mins .... Then stand up from the crate and nearly have panic attack as i catch a glimpse of a player... So i went prone, then to crouch and up and down for a split second.................... then it hits me the guy upward of me on the hill near a tree has no weapons, no gear and is just AFK from early match ? Pull the pan out and gave him a swift hit to the noggin ?
  15. agreed...... Atleast a scale of up to 20 for sensitivity but 100 would be way better! I run with mostly 8 sensitive and my aim acc is at 8. I know a lot of people don't like aim acc and says it throws you off but in a game like this where sometimes you have to spin around in an instant to get someone attacking from the rear idk how people play without it cranked up