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  1. Weird. I also use ssd. Framerate is very stable, but it can improve a lot.
  2. We are at least perfomance. They are developing a performance mode where we can choose the graphic options. Let's break the 30 fps barrier. Nothing can beat PUBG with 45-60 fps.
  3. PUBG in xbox one X has solid 30 fps. The last hotifix stabilized the framerate in X. Best update of all.
  4. brutusbr

    The greatest disaster ever!

    In October we will have an update that will correct the matchmaking and most of the network problems will decrease, among them the desync. They are developing a performance mode, where we can choose the graphic options. Framerate can improve a lot with that. I'm very excited!
  5. brutusbr

    1080p/60 performance mode

    @PUBG_Lumos got to see with the team an ETA and how is the development of the performance mode.
  6. brutusbr

    1080p/60 performance mode

    #fixpubg #performance mode or bust
  7. PUBG at 1080p on the XBOX ONE X will run between 45 and 60 fps easy.
  8. We already have 30 solid fps in 4K. Do you agree with me that in 1080p this number can not decrease?
  9. I played both games. When they launch the performance mode on PUBG people will come back. Nothing can beat PUBG with 45-60 fps!
  10. I liked how Blackout is fast, with 60 fps spiked, but I will not leave PUBG. PUBG has improved a lot, it was worse. Now that you are getting in the way and I have suffered a lot, I will not abandon the boat! (LOL)
  11. If you put three horns on a rhino he will never be an elephant! Blackout will never be PUBG. Blackout will never have the excitement and realism of PUBG! In October we will have major updates like the matchmaking system and increased sensitivity. It seems to me that soon we will have a way of perfomance! Fingers crossed here!
  12. brutusbr

    1080p/60 performance mode

    Thanks guys! Performance mode or bust!
  13. brutusbr

    Lack of communication AGAIN

    I would also pay for something like that. The current game is still not good, but a mode of performance would greatly improve things.
  14. brutusbr

    I don't know how people enjoy War Mode!!

    Definitely a great way to practice! Soon we will have a training center and this will help us a lot to train the sights.