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  1. brutusbr

    rank#41 Squad SA!

    Servers are full and matchmaking is great!
  2. brutusbr

    rank#41 Squad SA!

    rank#29! Heading to the top 10!😍
  3. Heading to the top 10!😍 Thank you very much for placing the SA servers! The game experience is often better!
  4. brutusbr

    Recent de-sync patch on pc ..

    More communication!!!!🤩
  5. brutusbr

    SA Server is not working

    Two developers responded on our SA server topic! PUBG is changing and following an upward and straight path!
  6. I do not quite understand what will be done. We already have 30 fps on Xbox One X. What will be the graphics options?
  7. brutusbr

    Community post

    I also liked it.
  8. I'll be positive too! They are working and heading in the right direction! I can not believe I'm playing SA servers !!!!! What difference!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!🤩🤩🤩
  9. They will never unlock the framerate. At least as long as the Xbox One OG exists.
  10. The lock will continue at 30 fps, meaning no gain.
  11. PUBG_Lumos just wrote that the framerate will remain locked in 30.
  12. They will unlock the framerate. PUBG would be a dream with over 50 fps! It would be a hard blow to competitors.
  13. It would not make sense for them to use dynamic resolution and at the same time hold the lock at 30. That would be absurd. Any reduction in quality or resolution would only make sense to overcome the 30 fps barrier.