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  1. KingFromTekken


  2. KingFromTekken


    Why would any want to listen to screaming children? Or be told to kill yourself by somebody who is as hard as a wet patch on the bed sheets? Or listen to really loud music being played to troll people? I don't understand this. Please somebody help me out here.
  3. KingFromTekken

    7 years can a dev please comment on this

    Correct ... 7 years ??
  4. KingFromTekken

    direction marker update?

    I dont like the sound of that at all! I like my anus the way it is I dont want anybody up there never mind 4 of the buggers .
  5. KingFromTekken

    Terrible Game

    Help a brother out here will you? It FORCED you to preorder a game that you didnt enjoy in beta? How does that work? Im not trolling here you genuinely have me confused with that one.
  6. Look at you getting RIP boxes for stating facts.
  7. KingFromTekken

    Thanos Snap in Pubg

    I was just running with the Thanos finger snap my friend. If I typed what I really say as I fire into another lobby these forum mods will have my pants down.
  8. KingFromTekken

    Thanos Snap in Pubg

    Thanos Snap in Pubg "You should have aimed for the head" this is something I tell myself regularly as I fire up yet another game after the diasapointmwnt of the previous one.
  9. KingFromTekken

    Could you imagine...

    Glad to see you made it out of Sheffield intact
  10. KingFromTekken

    Future Event Suggestion

    A melee only event locked into FPP?
  11. KingFromTekken


    Ooooh another strike. Though to be fair to you Mr unknown236, this is a much better way than dropping the game for 1 hour. As another great poster on these forums once said ... "if you want real change vote with your wallets". You will never stop everybody but if profits are being impacted then people start to take note.
  12. KingFromTekken


    Preach it brother!!!
  13. You know when people online start calling you sir in their reply you have them triggered.
  14. Will give it a go. Its strange usually happen after picking up loot
  15. KingFromTekken

    Lag, Lag, Lag...

    Had it last night where players were zooming forwards like the Flash. Won't say anything negative though they are watching... aaallllwwaaayys watching