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    Maps In Arcade Mode

    Hi, Sorry if the category Isn't the right one I wanna discuss something that I might ( in my opinion ) see that It'll pump the popularity of PUBG even more which is letting the community add stuff of their own ... giving the chance for creators and artists to add things like maps ( eg.PUBG mobile ), having the idea of more maps in the game is a nice idea ( not necessarily classic mode not to effect gameplay ) But in Arcade mode as a short fun mode to play with friends..etc for example having an idea of a giant ship map in an arcade mode and players droppin on it like the maps from various video games ( hijacked from bo2 and USS Texas from ww2 ) to name a few PUBG is a very fun game and we want it to grow even more .. It's highly seen as the best multiplayer game ever created and the numbers speak for themselves ( total players , peak players..etc) other several things that might let the community grow even more. It's just that this game is so addictive and alot of content is always a welcome for new members to join :) after all this is by far the game that you can't just get bored from Thank You for reading and have a nice day :)