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  1. edbods

    #PUBG achievements DONE!

    I'm sounding like an old fart but there's definitely a certain kind of charm to the games made a decade ago...things were a lot less forgiving which made it so much more worthwhile, not to mention xbox live had just come out and for a time, you didn't get told off as much for sounding like a kid, everyone was having fun. Microtransactions were unheard of aside from a few games like TF2, overpriced DLC was the exception rather than the norm (horse armour was quite the meme lel) and while games would be buggy on release, it wasn't like Battlefield levels of broken...although from time to time there'd be a game here and there that'd fulfil that. It's much like youtube, the golden years where people made videos for fun, times have changed and now clickbait previews and titles (gone SEXUALLLLLLL honk honk honk) all for dat ad revenue dominate the scene.
  2. Was training mode not meant to include the Dacia, Bronco or the other UAZ variants (i.e. hard and open top)? Garages feel a bit empty without em.
  3. Regarding the medical station...maybe change its minimap name to Infirmary? First time I played I was looking all over the minimap for where the healing stuff was before I noticed the + icon... With the vehicle garage at the firing range it gave me the impression that the devs forgot to add the other vehicles in, or if they did add them they somehow bugged out when the update shipped since there's only the soft top UAZ and there's none of the other UAZ variants, nor any of the other vehicles like the Tukshai or Dacia. It's likely not the case of the latter but it just feels like it. The patch of empty land just in front of the existing firing range Garages and beside the road leading to the Urban Combat area seems like a good spot for another set of Garages to add the other missing vehicles in. The training mode has been a boon in updating the wiki though. Before the articles looked like they were made by someone practicing for the first time, but I've since been able to polish them up real nice now that I can get decent screenshots of things.
  4. edbods

    Shootin Range NEED Singleplayer

    I suppose if flashbang training was needed there could be a tweaked version of the frag with a 2.5s fuse that only spawns on the training map. Given that there's a separate frag grenade for the dodgeball event that's still in the files I can't think of anything technical that would make it problematic to introduce. I've no idea though.
  5. edbods

    #PUBG achievements DONE!

    inb4 steam achievement manager to unlock everything I remember doing the Halo 2 and 3 achievements...hell, Halo 2 on legendary was an achievement in itself, and people knew. They knew alright. Getting vietnam flashbacks of the jackal snipers, those fucking jackal snipers...but goddamn was it worth every. Single. Hour. In the end. And if you were playing co-op, you and your buddy better be damn well sure to not die, because it's a restart back to the beginning of the level. And we got nothing for it. Well, not nothing. Halo 2's legendary difficulty became (in)famous enough that completing it was proof of your adulthood. If you could take on Halo 2 on Legendary difficulty, you could take on the world...