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  1. Do you have and recommendations for a ssd?
  2. Lol, im floating https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/magmamiester/video/63552105
  3. I am a procrastinater and i barely just got my punch kill on sanhok, now to grind and do the challenges, any body have tips on the sanhok missions and how to complete them
  4. No I moved to california i could play games like BF 1 and I have connection problems
  5. Relax I turn off auto correct so i can learn better english Im sorry I was not born in a country that spoke it also to be clear i am taking break till it gets better i love this game and all but I am looking for ways to solve my issues
  6. This game on Xbox One og is a night mare for example In War mode it is harsh since it takes a minute to load in building when you spwan every time and the game is horrible on challenges I punched 4 people to death in Sanhok and still never got my reward so I am just quiting until it feels better I just want to get it on pc right to play the game now since How bad it is on xbox og I know it not meant for this console but I just feel it is not at its peak at the moment I will play the october Update and if I am satifyed i will continue playing
  7. I did challenge to punch someone in sanhok, I did it but it did not give my rewards or say I did it also I bought a survivor crate and never got the crate https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/magmamiester/video/60434398
  8. Hrd

    2 things

    1 number one I puched someone to death for the mission and recieved nothing (that sucks) also i bought a survior crate and never got it https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/magmamiester/video/60434398