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  1. Frostydroman

    Kill stealing

    That’s only if someone from your own squad kills them
  2. Frostydroman

    What's causing the late reactions in PUBG?

    Don’t understand the purpose of continuing to lose breath but just stop for a split second after you surface and it will regen your breath like it should.
  3. Frostydroman

    Help from players with K/D over 2

    I would say number 1 key is map awareness and tactics, never get tunnel vision, anyone can come from anywhere, so plan for that. My stats are better since I upped my sensitivity, especially my general sensitivity. Listening to the environment is crucial figuring out where others are on the map.
  4. Frostydroman

    Update timeline

    Has anyone heard a timeline for when the update goes live?
  5. Frostydroman

    Prone aim glitch

    I was prone and it seemingly switched from type b to type a. Was holding the left trigger and it did the soft aim instead of ads. Double tapped left trigger and it made it ads. Not sure if this is consistent or not.
  6. Frostydroman

    Team killing

    Does bluehole actually do anything about team killing? It’s extremely frustrating.