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  1. IDarkSyndicate

    Sorry, but what is this???

    umm you totally potatoed
  2. IDarkSyndicate

    Recommend a headset

    I hav e a Hyper X cloud flight on the PS4 and an astro A50 on my xbox Neither cheap but there no comparison the A50 wins hands down - I wish I could hook up the A50 to ps4 - Ive followed youtube directions but the mic wont work
  3. IDarkSyndicate

    PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X FPS

    Totally agree, no laggy menus like the X - Game itself...doesnt seem too different but I have to give the Pro the edge.
  4. IDarkSyndicate

    TK is out of control again.

    Friendly fire "on or off" option - on when you play with friends and off with TKing randos
  5. IDarkSyndicate

    Did you guys forget Xbox exists or something???

    They didnt say it wouldnt be on the PTS right? so maybe it will be..but highly unlikely
  6. IDarkSyndicate

    Will we have FPP from the start?

    Don' worry mate because even after a year we still can't select an individual map 👍
  7. IDarkSyndicate

    Next PTS

    well the ps4 download is 34gigs for both the game and for the PTS - so im assuming we get the snowmap real soon
  8. IDarkSyndicate

    anyone also have a PS4?

    Well it has the PTS, saw it in my library this am - hopefully testing new map soon?
  9. IDarkSyndicate

    SSD Xbox one original 500gb

    Been traveling for work, I will test it out tonight and let you know.
  10. IDarkSyndicate

    No snow map?

    As George Bush (the somewhat good one) said "Read my lips no new snow map"
  11. IDarkSyndicate

    "We're pretty proud of our vehicle physics"

    story of my life right there bro... lol
  12. IDarkSyndicate

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I don't recall arguing or making any statement in my post about any advantage by using M&K. It's cheating plain and simple whether he be good bad or fkn awful using it, point is the guy is cheating and still not banned.
  13. IDarkSyndicate

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    https://pubglookup.com/players/fascistxim/matches/cebcaeb5-32dd-4d66-991b-520bdf6e05d2 I mean is this guy banned? didnt think so..