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  1. LOL 15x? I cant get buildings to render with the 8x yet...
  2. IDarkSyndicate

    AUG needs a buff

    I just recall the crappy noise the STG 77 used to make on Socom...this AUG i still like.
  3. IDarkSyndicate

    Uninstalled game tonight... had enough.

    I didnt notice this until the last hotfix. But mine does it too
  4. IDarkSyndicate

    Movement issues

    Do you mean rubber banding?
  5. IDarkSyndicate

    Plane ride keeps freezing, can't jump.

    I looked at several of his games, sure seems to happens to him a lot! Also he plays with other ppl with hack or hacker in their name
  6. IDarkSyndicate

    Fishy, or legit?

    Agreed, I mean what made him go back and check that exact spot...
  7. IDarkSyndicate

    Please nerf the vector

    Let's just ban all guns and use harsh language - I can just imagine, we will end up having to nerf Fuck and Shit...
  8. IDarkSyndicate


    Hmm I hope, altho all that my friends list on PS4 seem to play Fortnite...
  9. Dont' hate the players, hate the game...
  10. IDarkSyndicate

    Xbox 1 X issues

    I used to love me a KAR or M24 with an 8x scope....but whats the point now? all i see with it are play doh buildings - utterly useless. Try scoping 8x from one side of Los Leones to the other... But hey at least we can run around this weekend with scopeless guns I guess thats one way of fixing it lmao
  11. IDarkSyndicate

    Beryl 7.62 or Mk47 Mutant

    No matter how many times I hear Beryl its just sounds like an old lady from the 1920's ?‍♂️
  12. IDarkSyndicate

    Weekly Community Post Speculation

    umm what? where are the game fixes? i don't give a crap about rewards, prefer not to get shot around a corner by some skipping kangaroo...like to get in game without lost connection seriously wtf
  13. IDarkSyndicate

    Muscle memory (finally)

    Haha lucky you being average - i wish i was average....
  14. IDarkSyndicate

    Nice one PUBG!!!

    Same thing happens to me.. no button except xbox button does anything...