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  1. nodogg

    Shooting out driving enemies?

    More often then not...
  2. nodogg

    Shooting out driving enemies?

    Aim for window height and lead your shots in the direction it's going. That's about it for me.
  3. nodogg

    Could you imagine...

    Does this restaurant serve chicken dinners?
  4. nodogg

    Controller Disconnects

    I had this same issue a couple months ago. It took a fresh install of the game to fix.
  5. I may purchase COD to play with my brothers and my buddies but the vast majority of my gaming time will be spent in PUBG.
  6. nodogg

    My two cents

    It's fine to express concerns or provide feedback. However, keeping that feedback and/or criticisms constructive would be extremely helpful. Unfortunately, like most things on the internet it quickly devolves into trolling and hate and arguments. The fact is, we all have an affinity for the game or we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't use our time and energy otherwise. As a community we all want the same thing. An enjoyable experience playing PUBG.
  7. nodogg


    For me, it's simple. I want to support the game. My thought process: I've received far more value from PUBG than the initial $30 purchase and I seriously enjoy this game. I want it to be around for a long time, and I want continued updates both in performance and I want new content. All of those things costs money. After the initial purchase of the game there are really only two ways to continue to provide financial support to the game. 1. buy additional copies for friends and 2. micro transactions. So, I've gladly purchased a couple copies of PUBG for my buddies and I've purchased every item they've had for sale, with exception of that first ski mask, I missed out on that. As long as I believe I'm getting the proper value exchange, I'll continue to purchase items from PUBG as they're available.
  8. nodogg

    Fantasy Event Modes (Share Yours)

    Death Races The predetermined race course is considered the safezone. Everything else is blue. Hard hitting final few circles kinda blue. No traditional start or finish lines. The race starts a determined period of time after plane drops final players. Must complete x-number of laps each lap is calculated by predetermined distance traveled on the race course. Each player drops with level 2 armor, 1 random gun, 1 random pistol, and 2 reloads worth of ammo, a random grenade and gasoline. Additional vehicles, weapons and gear only available at checkpoints marked by smoking care packages. Queue as solo, duo, or squad Solo players ride motorcycles. Duos ride bikes or drive the buggy. Squads drive the dacia or uaz. Race to the end for the win, to a checkpoint for gear, or a choke point to setup ambushes. Points for distance traveled, destroying vehicles, knocks, and kills
  9. I know for the 'kill achievements' the deathblow has to be inflicted by whatever means they deem necessary. So, if you were to need a pan kill for example, one strategy is to knock a player and then finish them with the pan. Voila, you've earned a pan kill. I've not heard that if your knock is finished by a teammate in a similar fashion that you also get credit. I wonder if that is intended.
  10. As it is now, whomever deals the damage to an enemies final bit of health, that person is credited for the kill. Maybe, that is why the same logic is used for environmental damage as well? *shrug* Perhaps it is? That said, I'm not even sure it is necessary for a player to have dealt the majority of damage to an enemy player to be credited. In my mind it would be appropriate to credit the kill to a player contributing any amount damage (within a set amount of time) to an enemy player over crediting the environment. It would just make the combat that much more fun, IMO. I mean, I could be wrong but cannot think of a single downside. I don't know any player who would complain about an additional opportunity to earn a kill while removing an enemy player from the game.
  11. I'm sure this has been brought up previously as I've thought about this often as well. I don't think it's game breaking in any sense but it would be nice to get credit for a kill if you cause someone to crash a vehicle or damage them while they are making their way to zone. It sure is a letdown to shoot someone in a passing vehicle, connect with several shots, only for them to die in a collision/explosion while attempting to take evasive maneuvers but get no credit for the kill. The same is true when environmental damage from blue/red zones and even water provide the final tick of damage. If I force someone underwater and they drown, it would be nice to get credit for that kill.
  12. nodogg

    please stop.

    Ah! I guess I missed the joke lol I'm newish to the forums. Have lurked some here and there but decided to get involved recently. Hopefully, I'll catch on to the forums humor a little more easily as I continue to become part of the community. Thx!
  13. nodogg

    please stop.

    I hate teaming as much as the next guy but I find it difficult to reconcile if this video is truly teaming or the result of an attempt at earning the "Cruising with the Enemy" achievement. That said, I've often wondered if PUBG has inadvertently incentivized teaming (or at least the appearance of teaming) with the addition of certain achievements and the Event Pass Missions? It seems teaming (or what appears to be teaming) has increased with the addition of achievements and Event Pass. Same with AFK hunters. Although, to be fair my observation is anecdotal at best, as my game play represents such a small sample size of the overall XBox PUBG experience. Anyway, just a thought...