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  1. iPreachAtrocity

    Desync? What desync...game is perfect

    You got shot from the side. Clearly can see it because you play TPP. You should really turn up your sensitivity or something that physically hurt to watch.
  2. iPreachAtrocity

    Look at this desync nonesense

    See how the bullet connects with the front of the skill even slightly. That's a kill in any game. Also one might say due to in game lag had the shot been fired while he was perceived not moving, but desync being what it is, kid was moving and you couldn't tell.
  3. My friend sent me this clip even if you watch it in slowmo the bullet passes through the front of his head and hits the wall. If you watch on Xbox the bullet goes straight through his head. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wwantiheroww/video/61478328
  4. iPreachAtrocity

    Please nerf the vector

    So, instead of having a balanced game where any primary should work for close range, 5.56 or 7.62 it's okay to have a loading of SMG DMR/Sniper be the complete meta. So, smaller bullets should always melt you faster even if the enemy is firing stronger rounds realistically. SMG's should be better for speed and tight corners not straight up melting everything else. Here's a compromise, add bullet falloff damage 25-30m+ Or something, Win win. Normal time to kill at decent range, still a lazer beam not op. It's a .45 round. Shouldn't be this good all I'm saying.
  5. iPreachAtrocity

    Please nerf the vector

    The weapons you're pointing out take a level of skill required to do the things you're describing. Not just run at someone and just get the sight on them for a second so you can ultimately melt them and they can't do a damn thing about it. If this game wasn't so desyncy, laggy, with low frames it probably wouldn't be as big a deal but that bitch hits you GG 30 tick rate servers incoming super bullets that kill you.
  6. iPreachAtrocity

    Please nerf the vector

    In mini royal it's extremely easy to get within 75-50m without dying. I don't think a weapon should guarantee a kill at that range. Especially when you can target aim spray someone down and melt them. Not only that but if you're closer than that. GG unless you for some reason have a shotgun because they can full speed point it in your general direction and you're fucked. If mouse was a thing it wouldn't be a problem but it's so easy to abuse with controllers. No weapon should all but guarantee a kill. Half the time to kill than anything in the game is bullshit. (excluding headshots) if they headshot you even faster. Did I mention it's a lazerbeam? It needs less bullet damage, firerate, more recoil, something. Straight up a joke that people think it's okay. It's infuriating to know you're better than a kid that ran straight at you and now there isn't a thing you can do to win the fight.
  7. iPreachAtrocity

    Please nerf the vector

    It is but you can at least beat it in a gun fight. It's not a guarteed you're fucked
  8. iPreachAtrocity

    Please nerf the vector

    I sure don't. You know that gun is broken that's why you play like that. Even if I hit you, you just heal and continue to push.
  9. iPreachAtrocity

    Please nerf the vector

    Every single noob on Earth is abusing this gun and I'm tired of it. They just avoid fights and run straight at you until they're in range to melt and win every single gun fight. It isn't even fair. I'm so over it.
  10. iPreachAtrocity

    The desync is horrendous

    I feel like 8/10 gunfights I die to there is an enormous desync, constantly dying around corners taking damage on corners after I have unpeaked them faster than people can react, taking super bullet damage, it's just getting old. Also noticed a weird issues where ADS sometimes gets slowed down noticably going left to right and other times it's fine. Not to mention sometimes you get stuck leaning while target aiming and ADSing. Bluehole please fix your servers. I can live with these annoying things but the desyncing is just unacceptable. That and the ADS being buggy actually. Inconsistent speed looking left, right, left right, or just in general intermittently surely isn't intended.
  11. Keep accidentally joing TPP solo, quitting before game starts, trying to search FPP and losing connection to host, then cannot join any games. Seems worse after hotfix